Australia for business, for life, for investment, and for tax residency

This section of portal will introduce you to the possibilities that you can find in Australia. We will consider Australia as a country of tax residence, a country for doing business, a country where you can invest or one you can relocated to. Our Australian authors will share their experience in launching businesses in the country and provide consultations on entering the Australian market with your product or service (they will do so for a fee).
If you are looking to relocate to Australia for good, this section will be directly relevant to your interests as we provide links to official websites and show the way from a visa to temporary residence to permanent residence to full citizenship of Australia. However, this section is also going to be indirectly relevant to your interests. You will learn how the authorities of the country hunt the taxpayers and how they tax their citizens’ pensions, which may make you change your mind and abstain from moving to Australia.

Australia can also be of theoretical interest to some of our readers. The de-offshorization processes that are going on in Australia deserve the attention of tax specialists from other countries. The Australian experience in these matters is noteworthy indeed.

I. Services in Australia.

This section describes the services in Australia that are available to the readers of portal.

Articles about the services in Australia that are available to the readers of Internationalwealth

II. Investment projects in Australia.

Interesting projects in Australia for offshore investments. How can you build a profitable investment project in Australia by yourself?

Articles about investment and investment projects in Australia

III. De-offshorization and anti-tax evasion measures in Australia.

Is there a tax amnesty in Australia? What does de-offshorization look like in Australia? How does the Australian tax authorities treat offshores?

Articles about de-offshorization in Australia and treatment of taxpayers in the country

IV. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Australia.

This section informs the readers about the progress that Australia is making in the development of cryptocurrencies and the local legislation that regulates their use.

Articles about Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in Australia

V. Business confidentiality in Australia.

Australia outmatches some offshore jurisdictions in what concerns business confidentiality. This is an interesting paradox for a country that actively implements de-offshorization policies, is it not?

Articles about the confidentiality of Australian-registered companies

VI. Taxes in Australia.

In this section, we discuss the taxation system in Australia. Does it make economic sense to become a tax resident in the country?

Articles about personal and corporate taxes in Australia

VII. Business in Australia.

You will find this section interesting if you are thinking about launching a business company abroad. We hope that the articles will help you consider Australia seriously.

Articles about doing business in Australia

VIII. Business in Australia in comparison with other countries.

This section will let you compare business opportunities found in Australia with those found in other countries of the world.

Articles where doing business in Australia is compared with doing business in other countries

IX. Australian treaties on avoidance of double taxation and agreements on fiscal information exchange.

The articles in this section describe the advantageous agreements on double taxation avoidance that Australia has made with other national states.

Articles where we analyze the Australian double taxation avoidance agreements in detail

X. Trusts in Australia.

In this section, we inform the readers about the reporting obligations applicable to trusts and trustees in Australia as well as trust taxation in the country.

Articles about trusts in Australia

XI. Immigration, legal residency, and second citizenship in Australia.

In this section, we describe the opportunities to become a permanent legal resident in Australia and its tax resident.

Articles about immigrating to Australia and acquiring the resident status there

XII. Investment into real estate in Australia

In this section, we inform the readers about the new legislation that regulates the investment into Australia real property made by foreign nationals. We also describe some attractive opportunities to put money into residential and commercial property located in Australia.

Articles about investing into Australian real estate

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