UAE Real Estate: Buy Dubai Property and Qualify for UAE Residence Visas

The UAE real estate market is booming. The listings of luxury apartments, villas, offices, hotels, and houses for sale in the UAE remain popular with international HNWIs and investors.  From 2023, they can qualify for UAE residence visas for 2 to 10 years, depending on the value and location of the UAE properties.

In 2022, the number of transactions with UAE properties in cities has increased by over 60%. Experts expect a further upswing in UAE housing prices by up to 13.5% in 2023.

Buy Real Estate in the UAE

The most popular Dubai destinations where UAE property buyers go for investment and permanent residence purposes are the Business Bay, Dubai Marina, Al Safa, Palm Jumeirah, and Downtown districts.

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Please note: Our listings of property in the United Arab Emirates feature luxury apartments, villas, houses, and hotel rooms available in Dubai at bargain prices from the developers. We offer a full range of investment, immigration, and business relocation services in the UAE. Please contact us for more details at the e-mail address and in messengers given at the top of this page. 


on how to choose the jurisdiction
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on how to choose the jurisdiction and the economic residence or citizenship programs.

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United Arab Emirates Real Estate Market On the Rise

The Dubai luxury housing market is going to expand in 2023. This is due to the growing construction of new apartments, residential complexes, and houses for sale in Dubai, UAE. Besides, the demand from international investors and immigrants is growing. 

According to the study of the current inquiries and the number of recent real estate transactions in the UAE, prices for luxury properties in Dubai will increase by 13.5% early this year and will reach +50% by the end of 2023.

Dubai deluxe properties feature the maximum price hike in the global market of luxury real estate.  As for the property for sale in the UAE at large (outside Dubai), the prices for residential and commercial properties are likely to grow by 2% in 2023 This is higher than 6 years ago.

UAE Residence Visas for Buyers of UAE Properties – New Rules in 2023

Investor visas have been available since 2019 in some UAE regions. They were issued to buyers of elite property in the United Arab Emirates. To qualify for a long-term UAE investor visa/‘Golden Visa’, applicants needed to contribute from 5 to 10 million dirhams (AED).  In 2022, the UAE government revised the rules and launched a new Residency by Investment (RBI) program

Residence permit in the UAE for the purchase of real estate

Here are some of the new rules for UAE residence visas for buyers of real estate in the United Arab Emirates in 2023 (you can discuss more details with our experts online).

  • UAE residence visas allow their holders to stay/travel outside the UAE for an unlimited period and visit the country at any time for as long as they need.
  • The UAE residence visa allows its holder to ‘sponsor’ family members’ visa applications, i.e. they can obtain visas as part of a family application when the property investment meets certain criteria
  • Applicants can buy real estate by paying the mandatory sum with their own money and paying the remaining part of the price out of proceeds of a loan/mortgage 
  •  Amounts of investment in the UAE real estate qualifying for specific types of residence visas are as follows:
  •  AED 2 million (USD 545 000) for the renewable 10-year ‘Golden Visa’
  •  AED 750 000 (USD 204 000) for the  2-year UAE residence visa
  • Foreign pensioners aged 55 years and older can also qualify for a residence permit in the UAE for up to 5 years by buying freehold apartments worth AED 2 million.

Your purchase of UAE real estate can get you an investor residence visa in 2023 in 9 investment zones in Abu Dhabi and about 50 freehold zones in Dubai.

Benefits of UAE residence visas:

