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Confidentiality is the basis of our work. Investments in the security of our customers’ data amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars, which was done long before it became a general trend.

  • What does protecting your privacy mean to us?
  • Clear company structure to protect information.
  • Encryption of databases and access to them.
  • Only remote access via secure connections and devices.
  • Storing information outside your company’s country of incorporation.
  • Acceptance of payment for services both by classical methods (to a bank account) and modern ones (cryptocurrencies).

Over the years, we have invested a significant part of our budget in developing the security system. When scandals with information leaks and hacks began at large companies, we warned our customers about that for several years and provided protection against data theft in advance.

Safety system

As mentioned above, in addition to technical protection methods, we also use legal methods, including data protection structures. For example, we will not release your information without a decision from three courts (Singapore, then Nevis, and then Switzerland).

The exception is only in case of a clear violation of the law. With such clients, we strive not to cooperate from the very beginning.

Protection methods

Why is confidentiality so important?

Nowadays, there is nothing more valuable than information. And the need for confidentiality is due to two main factors:

  1. To register a company and especially to open a bank account, a lot of personal information is required (not only the full name but also turnover and sources of funds). Would you like outsiders to know this information?
  2. Using offshore tools, you solve your own tasks. And do you need someone to interfere with you or, in principle, to know that you need to solve such issues?

For example, you decide to prepare an inheritance and register a trust. Do competitors need to know about this? And former spouses? Or journalists? Given that a trust will save on taxes during and after life, as well as provide a controlled transfer of assets, you have a powerful advantage. Why would anyone know about it except for your loved ones?

How you can lose your personal and business privacy

For our part, we do everything possible to ensure your information security. However, there are several ways you can lose it yourself.

Loss of privacy

The most common ways to lose privacy:

  • Tell others (friends, partners, young children) about your property, companies, and accounts.
  • Use insecure channels to transmit confidential/sensitive information:
    • regular free e-mail with registration in your country of residence (the authorities can disclose it with minimal effort)
    • transparent messengers (for example, WhatsApp messages are read by Facebook moderators on an ongoing basis – this is part of their job).
  • Interaction with fraudulent sites, and malware infection, especially in the absence of antivirus software.
  • Transferring data in clear text across the borders of some countries. For example, in the US and Canada, the border guard has the right to take your phone or computer, demand to unlock it, and check any application and file. In the UK, spies have the legal right to hack any device.
  • Loss of devices or documents with valuable information

Remember that it is impossible to insure against everything, but it is possible to reduce risks.

Notice blue

If you do not know how to ensure confidential data transfer, please contact our experts at, and we will advise.

Practical tips for maintaining confidentiality

  1. Register a secure email account.
  2. Use secure devices.
  3. Encrypt key data.
  4. Use strong passwords. If there are too many, use special secure programs to store them.
  5. Keep quiet about your foreign assets: companies, accounts, and citizenships. Exceptions are only legal requirements (for example, to declare a foreign account).
  6. Turn off FaceID unlock on iPhone – as the experience of American law enforcement agencies has shown, the phone will unlock even with a beaten and deformed face. And even a simple 6-8 digit password can take months and millions of dollars to hack it.
  7. Use the services of only trustworthy companies.
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