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Business, bank accounts, legal residence, and e-residence in Estonia

When opening a bank account in Estonia, you obtain an opportunity to enjoy banking services of the quality found in Switzerland but at lower costs and with lower required security balance. The banks in Estonia that we recommend to you are as good as Latvian banks but much fewer people know about the Estonian banking opportunities.

Registering a business company in Estonia provides for a chance to gain east access to the European market. Estonia is the country where Skype was invested and where Scandinavian states invest heavily. There you can acquire a business license for your European-based company at an affordable price. Only in Estonia can you enjoy a zero tax on undistributed profit and a low VAT. The Estonian taxation system is one of the most valuable assets that the country offers but everything is perfectly neat from the legal point of view. Thus, Estonia is not an offshore jurisdiction. Besides, you should not forget about wonderful recreational opportunities to be found Tallinn, Parnu, Tartu, and other places in the country. You can do business in Estonia and simultaneously have fun there.

Country section - Estonia

Just like in Latvia, you can acquire legal residence in Estonia by investment but only by investment into business. Just like in Lithuania, there is a business immigration opportunity in Estonia but you cannot acquire legal residency in the country by simply purchasing real estate there or depositing money in a local bank. It is possible to acquire legal residency in Estonia but there are yearly quotas and you have to follow all the rules precisely if you want to retain the residence permit. Losing it is rather easy as the control over foreign residents is automatized in Estonia.

Citizenship of Estonia can be acquired only via naturalization. You will have to learn the Estonian language as well as the history and culture of the country in order to become a citizen of Estonia. By the way, Estonians are multilingual: apart from Estonian, they speak English, Russian, and many of them learn Scandinavian languages too.

If you have business-related questions about Estonia and you do not have the time to read the articles in this section, please contact us at [email protected] straight away.

I. Offshore industry products in Estonia or with Estonian elements

In this section, you can find articles about all our products that have at least one Estonian element be it a bank account or a business company registered in the country.

II. Tax-related agreements that Estonia has made with other national states

In this section, we discuss the international tax and trade agreements that Estonia has signed and that have a bearing on doing business in the country.

Articles about Estonian trade agreements, double taxation avoidance agreements, and fiscal information exchange agreements

III. Taxes in Estonia

Do you or do you not have to pay taxes in Estonia? If you do, how much do you have to pay in taxes? The articles in this section are about Estonian taxes and you are welcome to apply for a personal consultation on taxation in Estonia.

IV. E-commerce in Estonia

It would be a very good idea to start an e-business in the country where Skype was invested. Estonia is the Baltic Singapore. If you have read our articles about Singapore but you feel it is a bit too expensive to set up a company there, Estonia is as good for online business as Singapore is. Estonians are as reliable and as hardworking as the Japanese are. But their country is in Europe!

Articles about the possibilities for Internet business in Estonia

V. Company registration in Estonia

In this section, we discuss how you can use Estonian-registered companies for doing business in Europe and all around the world. In what sectors of economy can you enjoy tax benefits in Estonia? What sectors are especially popular among foreign investors in the country? Should you establish a holding in Estonia or a subsidiary of you foreign company? Please read the articles in this section to find out the answers to these and other similar questions.

Articles about company registration in Estonia and the use of Estonian-based companies for international business

VI. Estonia as a country for doing international business

In this section, we discuss why Estonia stands out among other countries and why it is attractive for international investors.

Articles about advantages and disadvantages of Estonia for registering an international business company there

VII. Banks and bank accounts in Estonia

From this section, you can learn about the Estonian banks. You will see that the banking services in the country are efficient, automatized, and fast – contrary to the stereotypical image of Estonians that implies that they do things ‘slowly’ in the country. You will see what kinds of services you can expect from your personal bank manager in Estonia. Personal banking in Estonia is a wonderful and inexpensive opportunity to make use of. Please read the articles and apply for an individual consultation on banking in Estonia by writing to [email protected]. We will tell you everything about the advantages of setting up a foreign bank account in the country.

Articles about Estonian banks and the possibilities to open non-resident corporate accounts there even for offshore-registered companies

VIII. Relocation to Estonia and acquisition of legal residence and e-residence in the country

By reading the articles in this section of portal, you can find out how to obtain legal residence in Estonia, what the quotas are, how to retain the legal resident status, and how to turn legal residency in Estonia into citizenship of the country. Here we also follow the changes in the Estonian immigration legislation.

Articles about acquiring and extending Estonian residency and practical aspects of relocating to the country

IX. Acquiring licenses in Estonia

In this section, we discuss how you can acquire various business licenses in Estonia such as an investment license or a financial service license. Similarly to other European countries, these types of business activities require obtaining licenses in Estonia.

Х. Interesting conferences in Estonia and about Estonia

In this section, we inform the readers about various conferences on tax planning, investment, and immigration that are held in Estonia. Here you can also learn about seminars and webinars on business establishment in Estonia, opening bank accounts in the country, and purchasing real estate there.

Articles about conferences, seminars, and webinars in Estonia and about Estonia

XI. Investments into real property in Estonia

In this section of portal, you can find articles about buying real estate in Estonia for asset diversification purposes and for living there.

Articles about the possibilities to purchase real estate in Estonia

XII. Recreation and entertainments in Estonia and in Tallinn in particular

International business does not provide only for asset diversification: it widens your horizons and provides for the opportunity to see foreign countries and learn about different worldviews that different nations have. If you love the Middle Ages, you are going to love Tallinn. If you are a fond seaman, you will find two marine museums in the capital city of Estonia. If you are an eco-tourist, you can enjoy hiking along the wild trails in Estonia. Go there in July or August to find more sunshine and fewer mosquitos. Finally, Estonia is a country where you children are going to have a lot of fun.

Articles about recreation and entertainment opportunities in Estonia

XIII. Local business in Estonia

In this section, we discuss establishment and development of local business in Estonia. Besides, we describe the possibilities to acquire European financing for business development in the country.

Articles about local business in Estonia

XIV. Investments via Estonian financial companies

Articles about investing via Estonian financial companies

XV. Economic substance in Estonia

In this section, we discuss acquisition of tangible assets, or economic substance, for your business in Estonia.

Articles about acquiring economic substance in Estonia

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