  1. Safety for the family and savings. The UAE is not involved in geopolitical conflicts and is well-disposed to immigrants from different countries. Whatever your citizenship and home country, with a residence visa obtained through investment in UAE real estate you can travel to the UAE any time and stay there as long as you wish.
  2. Travel. Holders of residence visas (obtained through investment in UAE properties) are not required to permanently reside in the UAE after the purchase of a UAE home. To hold your residency status and the right to reside in the UAE, it is enough to visit the country 1 -2 times a year. You can stay there as long as you need before the visa expires.
  3. Favorable tax rates. There is no taxation of income, capital gains, inheritance, gifts, and property. From 2023, the corporate income tax rate in the UAE is 9%, provided that the total income is at least AED 375 000. 
  4. Banking services. Holders of UAE residence visas (obtained through investment in Dubai real estate) can open bank accounts in the UAE.
  5. Driving licenses. Dubai residents (and holders of residence visas obtained through investment in Dubai real estate) can get a UAE driver’s license after passing the exam. For citizens of the USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Turkey, Spain, India, and some other countries, UAE driver’s licenses are issued based on the licenses issued in the applicants’ home countries: no UAE-based tests or exams in traffic rules are required in such cases.
  6. Healthcare and education. A residence visa obtained through investment in UAE real estate entitles you to medical care and education in the UAE.
  7. Citizenship. With a UAE residence visa obtained through investment in UAE real estate, foreigners can apply for citizenship/naturalization, having lived in the country for at least 30 years (or as a reward for exceptional merits).
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How can you get a UAE residence visa / Golden visa in 2023? Please contact us to discuss the new rules and benefits of visas obtained through investment in UAE real estate. 

How much are the UAE residence visas?

The 10-year UAE residence visa:

  • The minimum investment value is AED 2 000 000 (USD 545 000), which is irrespective of the number of family members. It is allowed to buy a property on a mortgage from a UAE bank, but with a down payment of at least 50%.
  • The application fee is approximately USD 21 800 (AED 160 000).
  • The state duty for a visa and identity card in the UAE is USD 1 043 (AED 3 860).
  • A mandatory medical test costs about USD 220 per person.
  • Medical insurance in the UAE costs about USD 400.
  • Additional costs of up to about USD 1 000 per person include fees for translation services, legalization of documents at the Consulate, and notarized signature, etc.

The 2-year UAE residence visa:

  • Joint investments in UAE property (or properties) worth from AED 750 000 per person or from AED 1 000 000 (USD 272 255) per couple (when both spouses apply for UAE residence visas).
  • Extra costs are similar to the additional costs of applying for a 10-year UAE residence visa. 

NB! Foreigners can buy or lease some UAE property for 99 years. In the UAE, you can rent a building, but not the land under it (the same rule applies in the UK). To obtain a UAE residence visa in Dubai, an investor needs to purchase freehold real estate in Dubai.

Where to find the best offer of property for sale in the United Arab Emirates  

Foreigners can buy freehold property in the United Arab Emirates (with full ownership rights) only in designated areas.  Dubai is the most popular destination of all such regions.

