Living and doing business in Brazil

On our Brazilian page, we talk about the possibilities to relocate to this marvelous warm country. Here you will learn about life in Brazil as well as the opportunities to start a business there and make investments in the country. You will also find out why Brazilian citizenship is so valuable and why the passport of this country can be a precious gift to your child.

I. All services related to doing business in Brazil and relocating to the country that are available to the readers of portal

In this section, all products and services in Brazil are described starting with immigration to the country and ending with registering a business company there.

Articles about our products and services in Brazil

II. Everything about citizenship of Brazil

From this section, you can learn about the ways to acquire Brazilian citizenship for yourself and the members of your family. We also discuss the advantages that the Brazilian passport brings. You can learn every detail of acquiring citizenship of Brazil from the articles published in this section. We will also keep you updated on the changes that may appear in the process and the procedure of citizenship acquisition.

Articles about citizenship of Brazil

III. Everything about legal residency in Brazil

Brazil does not have an economic citizenship program and thus, prior to obtaining citizenship of this country, you have to obtain a legal residence permit. The articles in this section describe how you can do it.

Articles about acquiring legal residency in Brazil

IV. Everything about starting a business and registering a company in Brazil

Many people who relocate to Brazil want to do some business there. Some arrive to Brazil as business immigrants who already own Brazilian companies. From the articles published in this section, you can learn about registering a business company in Brazil for the purpose of immigrating to the country or extending your international business operations. Would you like to know how you can open a branch, an affiliation, or a representation office in Brazil? Read the articles to find it out.

Articles about doing business in Brazil

V. Interesting information about Brazil as a country for living and doing business

Why is life good in Brazil and is life good there? What attracts foreigners to the country? Are there English-speaking communities in Brazil? Can you live in the country without speaking Portuguese? What is the weather like in Brazil? How can you spend your free time in the country? Can you engage in online business in Brazil? What categories of people should seriously consider the possibility to move to Brazil? What are the main reasons for that? The articles in this section answer all these questions.

Articles about life in Brazil

VI. Trade and tax agreements that Brazil has made

It is impossible to plan your international business activities without an analysis of tax-related agreements including those on fiscal information exchange that the country of your interest has made. In this section, we analyze the double taxation avoidance agreements that the Brazilian Government has signed and that have been ratified by the Parliament.

Articles about Brazilian trade and tax agreements

VII. Working visas to Brazil

Are you a young professional with good prospects? Are you an experienced professional who wants to move to a warm country with your family? If you are a highly qualified specialist and you are considering relocation to Brazil, this section will give you information about obtaining a working visa to the country.

Articles about working visas to Brazil

VIII. News from Brazil

In this section, you can find news from Brazil that may be interesting to expats or those wishing to establish a business company in the country.

News from Brazil

IX. Real estate in Brazil

This section is dedicated to investment into Brazilian real property as well as the news from the Brazilian real estate market.

Articles about Brazilian real estate

X. Brazilian agreements on fiscal information exchange and double taxation avoidance

Articles in this section describe the fiscal information exchange and double taxation avoidance agreements that Brazil has signed with other countries. News related to this topic can also be found here.

Articles about double taxation avoidance agreements that Brazil has made

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