Belgium: business, banks, and immigration

Belgium is not famous only for its chocolate and its wafers. The Kingdom is an EU, UN, and NATO member and its capital city of Brussels hosts the European Commission headquarters.

Belgium is of interest for serious entrepreneurs who seek access to the European market. Bank accounts can be opened in Belgium for personal and corporate needs.

In addition to that, Belgium offers the possibility to acquire its passport via naturalization after only three years of residence in the country. This is one of the fastest naturalization programs in the world.

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I. All products and services associated with Belgium

We have put all the articles containing information about products and services in Belgium in this section.

Articles about products and services in Belgium

II. Banks and banking industry in Belgium

Those who have decided to open a bank account in Belgium will benefit from learning more about the banking industry in the country. This is what the articles in this section are about.

Articles about banks and banking industry in Belgium

III. Taxes in Belgium and its tax agreements

In this section, you can learn what the Belgian tax reform is about, what taxes are levied on companies and private individuals in the country, and what tax-related agreements Belgium has sighed with other national states.

Articles about taxes in Belgium and its tax-related agreements

IV. Belgium as an offshore business center

Belgium is an international business center with its own specifics and its own rules. You can learn about them in this section.

Articles about Belgium as an offshore business center

V. Immigration to Belgium

How can you relocate to Belgium and obtain its passport? The articles in this section answer this question.

Articles about immigration to Belgium

VI. Real estate in Belgium

In this section, you will find articles about owning, buying, and renting real property in Belgium as well as investing into it. Those who plan to relocate to Belgium or acquire tax residency in the country will be interested to learn more about these topics.

Articles about purchase and rent of real property in Belgium and investment into it

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