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Chili: company registration, investment into real estate, and immigration to the country

Chili is a country where the effective profit tax is zero percent. At the same time, it can never be found in any offshore countries lists. Chili is the fastest developing Latin American country that provides for a legal opportunity to acquire its citizenship within a very short timeframe.

Country section - Chile

I. All products and services in Chili

Here you can find the descriptions of all our products and services in Chili. Only reliable working instruments for international business and asset protection!

Articles about products and services in Chili

II. Investments in Chili

Where should you invest in Chili? How can you do it? Why are investors from all over the world attracted to Chili? We answer investment-related questions in this section.

Articles about investments in Chili

III. Banks and bank accounts in Chili

Everything about Chilean banks and banking industry: how to open an account, what banks to choose, what aspects to take into consideration when communicating with the bankers in the country, and so on.

Articles about banks and bank accounts in Chili

IV. Immigration to Chili

In this section, we discuss how you can immigrate to Chili, how you can acquire a visa to the country, and full citizenship.

Articles about immigration to Chili

V. Investing into real estate in Chili

Everything about Chilean real estate: market analysis, property taxes, and even the opportunity to have an apartment in the country for free.

Articles about investing into real property in Chili

VI. Startups in Chili: the Government support program

This section describes the Chilean Government startup support program. We discuss its characteristics, the opportunity to get a visa to Chili by applying to this program, and other related issues.

Articles about the startup support program in Chili

VII. Life in Chili

Practical advice on carving a home in Chili after relocating to the country.

Articles about living in Chili

VIII. Chilean news

Interesting, important, and useful news from Chili.

Chilean news

IX. Taxes in Chili

In this section, we discuss personal and corporate taxation in Chili. We also analyze the Government’s taxation policies and follow the changes in the tax legislation.

Articles about taxes in Chili

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