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The Cayman Islands: companies, bank accounts, funds, and trusts in the Caymans

The Cayman Islands or simply the Caymans is a British overseas territory in the Caribbean Sea.

The Cayman Islands is one of the best known, most popular, and well-seasoned offshore jurisdictions. Currently, well over 100,000 companies are registered there including 1,300 insurance companies, 500 banks, and thousands of funds and trusts.

The Caymans offer the full range of offshore services: bank accounts, company registration, fund and trust management, and so on.

Country section - Cayman Islands

At the same time, the Caymans administration has done everything possible to conform to the modern transparency requirements and to keep the international clients.

With our assistance, you can establish an offshore company in the Cayman Islands and open a foreign bank account there. Please read the articles found in this section. If you still have some questions about this jurisdiction, please ask them of our consultants by writing to [email protected] without any hesitation.

I. All products and services available in the Caymans

This section contains information about all our products and services in the Cayman Islands: company registration, bank account opening, etc.

Articles about products and services in the Cayman Islands

II. Everything about banks and banking industry in the Caymans

Hundreds of banks are registered in the Cayman Islands. Here we inform you what these banks are, how they service clients, and what has to be taken into account when establishing contacts with Cayman banks.

Articles about banks and banking industry in the Caymans

III. Companies in the Caymans

How do you do business in the Cayman Islands and what should you know about the local corporate legislation? We have accumulated important practical information about Cayman companies in this section.

Articles about companies in the Caymans

IV. Trusts and funds in the Caymans

Here you can learn about the legislation regulating funds and trusts in the country as well as the ways you can use them in practice.

Articles about trusts and funds in the Caymans

V. Asset protection in the Cayman Islands

How can you use this jurisdiction to protect your assets?

Articles about asset protection in the Caymans

VI. Information confidentiality in the Cayman Islands

This section covers the issue of information confidentiality in the Caymans.

Articles about confidentiality in the Caymans

VII. The Cayman Islands as an international offshore center

The Caymans is a true offshore business center where you will find offices of the largest banks of the world, international insurance companies, exporters, and software developers, among others. This section describes the Caymans as an international offshore business center.

Articles about the Caymans as an offshore center

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