UAE Property for Sale in Dubai: Last-Minute Offers

Комплекс Safa Two
from USD 456 000
Deluxe apartments from DAMAC Properties, a premier luxury property developer in Dubai. Exclusively branded by de GRISOGONO, a Swiss luxury jeweler. The 83-floor residential tower with opulent interiors and exteriors, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a perfect location.
  • Premium studios and suites
  • Floor area – from 64 sq.m.
  • Commissioning in 2027.
USD 468 000
A new landmark on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai – a high-rise DAMAC tower with extensive infrastructure and access to 4 beaches. Stylish apartments in multiple layouts with high-end decor and chic furniture.
  • 1-bedroom suites
  • Premium property, deluxe category
  • Floor area – 73 sq.m.
  • Deluxe furnishings, furniture, and fittings
  • Commissioning in 2027.
Апартаменты в Safa Two
from USD 640 000
Luxury apartments in the 83-story tower by DAMAC Properties. Branded by de GRISOGONO jeweler. Gorgeous interiors and imposing exterior design with futuristic elements. Lavish resort-like surroundings: beaches, swimming pool, restaurants, and sports fields.
  • 2-bedroom suites
  • Floor area – 98 sq.m
  • Commissioning in 2027
  • Premium property, deluxe category.
Апартаменты Safa Two
from USD 770 000
Prestigious residences – by DAMAC Properties in Dubai and Swiss jewelry brand de GRISOGONO. Apartments in a ruby tower with jewel-like interiors and turnkey decor. Scenic panoramic views. Most sought-after neighborhoods.
  • 3-bedroom suites
  • Floor area – 127 sq.m.
  • High-class furnishings, furniture, and fittings
  • Commissioning in 2027
  • Deluxe category.
Номер в отеле
from USD 235 000
Invest in golf course hotel rooms at DAMAC Hills in partnership with the Radisson brand. Next to the Trump International Golf Club Dubai, gardens, stables, sporting amenities, and other facilities in the local community.
  • Status – completed
  • 1-bedroom studio
  • Floor area – 45 sq.m.
  • Furnishings, furniture, and fittings
  • Estimated rental yield – 8%.
Radisson Hotel
from USD 430 000
The 24-story, 481-key Damac Hills hotel is nestled next to a golf club, amidst parklands, pretty retail shops, high-end restaurants, family recreational facilities, spas, and play areas inside a new well-established residential community. A lucrative investment option.
  • 1-bedroom suite
  • Floor area – 83 sq.m.
  • Radisson Hotel status – completed.
  • Freehold.
Radisson Hotel
USD 571 000
Luxury apartments in a 4* hotel complex in the Damac Hills neighborhood. Cutting-edge infrastructure, superior finishes, and decor. Best for leisure, and rent, can be part of your UAE residence visa plans.
  • Golf course hotel room investment – deluxe property
  • 2-bedroom suite
  • Floor area – 115 sq.m.
  • Can be leased out
  • Qualifies for the UAE ‘Golden Visa’.
Апартаменты в Golf Gate
USD 216 000
Golf Gate at Damac Hills, Dubai, is a premium complex in the self-contained community with a golf course, park, waterfalls, restaurants, fitness, and hotel facilities. Fit for a residence visa.
  • Commissioning in Q4 2024
  • Premium golf course residence investment
  • 1-bedroom unit
  • Floor area – 64 sq.m.
  • Furnishings, furniture, and fittings
  • 24/7 security.
Двуспальные апартаменты в Golf Gate
USD 361 000
The Golf Gate residential complex is at Dubai Damac Hills, a self-contained luxury community with villas, residential apartments, and a hotel near the Trump International Golf Club.
  • 2-bedroom apartments
  • Golf course residence investment – luxury property
  • Elite furnishings, furniture, and fittings
  • Floor area – 109 sq.m.
  • Commissioning in Q4 2024.
Люксовые апартаменты
from USD 412 000
Luxury apartments in a residential tower branded by de GRISOGONO. Built on the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai by DAMAC Properties developer, jointly with de GRISOGONO Swiss jewelry designer. Exquisite transformative design. Fit for a visa.
  • Studio apartments
  • Floor area – 62 sq.m.
  • Elegant furnishings, furniture, and fittings
  • Commissioning in 2026-2027.
Односпальные апартаменты
from USD 467 000
Great for investors moving to the UAE for permanent residence. Property in this complex may qualify for the new RBI program, i.e. a chance to get 2- to 10-year residence visas. Stunning views over Dubai’s iconic neighborhoods and skyline.
  • 1-bedroom apartments
  • Floor area – 74 sq.m.
  • Stylish furnishings, furniture, and fittings
