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Life and business in Bulgaria

To foreign nationals, Bulgaria offers the possibility to acquire legal residency in exchange for investment and even full citizenship of this European country. Besides, there are reasons to set up a business company in Bulgaria.

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I. Everything about products and services in Bulgaria

We have put all articles about Bulgaria in this section. You can read about establishing a business company in the country and acquiring legal residence there.

Articles about products and services in Bulgaria

II. Companies in Bulgaria

In this section, we talk about the specifics of doing business in Bulgaria and discuss why you should register a company in this country.

Articles about companies in Bulgaria

III. Immigration to Bulgaria: legal residency and citizenship

How can you relocate to Bulgaria? Can you acquire legal residency in the country by investment? Can you obtain a European passport in Bulgaria? The articles in this section answer these questions.

Articles about immigration to Bulgaria

IV. Conferences and exhibitions in Bulgaria or related to Bulgaria

Interesting and useful exhibitions and conferences in and about Bulgaria.

Articles about conferences and exhibitions in Bulgaria

V. Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in Bulgaria

In this section, we talk about the Bulgarian legislation that regulates the use of cryptocurrencies in the country. We discuss the uses of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in Bulgaria. We describe the cryptocurrency cashing methods accessible in the country. Here you can also find all the latest news related to cryptocurrencies in Bulgaria.

Articles about Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in Bulgaria