Business and residence in (almost) tax-free Andorra

There were times when you could obtain legal residence in Andorra for the whole family by making a 30,000-euro deposit in a local bank. This was a highly advantageous offer as Andorra was a tax-free jurisdiction. Since 2012, however, the required deposit amount has grown to 400,000 euros due to the extreme popularity of this program and the country has become ‘almost’ tax-free. Anyway, a legal resident status in Andorra will provide for an opportunity to live in a sunny country with fresh air and minimal personal taxes. Andorra residents’ children can have high-quality classic Catalonian education the languages of instruction being English, French, and Spanish.

The county is becoming more open to international investors. Now a foreign businessperson can have a company in Andorra with a 100% ownership, which was impossible only a few years ago.

However, we are not going to claim that Andorran-registered companies are going to be considered offshore companies. Only those people should think about incorporating in Andorra who would like to do serious business there and acquire a legal residence permit via the business immigration program. In this section, you will find multiple business ideas for starting a company in Andorra. The geographical location of the country allows doing successful business with Spanish and French partners, first of all. Andorra is waiting for you and we will be your guide to this sunny and snowy mountain princedom with rapid streams, free schools, and negligible personal taxes.

The articles in this section will also tell you about the banks in Andorra that should be considered as healthy alternatives to the better-known banks of Switzerland, Monaco, Luxemburg, and Lichtenstein. You can open a corporate account in an Andorran bank for a foreign-registered company including an offshore or midshore one.

I. All offshore industry products that we can offer to you in Andorra

The costs of company registration vary in Andorra but you have to realize that Andorran-registered companies are not going to be offshore companies! If you use such a company for asset protection purposes, it is going to cost you a pretty penny. We will help you set up a company in Andorra only if you are planning to bring a large amount of capital to the country, do business there, and live there. All the banks that we recommend provide English-, Spanish-, and French-language services. The section also describes the possibilities of acquiring legal residency in Andorra.

II. Banks and banking industry in Andorra

In this section, we describe all the licensed banks in Andorra. Reading the articles will allow answering the following questions: “Do I need a bank account in Andorra to protect my assets?” and “What Andorran bank should I choose to open a personal/ corporate/ numbered account?”

Articles about banks and banking industry in Andorra

III. Immigration to Andorra or legal residency in the country for an almost tax-free life in Europe

In this section, we are talking about obtaining a legal residence permit in the tax-free Andorra as well as the advantages of permanent or long-term residence in the country.

Articles for those who are contemplating moving to Andorra and those who have just moved to the country

IV. Everything about company registration in Andorra

Registering a business company in Andorra only make sense if you are going to engage into active business there that will bring profits to you and the princedom of Andorra (in the form of taxes in the latter case). Thus, the two topics covered in this section are company registration and doing business in Andorra.

Articles about company registration and business establishment in Andorra

V. Andorran real estate

When you move to Andorra, you have to have a place to stay. New immigrants usually buy houses or apartments in the country. In this section, we discuss the specifics of purchasing real estate in Andorra and introduce you to the real estate market in the country. We also point out some especially interesting offers.

Articles about investment into real estate in Andorra

VI. Andorran news

In this section, you can learn about the role that the small country of Andorra plays in European and international business. We highlight the news about the events that may have a bearing on the local businesses or the development of the banking sector in the country. Here you will also find news that may be of interest to those who are planning to move to Andorra and those who have recently acquired tax residence in the country.

Important news from Andorra for tax residents and Andorran bank clients

VII. Andorra in the offshore industry

Andorra is not an offshore jurisdiction. It is a safe haven for wealthy people and a center of European banking. The country plays an important role in the protection of HNWI’s assets.

Articles about the role of Andorra in the offshore industry

VIII. Andorra’s treaties on exchange of fiscal information

Articles about the double taxation avoidance agreements and the agreements on exchange of fiscal information that Andorra has signed

IX. Life in Andorra after obtaining legal residence in the country

In this section, we talk about Andorran lifestyle and the advantages of living in the country.

Articles about life in Andorra

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