  • Transformable layouts.
Апартаменты премиум класса
USD 638 000
Premium apartments in a tower designed by GRISOGONO in Dubai, UAE, in a stunning futuristic style. Lush greenery on the terraces, stylish restaurants, elite spas, a one-of-a-kind sapphire infinity swimming pool and climate zone on the roof, and breathtaking panorama.
  • 2-bedroom apartments
  • Floor area – 95 sq.m
  • urnishings, furniture, and fittings.
Премиальные апартаменты
from USD 944 000
The deluxe residential tower in Dubai by DAMAC Properties – the developer, jointly with de GRISOGONO – Swiss jewelry designer. Designed to please HNWIs. Opulent experiences. Superb location. Access to luxury amenities in the tower and community.
  • 3-bedroom apartments
  • Floor area – 163 sq.m.
  • Expected rental yield- 7.9%
  • Qualifying for residence visas.
Вилла с 7 спальнями
from USD 3 638 000
Property freehold. Fit for 10-year UAE residence visas for a family, and other perks. A premium villa with full decor, all amenities, and stellar services in the elite Trump Estates at DAMAC Hills.Superb design, private pool, deluxe comfort, and finesse.
  • Floor area 677 sq.m.
  • 7 bedrooms.
  • 2 floors
  • 24 × 7 security
  • A gated community with a parking zone.
Трехспальная вилла
from USD 853 000
Limited edition villas in the Golf Town residential complex at Dubai DAMAC Hills. Great landscapes with the parkland, lakes, deluxe amenities, and a vast golf course at the Trump International Golf Club. Spacious elite interiors.
  • Floor area 306 sq.m.
  • Fit for a residence visa.
  • Expected rental yield – 8%, and return on sale – 50%
  • Premium property.
Роскошные виллы в комплексе ЖК Cavalli Estates
USD 6 474 000
Elite mansion by Roberto Cavalli. Splendour and style. Cavalli Estates at Dubai Damac Hills. A private parking, a private infinity pool, a gated estate, and the beach in your backyard. The sheer luxury of living in a world-class community. Fit for residence visas.
  • 6-bedroom villa
  • Floor area – 1051 sq.m.
  • Amenities nearby
  • Premium decor
  • Commissioning in Q3 2023.
Люксовая вилла
USD 7 906 000
Elite mansion by Roberto Cavalli in the heart of DAMAC Hills in Dubai. Eligibility for 10-year investor residence visas for a family. A splendid villa with 9 parking lots, barbecue area, luxury decor, and modern appliances – all at the builder’s price.
  • 7-bedroom villa
  • Floor area – 1629 sq.m.
  • Commissioning in 2023
  • Turnkey elite furnishing and decor.
Пятиспальная вилла
USD 731 500
Damac Lagoons is a residential community with elegant villas and townhouses. Interiors inspired by Mediterranean motives. Surrounded by azure blue lagoons and sandy beaches. Tropical island vibes. Amenities of a vibrant city. Transport accessibility.
  • Villa
  • Floor area – 301 sq.m.
  • Fit for 10-year residence visas
  • Decor, furniture, and fittings.
from USD 430 000
4 luxury towers in DAMAC Towers by Paramount Hotels & Resorts, Dubai: deluxe residential apartments in 3 towers, hotel rooms in 1 tower. The complex features elite amenities, a swimming pool with panoramic views, and a sun deck. Fit for UAE residence visas.
  • Studio
  • Floor space 59 sq.m.
  • Decor, furniture, fittings
  • 24/7 security, the gated area
  • Parking.
Люксовая квартира
from USD 562 000
Luxury apartments in the 68-story Damac tower by Paramount Hotels & Resorts. Set in a vibrant neighborhood in the Business Bay area, Dubai. 24-hour security is provided. Amenities nearby: restaurants, recreation areas, spa, fitness center.
  • 1-bedroom apartment
  • Floor area – 98 sq.m.
  • Freehold
  • Fit for 10-year residence permits
  • Finishing, fittings, furnishing
from USD 764 000
Apartments in 3 luxury residential towers and 1 hotel in the Business Bay area, Dubai, UAE. Lucrative property investment fit for 10-year residence visas. High-class interior finishing, furnishing, chic furniture, and modern fittings.
  • 2-bedroom apartment
  • ТElite property, deluxe class
  • Finishing, fittings, furnishing
  • Floor area – 141 sq.m.
  • Freehold.
Квартира с 3 спальнями
from USD 840 500
Great options for thoughtfully appointed property investment. Superb apartments for international HNWIs and connoisseurs of luxury. Part of the Damac Towers – the iconic elite complex in the Business Bay, Dubai. Acquisition qualifying for UAE 10-year residence visas.
  • 3-bedroom apartments
  • Floor area – 162 sq.m.
  • Interior fittings, furnishings, furniture.
Ультра роскошные апартаменты
