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Business, investments, and bank accounts in China

China is the world leader in the manufacturing of goods. A great number of factories are running there and the manufactured products can cost anywhere between a quarter of a cent and a million dollars. The number of billionaires in China is growing faster than that in the USA. The international business world is highly interested in this country. However, China is reluctant to swing the doors wide open and it still remains a country that is quite hard to access.

Country section - China

In order to set up a company in China you have to know important details and be prepared to wait patiently. International entrepreneurs often prefer to gain access to the Chinese markets via Hong Kong or Singapore. At the same time, over the last few years, the Chinese authorities have loosened the grip and they are starting to allow international investors to participate in the country’s business life.

In this section, you can find all the information about China that we publish: its companies and bank accounts, the local business culture, and the Chinese buying foreign citizenship, wherever they can.

I. All products and services that have Chinese components

We have put all the products and services available in China with our assistance into this section. There you can open a new company or validate an existing one, set up a representative office, and register a trademark.

II. The ways of doing business in China

From this section, you can find out how to register a company in China. Besides, you will learn about the business rules and traditions in the country as well as the laws and events that affect the entrepreneurs.

Articles about the ways of doing business in China

III. Banks and banking industry in China

The banking industry in China is rapidly developing. Due to its scale, any changes in this industry will affect not only China but the whole world too. At the same time, the country can make some attractive offers in the banking sphere.

IV. China as an international financial and business center

China is not only the leader in the production industry but it is also an international business center. China uses its own offshore jurisdictions, protects its national interests, and does everything that is possible to take the leading positions in the world. The country is a very active player in the world economy.

Articles about China as an international financial and business center

V. Chinese taxes and tax agreements

Information about taxes in China and the tax agreements that it has made with other countries.

Articles about Chinese taxes and tax agreements

VI. China in the international politics

China’s role in the international political arena cannot be overestimated and we cover political news from the country in this section.

Articles about China in the international politics

VII. Chinese citizens purchasing legal residence permits and citizenship of foreign countries

The citizens of China are the most active buyers of second citizenship in various countries. This is what we talk about in this section.

Articles about Chinese citizens purchasing foreign citizenship

VIII. Life in China

You can learn about the Chinese lifestyles from the articles in this section.

Articles about life in China

IX. Chinese agreements on avoidance of double taxation and exchange of fiscal information

Here we publish news related to these two types of agreements that China has made or is likely to make soon.

Articles on the topic

X. Taxes payable by tax residents of China

This section will be useful for you if you are planning to relocate to China or if your employees are located there.

Articles on the topic

XI. The use of trusts in China

In this section, we describe the asset protection mechanisms used in China.

How Chinese entrepreneurs use trusts

XII. Dispute resolution in China

In this section, we discuss dispute resolution in China including the resolution of international disputes.

Articles about dispute resolution in China

XIII. The life of the Chinese in foreign countries

Articles about the adventures and the achievements of the Chinese living outside of their home country

XIV. Chinese legislation

In this section, we discuss the Chinese legislation that is relevant to foreign investors in China and legal entities registered in the country.

Articles about the amendments to the Chinese legislation

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