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Belarus: companies and bank accounts

The Republic of Belarus is a CIS member and it cooperates closely with its neighbors while implementing independent policies. In particular, Belarus was the first country to put cryptocurrency legislation into effect and now beneficial conditions for doing crypto business can be found there.

Country section - Belarus

Belarusian economy is built mainly on three pillars: production, agriculture, and trade.

You can open a bank account in Belarus and establish a foreign company there remotely.

You can learn more about the possibilities that the country offers in the articles found in this section.

I. Products and services in Belarus

Please find descriptions of the services available in Belarus or related to the country in some way. The list of services grows all the time and if you have questions about the possibilities that are not on the list, please write to us to [email protected].

Articles about products and services available in Belarus

II. Banks and banking industry in Belarus

What should you bear in mind when setting up a bank account in Belarus? Who can open an account there and who will find it difficult to do so? We answer these are other similar questions in this section.

Articles about banks and banking industry in Belarus

III. Business and companies in Belarus

Here we discuss the peculiarities of doing business in Belarus, the taxation system in the country, and the possibilities to reach international markets from Belarus.

Articles about business and companies in Belarus

IV. Belarus as a cryptocurrency center

Belarus was among the first countries to pass legislation that governs cryptocurrency-related activities. This is good news for those who are interested in crypto

Articles about Belarus as a cryptocurrency center

V. Emigration for Belarussians

The whole world is open for Belarussians but you have to know where to apply and what documents are required. In this section, you will find information about emigrating from Belarus to other countries.

Articles about emigration for Belarussians

VI. Events in Belarus

Interesting and useful events such as conferences, meetings, summits, etc. in Belarus or related to the country.

Articles about events in Belarus

VII. Belarussian treaties on avoidance of double taxation and exchange of fiscal information

In this section, we highlight those Belarussian international agreements that will affect entrepreneurs and their business companies in the country.

Articles about Belorussian agreements on exchange of fiscal information

VIII. Foreign bank accounts for citizens and legal residents of Belarus

In this section, we inform our Belarussian readers about the possibilities to open accounts in foreign banks and payment systems.

Articles for Belarussians seeking to open bank accounts abroad

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