from USD 4 415 000
Ready-to-move residences in an award-winning tower at Dubai Marina. A vibrant community. Stunning views over a glamorous waterfront. Designed and furnished by the world-known Roberto Cavalli. A wealth of superb amenities.
  • 3-bedroom apartment
  • Floor area – 366 sq.m.
  • Expected rental yield – 8%, and return on sale – 50%
  • Fit for 10-year UAE visas for the family.
Двухэтажный пентхаус
USD 16 679 000
Exquisite penthouses in the spacious residential tower at DAMAC Dubai Marina. Premium interiors from the world-known designer R. Cavelli. Stunning views over the neat surrounding neighborhoods. A world of leisure amenities and nice green zones nearby.
  • 2-level penthouse.
  • 3 bedrooms
  • Floor area – 1.158 sq.m.
  • Fit for UAE 10-year visas for the family.
Двухэтажный пентхаус
USD 18 123 000
A penthouse in the mixed-use ultra-modern 70-story Cavalli Tower projected for residential apartments and hotel rooms, restaurants, cafes, recreation areas, and a spa. Set at Damac Dubai Marina.
  • 4-bedroom 2-Level Penthouse
  • Floor area – 1.412 sq.m.
  • Deluxe interior design and furnishing
  • Furnishings, furniture, and fittings
  • 10-year visas for the family.
USD 17 760 500
Panoramic windows of the luxury Cavalli Tower penthouse overlook the scenic Palm – Burj al Arab – Marina skyline. Designed by R. Cavalli. Sheer luxury and elite style in every detail of the elite interiors and exterior.
  • 5-bedroom 2-level penthouse.
  • Floor area – 1.353 sq.m.
  • Deluxe decor
  • Modern furnishings, furniture, and fittings
  • 24/7 security.
Paramount Tower Hotel & Residences Dubai
USD 352 500
Luxury hotel + residential tower near Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. A mixed-use elite project by DAMAC Premium residential apartments and hotel rooms for sale. Glamour, homely comfort, superb amenities, lucrative investment.
  • Studio apartment
  • Floor area – 48 sq.m.
  • Fit for a 2-year residence visa
  • Decor, fittings, furniture
  • Elite interior
  • 24/7 security.
Paramount Tower Hotel & Residences Dubai
USD 648 000
Residential tower in the Business Bay in Dubai downtown. High-end hotel rooms on floors 15 – 25 inspired by Hollywood glamor. Luxury residences on floors 26 – 63. The luxury amenities take the lower level, and the rooftop pool overlooks the Burj district.
  • 1-bedroom apartments
  • Floor area – 93 sq.m.
  • Deluxe properties
  • Furnishings, fittings, furniture.
Премиальные апартаменты в центре Дубая
from USD 840 500
Luxury real estate for investment and permanent residence in the elite business center of Dubai (Business Bay area) with underground parking, a swimming pool, restaurants, and sports fields. Rich amenities, star-studded experience, and panoramic views.
  • 3-bedroom apartments
  • Floor area – 162 sq.m.
  • Ultra-elite
  • Furnishings, fittings, furniture
  • 24/7 security.
Элитная недвижимость в ОАЭ
from USD 525 500
Damac Safa One project includes two towers (62 and 44 floors) in the Al Safa district near the Dubai downtown. Elite housing is inspired by nature for HNWIs who are used to living in comfort and luxury. Refined interiors in a tropical paradise.
  • 1-bedroom apartments.
  • Floor area – 78 sq.m.
  • Commissioning in 2026.
  • Elite-class furnishing, fittings, furniture.
Квартиры в ОАЭ
USD 772 000
Luxury apartments in an exclusive area of Dubai (UAE) for wealthy investors and aristocrats. Apartments in a premium tower with full Decor and modern appliances, 24-hour security, and rich sophisticated infrastructure.
  • 2-bedroom apartment
  • Floor area – 114 sq.m.
  • Fit for a 10-year residence visa
  • Deluxe property
  • Elegant furnishing, fittings, furniture.
Квартиры в ОАЭ
USD 1 633 000
Refined apartments from DAMAC Properties and jewelry designer F. Gruzi. Luxurious housing in Dubai at the developer price. Investment in properties under construction. Elegance, comfort, prestige, smart investment in Al Safa.
  • 3-bedroom apartment
  • Floor area – 201 sq.m.
  • Stylish finishing, fittings, and Decor
  • 24/7 security
  • Commissioning in 2026.
Квартиры в ОАЭ
USD 2 158 000
Ultra-Luxurious apartments at Damac Safa One De Grisogono, Dubai, for large families. Hanging gardens, barbecue and leisure areas, refined restaurants, cafes, and gyms. Tropical paradise in one of Dubai’s most sought-after districts.
  • Ч4-bedroom apartments
  • Floor area – 267 sq.m.
  • Completion in 2026
  • Decor, fittings, and elite furniture
  • 24/7 security.

