Argentina for foreign company registration, local business formation, immigration, and investment into real estate

Argentina borders on Paraguay and Bolivia in the north, Uruguay and Brazil in the east, and Chili in the south-west. The country also has access to the Atlantic Ocean.

The terrain is diverse in Argentina: there are mountains and forests as well as sandy beaches and deserts. Argentina is popular with tourists from all over the world for its Iguacu Falls and the lakes in Bariloche region, among other attractions.

A great number of Europeans have moved to Argentina. The process started at the end of the 19th century with Spaniards and Italians constituting the majority of the immigrants. The official language in the country is Spanish. If you would like to relocate to Argentina and start a business there, we recommend that you master Spanish beforehand.

It would make economic sense to open the following types of business in Argentina:

  • Restaurants (immigrants to the country often open restaurants offering their national cuisines);
  • Food product manufacture;
  • Beauty salons, barber shops, SPA-salons, etc.;
  • IT-related businesses. The demand for various IT-related services is huge in Argentina. This industry is only in its infancy in the country and you can launch almost any online projects that are analogous to those that exist in the English-language Internet. The number of your potential clients in Argentina is almost 44 million people, which is more than enough!
  • Retail sales of consumer goods.

Of course, you will be well advised to seek lawyer’s advice before setting up a business corporation in Argentina. You can opt for a private limited liability company – S.R.L. You can establish a partnership (Sociedad) making your existing offshore companies partners in the enterprise. You can also become a sole proprietor when you settle in Argentina. Those who establish companies in cooperation with foreign partners, often register joint ventures – Uniones Transitorias. Standard corporations – S.A. – are also popular.

We highly recommend that you visit Argentina and meet with partners there before you make the final decision to relocate to the country. In this way, you will be able to see the demands typical of your potential clientele in Argentina.

You can also make starting a business in the country easier if you buy a ready-made company with an office, production facilities, and a large number of existing clients.

I. Articles about products and services in Argentina

In this section, we describe the products and services that the partners of portal offer in Argentina.

Articles about services related to business establishment, bank account opening in Argentina, and immigrating to the country

II. Banks and banking services in Argentina

In this section, we describe the non-resident banking opportunities available in Argentina as well as the best banks for expats and those people who are planning to move to the country.

Articles about banks and banking services in Argentina

III. Tax treaties and agreements on double taxation avoidance that Argentina has signed with other countries

In this section, we also talk about various trade agreements that Argentina has made and that may have an impact on your prospective business there.

Articles about Argentina’s international agreements

IV. Real property in Argentina

This section informs the readers about the real estate that they can invest into when relocating to Argentina with their families. We describe pieces of property for sale and for rent.

Articles about purchase and rent of residential accommodations in Argentina and investment into real estate in the country

V. Immigration to Argentina, its citizenship, and passport

In this section, we describe the ways to acquire legal residency in Argentina. Our articles inform the readers about the methods of relocating to the country. Of course, you had better seek legal advice to choose the method of relocation that suits you best.

Articles about the ways to acquire legal residency and then full citizenship in Argentina

VI. Investments in Argentina

In this section, we talk about investment opportunities available to foreigners in Argentina.

Articles about investments in Argentina

VII. Tourism in Argentina

Argentina offers a wide spectrum of tourist opportunities from extreme tourism to medical tourism. What tourist services found in the country appeal to you more? How can you have fun and improve your health in Argentina?

Articles about tourism in Argentina

VIII. Life in Argentina for expats

Here we talk about the lifestyle in Argentina, the local people, the cultural peculiarities, the healthcare system specifics, and the education opportunities for expats’ children.

Articles about life in Argentina after relocation

IX. De-offshorization and tax amnesty in Argentina

Argentina practices a unique approach to de-offshorization. The articles in this section allow following the progress that Argentina is making in this area.

Articles about de-offshorization and tax amnesty in Argentina

Education in Argentina

In this section, we discuss the private and state education opportunities that are available to expats’ children in Argentina. You will learn from the articles how your children can acquire primary, secondary, and higher education in the country. We speak about the best schools in Argentina that expats usually choose for their children.

Articles about education opportunities in Argentina

XI. Work in Argentina

In this section, we discuss the rights and duties that the employees of Argentinian companies have. We also talk about employment opportunities in Argentina here. Besides, we share the latest news from the Argentinian labor market with you in this section. If you are going to register a company in the country and hire foreign specialists for work there, you will appreciate the articles that you can find here.

Articles about work in Argentina

XII. Taxes in Argentina

In this section, you can find articles about the tax reforms in Argentina as well as exhaustive information about taxes levied on private individuals and on corporate entities in the country.

Articles about taxes and tax reforms in Argentina

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