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Company registration, residency, and banking in Azerbaijan

Sometimes a foreign person will notice an outstanding feature that we are so used to that it actually escapes our attention. For example, in some places the Caspian Sea resembles the Caribbean Sea in color. And banks in Baku do not ask uncomfortable questions about transactions even if a large amount of money is going to a personal account.

In this section, we talk about company registration in Azerbaijan, about bank accounts in the country, and about the relocation possibilities. We look at Azerbaijan from the point of view of investing in the country and acquiring tax residency there. We discuss the lifestyle in Azerbaijan.

Country section - Azerbaijan

The middle class is in the making in Azerbaijan and together with its growth, also grows the interest to setting up offshore businesses on the part of wealthier Azerbaijanis. They are becoming curious about asset protection and diversification instruments.

Thus, the articles in this section are addressed to foreign nationals looking in the direction of Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis looking to other countries as well.

I. Products and services in Azerbaijan

In this section, we discuss the legal and the accounting services that are available in Azerbaijan. This includes registration and maintenance of business companies in the country; legal residence in Azerbaijan; assistance in opening personal and corporate bank accounts there.

Articles about products and services in Azerbaijan

II. Azerbaijan’s double taxation avoidance agreements and other international treaties

In this section, we talk about various international treaties that affect both businesses in Azerbaijan and its private individuals.

Articles about Azerbaijan’s international agreements

III. Non-resident banking in Azerbaijan

The articles in this section inform the readers about the Azerbaijani banks where non-residents can set up accounts remotely or on a personal visit. We keep track of all the changes that happen in this sector. This section will keep you undated on what is going on in the Azerbaijani banking sector as far as servicing non-residents is concerned. Any novelty that might affect non-residents’ accounts in these banks will be reported promptly.

Articles about non-resident banking opportunities in Azerbaijan

IV. Offshore/ midshore/ onshore company for Azerbaijani residents

In this section, we discuss the possibilities available to Azerbaijanis to open foreign companies without a personal visit (via the Internet). We recommend that you keep away from some jurisdictions.

Articles about remote registration and purchase of foreign companies by residents of Azerbaijan

V. Relocating to Azerbaijan

In this section, we discuss the lifestyle in Azerbaijan. The articles will be interesting to prospective immigrants to the country.

Articles for immigrants to Azerbaijan

VI. Foreign business for Azerbaijani entrepreneurs

Articles for business people living in Azerbaijan and thinking of establishing a foreign company.

VII. Conferences in Azerbaijan on asset protection, international business, and immigration opportunities

Conferences in Azerbaijan

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