How to Buy Real Estate in the UAE 

To buy real estate in the UAE quickly and safely, please take advantage of our experts’ insights and assistance. 

 We can provide updated listings of Dubai freehold apartments, villas, hotel rooms, and other real estate in the United Arab Emirates at the price from the developer. With our help, you will find a property in Dubai to suit your needs and resources.

Other customized services include:

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Please contact us at and/or in messengers given at the top of this page. 

How to get a UAE residence visa by purchasing UAE properties?

The United Arab Emirates provides foreigners with a residence visa in exchange for the purchase of UAE real estate. The UAE laws do not stipulate permanent or temporary residence permits. Foreign persons can receive UAE residence visas (which are similar to a residence permit) allowing them to reside in the country for a specific period. Registration for tax residency in the UAE (Tax Resident Certificate) is done separately from obtaining a residence visa if you reside in the country for at least 6 months as a resident visa holder. For legal entities (foreign companies), the conditions for obtaining visas for UAE tax residents are different.

For how long can residence visas be issued in Dubai to buyers of eligible property in the UAE?

Residence visas in the UAE are issued for 2 – 5 – 10 years, depending on the category of the applicant and the value of the property.
UAE residence visas for 2 years can be obtained by buying an apartment in Dubai worth at least AED 750 000. Acquisition of more expensive properties can be with the buyer’s own money, plus credit (mortgage) proceeds.

Foreigners over 55 years old can get UAE residence visas for 5 years if they buy a villa, apartment, or hotel suite in Dubai worth at least AED 1 million (about USD 275 000). This amount needs to be paid from the investor’s funds. Credit means can be accepted only to cover the remaining sum (above the specified limit for the residence value stipulated by the RBI program).

The USA “Golden visa” is issued for 10 years. Please note that the new rules (as of September 2022) specify the minimum property value threshold of AED 2 million (about USD 545 000). This lump sum must be paid from the applicant’s personal funds immediately upon signing the sale transaction. A mortgage loan can be involved only to pay the sum above the mandatory AED 2 million.

How much does a UAE residence visa cost in 2023 by the new rules?

A residence visa in the UAE is issued on the purchase of real estate priced from AED 750 000. This is the minimum amount of investment in a property that qualifies for a UAE residence visa. There are other costs associated with the relocation to Dubai – mandatory health insurance, a 4% tax on the transfer of ownership, the USD 150 administrative fee for the payment of tax, the registration fee (from USD 500), the fee for a certificate of registration of ownership, translation services/notary public, etc.

Who, besides the investor, can apply for a UAE visa by investing in UAE real estate?

If the amount of investment is from AED 750 000, the investor can submit visa applications for one’s spouse and children of minority age. The property must be a ready-made house or any other constructed residential unit. 
If the total amount invested is above AED 2 000 000, the following categories of persons can apply for UAE visas together with the investor: spouses, children under 18 years, sons under 25 years, and single daughters of any age. To qualify, such UAE properties must be either commissioned or under construction by an accredited developer. The latter include residences in the Cavalli Estates, as well as apartments in Safa One.

Can a non-resident open a personal account in the UAE?

Yes, this is possible. Some UAE banks open accounts for non-residents but offer them a limited number of services. As a rule, such accounts are used for the purchase and sale of real estate in the UAE. Then the client is free to use banking products across all financial institutions in the UAE.