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Danish holdings and partnerships

Do you think that establishing a company and doing business in an EU country is expensive, difficult, and troublesome?

Well, if Estonia has not yet dispelled this myth by offering a 0% profit tax unless the profit is taken out and distributed, then Denmark can do it! This Scandinavian country has never been associated with the offshore industry but engaging into business there can be comparatively inexpensive and profitable.

Country section - Denmark

In the Danish section of portal, you will find a lot of information about Denmark. We take the standpoint of an offshore consultant and describe the suitability of the country for international business and tax planning purposes.

Here you can learn:

  • What types of companies a non-resident can register in Denmark;
  • What business structures can be built with Danish-registered and offshore companies;
  • What types of companies we recommend registering in Denmark;
  • In what countries you can open a bank account for your Danish company;
  • What the difference is between a Danish partnership and a Danish joint-stock company;
  • What type of holdings you can set up in Denmark, and many other things.

We also provide detailed answers to the questions about Danish taxes for non-residents. Besides, we describe the possibilities to immigrate to Denmark and tell the readers about life in the country where the happiest people in the world live, according to the sociological research.

I. Our Danish products and services

Our Danish partner is a long-standing consultancy firm with 20-year experience in the offshore business. If you order a Danish product from us, you will be serviced from Denmark and your newly registered company will be supported from Denmark too. Prices in the country are generally high, hence the higher prices of our Danish products.

Articles about our products and services in Denmark

II. Property rights protection in Denmark and corporate taxes in the country

In this section, we describe how you can use Danish-based holdings for asset protection purposes. We also talk about taxes in Denmark using our existing clients’ companies as concrete examples.

Articles about corporate taxes in Denmark and asset protection mechanisms in the country

III. Companies in Denmark

In this section, we discuss company registration processes in Denmark. Here you can learn about the rights and obligations that arise when you set up a business company in the country. We also speak about company maintenance services in this section.

Articles about company registration and maintenance in Denmark

IV. Business organization in Denmark

From this section, you can learn how to organize a business in Denmark. Here we also compare doing business in Denmark with doing business in other countries.

Articles about organizing business in Denmark and comparison of Denmark business opportunities with those in other countries of the world

V. Practical issues related to doing international business if a Danish company is a part of the tax-planning scheme

In this section, we quote the specialists’ ideas about the ways to apply Danish-registered companies in the development of corporate fiscal strategies and tactics.

Articles about applications of Danish companies in international business and tax planning

VI. Taxes and tax legislation in Denmark

In this section, we cover the latest changes in the Danish tax legislation and also inform the readers about the upcoming changes.

Articles and news about personal and corporate taxes in Denmark

VII. Immigration and relocation to Denmark, life in Denmark

In this section, we discuss the possibilities to immigrate to Denmark and acquire legal residency and citizenship there. Here you will also learn if business immigration to Denmark is possible. In addition to that, we provide a number of interesting and surprising facts about life in Denmark.

Articles about immigration to Denmark and life in Denmark

VIII. Denmark in the offshore world

Denmark is not an offshore nor midshore jurisdiction. And if you tell a Danish businessperson that corporate taxation in the country has elements that are characteristic of offshore taxation systems, he or she will be very much surprised. Nevertheless, Danish-registered legal entities can be effectively used for lessening the tax burden while nobody is going to accuse the company owner of ‘going offshore’.

Articles about the role of Danish companies in the offshore industry

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