Canada: companies, bank accounts, and immigration to the country

Canada is one of the most developed, most peaceful, and most stable countries in the world. It attracts investors, professionals, and those who simply look for a better life.

You can register a company in Canada and/ or open a bank account there. You can engage in local or international business in the country. You can become a legal resident of Canada and acquire full citizenship with time.

In this section, you will find information about Canada as a business center and a comfortable place for living. If some questions concerning Canada still remain after you have read the articles, please address them to

I. All products and services associated with Canada

In this section, you can read about the products and services that are available in Canada or related to the country in some way. Partnership and company registration, bank account opening, immigration support – everything in one place.

II. Banks and banking industry in Canada

What is special about Canadian banks and how do they service clients? Is banking privacy available in Canada? These and many other banking-related questions are answered in this section.

III. Companies in Canada

This section is about Canadian business companies: how you can register one, how they differ from companies in other jurisdictions, what business activities you can pursue in Canada, and so on.

IV. Immigration to Canada

What are the possible immigration routes? Business visas, investment into real estate, family sponsorship, and other methods of acquiring legal residency in Canada – find their descriptions in this section.

V. Canada as an international financial and business center

Why business people choose Canada and important news about Canada as a financial and business center.

Articles about Canada as an international financial and business center

VI. Canadian taxes and tax agreements

Here we discuss the characteristics of the taxation system in Canada as well as the tax-related agreements that Canada has signed with other countries.

Articles about Canadian taxes and tax agreements

VII. Real estate in Canada

In this section, we discuss the real estate market in Canada.

VIII. Life in Canada

Who lives well in Canada and where? This section is about the Canadian living styles.

Articles about life in Canada

IX. Business in Canada

In this section, we provide the reasons for, and describe the procedure of, local business registration in Canada. In addition, we discuss how Canadian-registered companies can be used in international business operations.

Articles about business in Canada

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