Belize as an inexpensive offshore on the mainland: bank accounts, financial licenses, and relocation to the country

Belize is the least expensive offshore jurisdiction of those that are not located on islands. Similarly to Panama, Belize is not on the FATF grey lists any longer as it meets all the requirements. In particular, the country has signed agreements on exchange of fiscal information and on double taxation avoidance with a number or other national states.

Offshore corporations in Belize together with those in Dominica are an alternative to the inexpensive Nevis. Because Belize prices are affordable, there is demand for Belizean-registered LLC’s and International Business Companies. Besides, unlike the Caymans or the British Virgin Islands, Belize is not a British overseas territory but an independent country. It is not attacked so hard as the British offshores that are forced to set up open company beneficiary registers.

Belizean banks can be interesting for online business owners and for setting up merchant accounts there. FOREX licenses obtained in Belize are also popular and they cost less there than they do in Europe. Over the recent years, the USA have been quite aggressive towards Belizean banks and their correspondent accounts. Thus, if your business depends upon or involves US dollar transactions, opening a bank account in Belize would not be the best choice.

A company registered in Belize can acquire services from the same banks that service non-residents and classic Caribbean offshores. However, if a certain bank will not open an account for the company registered in Nevis, Dominica, Panama, or the Seychelles, it will not open an account for a Belizean-registered company either in all likelihood. Thus, if your goal it to build a combination ‘offshore company + onshore bank account’, you had better ascertain that the bank that you are considering is going to agree to provide services to your Belizean-based company. Please inquire about the minimum required deposit in particular.

There were times when Belize was famous for its citizenship-by-investment program but it was terminated in 2001. Even though the program has been inactive for a long time now, some fraudsters still offer the possibility to acquire the Belizean passport in a “legal, fast, and easy” manner. Do not trust them. You can become a citizen of Belize but you can do so only via naturalization, which takes considerably more time than acquiring economic citizenship. You can find information about this topic in this section.

It must be admitted that there is a crime problem in some parts of Belize capital city but there are places in the country where you can really enjoy life especially during your golden years. Apart from other things, we will tell you how you can relocate to Belize and live in a tropical paradise.

I. Offshore products and services in Belize

In this section, we describe the products and services that are available in Belize or that are related to the country somehow. These include company registration services, nominee services, financial license acquisition, and so on. We talk about setting up bank accounts in Belize for foreign companies as well as opening a corporate account for a Belizean-registered company in another country.

II. Practical applications of Belizean-registered companies

From this section, you can learn what goals can be achieved by establishing a business company in Belize.

Articles about practical applications of companies registered in Belize

III. Company registration in Belize

In this section, you will learn about the opportunities to set up a foreign company in Belize remotely and quickly. We will talk about everything you have to bear in mind prior and after establishing a company in Belize.

IV. Corporate legislation in Belize

In this section, you will find information that is important for Belizean company owners. We do not talk only about the recent changes to the Belizean corporate laws but also provide the information relevant to maintaining your company, keeping the financial records, and so on.

News about Belize corporate legislation

V. Belizean treaties on avoidance of double taxation

In this section, we talk about the agreements on exchange of fiscal information that Belize has signed and other international treaties that the country has made. The articles here may affect your decision to set up a company in Belize.

Articles about Belize tax agreements

VI. Belize as an offshore jurisdiction

In this section, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Belize as a tax haven and as an international financial center. We also mention the events that may affect the popularity of Belize as an offshore jurisdiction.

Articles about Belize as a tax haven

VII. Offshore companies in Belize

In this section, we frankly talk about Belizean-registered offshore companies, the factors that have a bearing on their prices, and secure ways of buying an offshore company in Belize.

Articles about offshore companies in Belize

VIII. Belize legal residency and citizenship

Here we describe the procedure of relocating to Belize. This information can be of interest for freelancers or retirees. Foreigners seldom venture business projects in Belize even though sometimes they engage in tourist business in the country. The situation may change, however, and we keep track of the events.

Articles about acquiring legal residency and citizenship in Belize

IX. Retire to Belize

There are sizable US expat communities in Belize. In this section, we describe how retirees from the US relocate to Belize and what they busy themselves with when in the country.

Articles about retiring to Belize

X. Investments into Belizean real estate

Such investments would make sense for those who relocate to Belize for life, in the first place.

XI. Banks and banking sector in Belize

From this section, you can learn about the factors that affect the functionality of the banking sector in Belize.

XII. Relocation to Belize and life in the country

Here we talk about the quality of life and the cost of living in Belize. We also instruct you the readers how they can relocate to the country.

Articles for those who plan to move to Belize for good

XIII. Taxes and taxation system in Belize

In this section, we describe the taxation system in Belize and inform the readers about the taxes levied on private individuals and on corporate entities in the country. We also discuss the acquisition of a Tax ID in Belize.

Articles about taxes and the taxation system in Belize
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