Armenia: companies and bank accounts in the country

Armenia ranks 47 in Doing Business Report (2020), which can be a surprise for many people. A small landlocked state in the Caucuses lacking in natural resources continues to develop successfully overcoming all obstacles and attracting more and more investors from all around the globe.

The Chinese, Turks, Russians, and a number of other nationalities are investing heavily into Armenian economy.

Local banking services deserve special attention: personal accounts, corporate accounts, merchant accounts, and even cryptocurrency accounts can be opened in the country.

You can set up a bank account in Armenia remotely. The quality of services is high and English-language banking services are readily available.

I. Products and services in Armenia

For your convenience, we have put all the articles about products and services currently available in Armenia in this section. We will gladly assist you in registering a company in the country and opening personal, corporate, and merchant bank accounts there.

II. Banks and banking industry in Armenia

Banks and banking services in Armenia attract investors from all over the world. You can set up an account for a locally registered company or for a non-resident one. You can also open a personal bank account in Armenia for the purpose of asset diversification. This section contains information about the banking industry in Armenia.

III. Business in Armenia

How can you register a company in Armenia and why should you do it? These are the main questions answered in this section. We dwell on other business-related topics here too.

IV. Immigration to Armenia: temporary residence, permanent residence, full citizenship

According to insiders’ information, Armenian authorities are thinking about launching a citizenship-by-investment program. We keep track of the progress in this area and inform you about the possibilities to obtain a foreign passport in exchange for investment.

V. Exhibitions and conferences in Armenia

Here we cover all the events happening in Armenia that may be of interest for our readers: exhibitions, conferences, round tables, and so on.

Articles about exhibitions and conferences in Armenia

VI. Company registration in Armenia

In this section, we discuss the details of the process of company registration in Armenia.

Articles about company registration and maintenance in Armenia

VII. Startups in Armenia

In this section, we discuss why you should register a startup in Armenia and how you can do it.

Articles about startups in Armenia and in Yerevan in particular

VIII. Real estate in Armenia

In this section, we talk about investments into real property in Armenia. Here you can also learn what kind of property you can buy in the country in case you decide to relocate there for life.

Real estate in Armenia for investors and immigrants

IX. Tax agreements and taxation in Armenia

This section contains articles about the taxation system in Armenia as well as the ratified agreements on avoidance of double taxation that the Government of Armenia has signed with other countries. The information about tax cuts and tax planning possibilities that can be found in the jurisdiction will help you make your Armenian-based business structure an effecting instrument for enlarging your wealth.

Armenian agreements on avoidance of double taxation
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