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Country section - Cyprus

Cyprus: companies, bank accounts, legal residency, and investment opportunities

For many years, Cyprus has been an attractive jurisdiction not only for tourists who go there to have fun but also for entrepreneurs who go there to work.

The country allows opening a business company, an investment company, a trust, and a bank account there. Besides, you can purchase real property on the island thus acquiring citizenship of Cyprus in exchange for investment.

Country section - Cyprus

Notwithstanding the economic crises, the international pressure, and other hardships that Cyprus has had to go through, the country continues to develop and remains attractive. A low income tax, wise legislation regulating intellectual property rights, the possibility to obtain EU citizenship by investment within a short timeframe – this is what Cyprus is about.

In this section, we have put ample information about Cyprus and we are sure that here you will find something of interest to you personally.

If you would like to ask us a question about Cyprus, please do so without hesitation! Simply send us a message to [email protected].

I. All products and services containing Cypriot elements

In this section, you can find all our products and services each of which has at least one Cypriot component.

II. Agreements on double taxation avoidance made by Cyprus with other states

In this section, you can find articles that discuss the double taxation avoidance agreements that Cyprus has signed and the ways you can use them wisely.

Articles about Cyprus double taxation avoidance agreements

III. Taxes and tax legislation in Cyprus

Here we cover the tax-related issues and discuss the use of Cypriot-based companies for legal tax optimization. In this section, we also inform our readers about all the changes in the Cypriot tax legislation.

IV. Cyprus as an offshore jurisdiction and a financial center

In this section, we describe Cyprus as a country for international business. We also follow the transformation of Cyprus from a popular offshore jurisdiction into an international banking, financial, and investment center.

Articles about Cyprus as an offshore jurisdiction and a financial center

V. The practical use of Cypriot-based companies for international business, investments, and asset protection

Where do Cypriot-based companies stand in practice? What can they be used for and where are they useless? In this section, we discuss the practical applications of Cypriot-based companies.

Articles about practical applications of Cypriot-based companies

VI. Corporate legislation in Cyprus

In this section, we discuss the legal issues related to company registration, maintenance, and use in Cyprus.

Articles about corporate legislation in Cyprus

VII. Acquiring legal residency in Cyprus and the passport of the country

In this section, we follow the news about the possibilities to acquire legal residency in Cyprus and discuss the issues related to relocation to the island.

Articles about legal residency in Cyprus and citizenship of the country

VIII. International trusts in Cyprus

In this section, you can find exhaustive information about international trusts in Cyprus staring with their legal frameworks and ending with some ideas pertaining to their use.

Articles about international trusts in Cyprus

IX. Investment companies in Cyprus

What is an investment company? How can you use such a company registered in Cyprus. We answer these questions in this section.

Articles about investment companies in Cyprus

X. Funds in Cyprus

Here we talk about registering funds in Cyprus, describe their practical applications as well as the perspectives that they open to sensible entrepreneurs.

Articles about fund registration in Cyprus

XI. Company registration in Cyprus

If you are thinking of registering a business company in Cyprus, you will be well advised to read the articles in this section to find out what has to be taken into account when setting up a foreign company in Cyprus and what benefits it can bring.

Articles about company registration in Cyprus

XII. Cypriot banks and special offers from banks in the country

In this section, we consider the situation with Cypriot banks from the point of view of a foreign investor and depositor. We analyze risks and opportunities and determine which offers are the best for our clients.

XIII. Financing Cypriot-based companies

Financing Cypriot-based companies is an issue that deserves a separate discussion. For your convenience, we have accumulated all the articles on this topic in one place.

Articles about financing Cypriot-based companies

XIV. Latest news from Cyprus

Here we publish the news from Cyprus that is relevant for entrepreneurs and investors and that can have an impact on the situation in the country and on the security of your investments.

Cypriot news

XV. Real estate in Cyprus

Did you know that when buying real property in Cyprus, you can become eligible for citizenship of the country? In this section, we discuss how you can acquire Cyprus citizenship via investing into real estate there.

Articles about real property in Cyprus

XVI. Immigrants’ life in Cyprus

The information found in this section will be useful for those who are planning to relocate to Cyprus and stay there for the rest of their lives. What are the benefits of residing in Cyprus? What are the good things about Cyprus besides its climate? We answer these and other suchlike questions here.

Articles about living in Cyprus

XVII. Registration and taxation of marine vessels in Cyprus

Practical information for ship owners looking for a (new) jurisdiction to register their ships.

Articles about registration and taxation of ships in Cyprus

XVIII Liquidation of Cypriot-based companies

Why companies can be scratched from the register in Cyprus and how you can close your company in the country by yourself – this is what the articles in this section are about.

Articles about company liquidation in Cyprus

XIX. Intellectual property right protection in Cyprus

The methods of protecting intellectual property rights in Cyprus: the practice, the possibilities, and the prospects.

Articles about intellectual property right protection in Cyprus

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