Enhanced confidentiality of the offshore services provided via Internet portal

We take the issue of information confidentiality much more seriously than some of the readers do, especially those who are quite new to the offshore industry. There are two main mistakes that will render all our confidentiality protection measures useless.  

  1. You communicate with us by use of email servers that are controlled by your national government.
  2. You chatter about your offshore companies, foreign bank accounts, and second passports at barbeque parties. You speak about your asset protection mechanisms with the people you may have to protect your assets from in the future.

If you do not commit the two mistakes specified above, we can provide the following information confidentiality guarantees on our part:

  1. We are not going to disclose your personal information until the courts of law in Singapore, Nevis, and Switzerland (exactly in this order) make such rulings. Naturally, this does not apply to clear criminal cases.
  2. The possibility of the leakage of the information stored online is inexistent. We keep our client information on paper and on hard drives that are not connected to the Internet. The information about the foreign company owner is stored in another jurisdiction, not where the company is domiciled (unless the legislation of the country of company domiciliation requires the opposite). All our offices are located in highly secure jurisdictions where the local authorities strictly abide by the laws and cannot possibly raid the offices of commercial enterprises.
  3. We are not a wheelbarrow without a wheel and we receive payments for our services to a Swiss bank account registered in the name of a Nevis-based company. Today, you have to make a six-figure deposit if you would like to set up a similar bank account. The combination of Nevis domiciliation and the Swiss bank account provides for double protection of the confidentiality of information that we hold.

We are very much interested in protecting your personal data from third parties and we will be happy to share our knowledge about information protection methods with you if you are concerned about this matter.

If you have questions pertaining to personal and corporate information protection, please address them to We will gladly help you keep your offshore business safe.

Please help us make the portal even more informative, up-to-date, and valuable for you and your business.

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