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Foreign companies and bank accounts in Barbados

Barbados is a small island in the West Indies not far away from Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The country’s economy is based on sugar cane production and tourism.

In addition to that, Barbados is known as an international financial center that provides banking and corporate services to foreign clients. The country is especially attractive for Canadian business people as Barbados has some special agreements with Canada.

Barbados is the leader among the developing states in the quality of life and population literacy.

Country section - Barbados

We offer a range of services related to Barbados. Please read about them in the articles or send us a direct request to [email protected].

I. Products and services related to Barbados

How can you open a foreign bank account in Barbados? What should you do in order to register a company in the country? Please learn about these and other opportunities from the articles that this section contains.

Articles about products and services in Barbados

II. Banks and banking industry in Barbados

In addition to tourism opportunities, Barbados offers a wide range of banking services to foreign nationals. Banks in the country are willing to cooperate with international clients and they provide top-level services.

Articles about banks and banking industry in Barbados

III. Business in Barbados

Notwithstanding its modest size, Barbados attracts large amounts of foreign investments. The economy of the island is developing without stop and when a problem occurs, it is quickly overcome and the country moves on. This is the right place where you can establish a foreign company.

Articles about business in Barbados

IV. Barbados as a financial and business center

Barbados is a financial and offshore business center. A number of companies from Canada, the USA, Caribbean states, and Great Britain cooperate with the country.

Articles about Barbados as a financial and business center

V. Taxes in Barbados and tax agreements

Everything about taxes and tax agreements in Barbados in this section.

Articles about taxes and tax agreements in Barbados

VI. Events in Barbados

Useful and interesting conferences, summits, meetings, and other events in Barbados or related to Barbados.

Articles about Barbados events

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