The Cook Islands: yachts, trusts, and bank accounts

The Cook Islands is a self-governing territory under the protectorate of New Zealand. Most countries of the world do not recognize the Islands as an independent legal entity. Nevertheless, the Cook Islands have diplomatic relations with forty-eight national states including the European Union countries.

Offshore financial services that the Cook Islands provide constitute a considerable portion of the national income. A large number of banks are registered in this jurisdiction and they conduct their activities both locally and internationally. The Islands are considered one of the largest offshore centers of the world.

You can open a bank account in the country and register a trust or a yacht there. If you have any questions related to this jurisdiction, please send them to and we will promptly reply.

I. All products and services in the Cook Islands

In this section, we have put all the articles about our products and services in the Cook Islands. If something remains unclear, please ask for clarifications by writing to the email address specified above.

II. Banking industry and banking services in the Cook Islands

Here we describe the specifics of banking in the Cook Islands, banking licenses, and the procedures of setting up an offshore bank account in the country.

Articles about banks and banking services in the Cook Islands

III. Taxes in the Cook Islands and the tax-related international agreements

The Cook Islands offer reduced tax rates. At the same time, the territory has signed agreements on exchange of fiscal information with other national states.

Articles about taxes and tax agreements in the Cook Islands

IV. Cook Islands as an offshore jurisdiction

What is special about the Cook Islands as an offshore jurisdiction? What do you have to know in order to make use of the opportunities that it offers? Please learn the answers in this section.

Articles about the Cook Islands as an offshore jurisdiction

V. Trusts in the Cook Islands

Why should you choose the Cook Islands to establish a trust there? Please find out here.

Articles about trusts in the Cook Islands

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