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The offshore jurisdiction of Comoros

Comoros is an island archipelago and a classic offshore jurisdiction that used to have a citizenship-by-investment program before.

However, the program was terminated in 2017 and if somebody offers you the passport of Comoros for money, they are fraudsters in all likelihood.

In this section, you can find useful information about Comoros. If you would like to ask us any questions about this jurisdiction, please contact us via email info@offshore-pro.info.

I. All products and services in Comoros

Here you can find all our articles about this jurisdiction.

Articles about products and services in Comoros

II. A second passport of Comoros

Here you can find information about the currently unavailable economic citizenship program in Comoros. However, if the program is relaunched you will be the first to learn about it!

Articles about a second passport of Comoros

III. Comoros as an offshore jurisdiction

In this section, we describe Comoros as an offshore jurisdiction.

Articles about Comoros as an offshore jurisdiction

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