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Foreign companies and bank accounts in Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain exports oil and serves as a tourist and offshore banking center.

A foreign company can be registered in Bahrain. The jurisdiction is going to be especially interesting to those entrepreneurs who do business in the Persian Gulf region and/ or seek access to the markets of India and Pakistan.

Country section - Bahrain

Bahrain is an alternative to the United Arab Emirates in many senses.

Opening a personal bank account in Bahrain is not easy. It is much simpler to open a corporate account for a company registered in the Persian Gulf region or in the Middle East.

I. All products and services in Bahrain

This section contains the information about all products and services available to Bahrain or related to the country in some way. If you do not find the services that you are interested in among the listed ones, please write to [email protected].

Articles about products and services in Bahrain

II. Banks and banking industry in Bahrain

Everything about the Bahraini banking industry and bank accounts. Some specifics and possible pitfalls you should know about.

Articles about banks and banking industry in Bahrain

III. Business in Bahrain

How can you start a company in Bahrain and why should you do it? What do you have to know in order to make your Bahraini-based company run smoothly? We answer these and other similar questions in this section.

Articles about business in Bahrain

IV. Taxes in Bahrain and tax agreements

Here we talk about the taxation system in Bahrain as well as the tax agreements that the country has signed with other national states. By the way, the tax system in Bahrain is exceptionally attractive for doing business in the country.

Articles about taxes in Bahrain and its tax agreements

V. Immigration to Bahrain

In this section, we describe the procedure of acquiring an investor visa to Bahrain and discuss the possibility of obtaining full citizenship of the country.

Articles about immigration to Bahrain

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