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The biggest portal about international asset protection and diversification

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International tax planning and professional consulting

If you would like to form a foreign company and effectively plan your tax burden, then you need some professional consulting. InternationalWealth global expert network will be happy to provide assistance to you. Please send us an email at the address above and apply for a free consultation.

Consultations on international tax planning: why are they important?

International tax planning is necessary to be successful in the global economy. InternationalWealth consultants will help you build a strategy that will allow achieving your global business goals, that will make economic sense, and that will be performable. 

Corporations that ignore strategic tax planning are at a disadvantage in the global market. A manufacturer who incurs high tax-related costs has to sell his/ her products at higher prices, which inevitably tells on the demand. 

Companies that are ignorant about the tax regulations in foreign countries, about the transboundary transfer pricing rules, and about the double taxation avoidance agreements between national states are bound to pay more in taxes and they may even face tax fines due to their lack of knowledge.  

In their turn, companies that do apply strategic tax planning policies have serious competitive advantages. A manufacturer who incurs lower tax-related costs can sell his/ her products at lower prices, which will inevitably increase the demand for them and boost the company profits. Transboundary tax planning is necessary to minimize the tax burden in the form of high corporate tax rates in the first-world countries, customs duties, and other taxes.

InternationalWealth expert can guarantee the following to you:

  • That you will have competitive advantages in the global market;
  • That you will be able to comply with all international fiscal regulations;
  • That you will be able to manage the customs duties effectively;
  • That you transfer pricing policies will be fully implementable.

Component parts of strategic international tax planning

  • Tax break planning in a foreign country;
  • Global structuring of corporate entities;
  • International expansion;
  • Mergers and takeovers;
  • Global finance and treasury;
  • Import/ export planning
  • Controlled Foreign Corporation (CFC) formation;
  • Passive foreign investment company formation;
  • Foreign income analysis;
  • The American Subpart F, the Canadian GAAR, and other international tax regimes;  
  • Analytics for strategic tax plan development
  • Choice of company ownership type;
  • Money flow management;
  • Consulting on transfer pricing;
  • Accounting support and audit in multiple jurisdictions;
  • Export increase planning; 
  • Tax incentives available in various countries;
  • Capital repatriation planning;
  • Indirect tax planning;
  • Investment into international real property.

Main global business challenges

The global expert network InternationalWealth helps plan local taxes in multiple countries of the world. We are a group of highly qualified professionals living in different countries and specializing in particular national taxation systems. We are the market leaders and we play an important role in bringing together the tax planning know-hows from different parts of the world for the benefit of our clients.

Private business faces a number of global challenges:

  1. Financial department of transnational corporations are facing problems that arise due to the toughened control on the part of the regulating authorities and due to the passage of new financial legislations in all countries of the world. 
  2. The implementation of the OECD money flow redirection project has great impact on supply chains all over the globe. Audit, legal, and tax experts help their clients build more effective business models, assess and tackle new risks, optimize their production costs, and so on.
  3. Over the last few years, fiscal control of transboundary transactions has also been toughened. New EU directives are applied including automatic exchange of information and stricter financial reporting requirements.

Our experts will be happy to help you handle all these new challenges.

Individual tax planning solutions

If you intend to move abroad and extend your business to other countries, you are going to face a number of tax planning issues in any foreign country. Our on-site experts have all the necessary information and all the necessary expertise to answer your questions and assist you in planning your fiscal burden. We will help you make sure that your business plans are efficient from the viewpoint of taxation so that you can optimize your business operations as well as your personal goals.

Our international team of experts will provide consulting services related to tax planning and compliance issues. Our services will be of use to the following people and organizations:

  • Companies working outside their home countries of those planning to do so;
  • High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) who obtain income from abroad, live in a foreign country, or are planning to do so;
  • International investors;
  • Employers who have personnel working outside their home country.

Below please find an incomplete list of consulting services that we provide to all interested parties:

  • International business structuring – our experts will help you structure your business in accordance with the international principles of transparency, social responsibility, and corporate management.
  • Compliance with the international fiscal legislation – we will provide individual consultations on the ways to navigate in the complex waters of the international tax-related legislations.
  • Foreign bank account management and foreign asset management.
  • Intellectual property rights re-registration – companies that create, develop, and sell intellectual property often find it reasonable to register the non-material property rights in a national state that offers attractive tax incentives. Our international tax planning experts will provide for the transparency of the intellectual property rights re-registration and the effective use of the rights in foreign states.
  • Transfer pricing management – fiscal bodies in all countries now pay more attention to the issues related to transfer pricing. We offer individual solutions to such issues that are in keeping with your overall business strategy.
  • International accounting support – our experts will help you assess foreign assets and compile annual financial reports.
  • Back office services for startups in foreign countries – when you launch a company in a foreign state, you may be unaware of the local accounting, financial, HR, and other requirements. We will provide a full range of back office services and you can focus on developing your products.
  • International mergers and takeovers – our experts will help you tackle all the legal, normative, accounting, fiscal, cultural, and other issues that arise in the process of international mergers and takeovers.
  • Consultations on entering foreign markets and pre-immigration planning.
  • Foreign fiscal regulations for expats, tax incentives in different countries and personal tax planning.
  • Consultations on international real property purchase – owning real property in several foreign jurisdictions requires serious planning. Our international experts will help you understand the specifics of every national tax and reporting system that relates to real estate. We will advise how you can save on real property taxes including the cases of leaving your property to your heirs.  
  • Coordination of your collaboration with various professional firms such as immigration, customs, banking consultants, and others.
  • Acquisition of an Individual Tax Identification Number in a foreign country – you do not have to bother visiting your home country’s embassy or consulate to have the documents legalized. We will do everything on your behalf!

Our first consultation on any of these matters is free of charge. Please contact us at [email protected], give us a call on WhatsApp or use the live chat to apply for a free consultation.

What is international tax planning?

It is a combination of methods and instruments that allow a private business company to acquire tax benefits through the use of low-tax offshore jurisdictions.

What kinds of consultations do we provide to private entrepreneurs?

We provide all kinds of consultations related to international business: business structuring, fiscal legislations, transfer pricing management, financial reporting, intellectual property rights protection, and many other issues.

Who can benefit from our consulting services?

Companies conducting operations in foreign states or planning to do so. HNWIs deriving profits from foreign jurisdictions or intending to relocate abroad. Foreign investors. Employers who have personnel in foreign countries.

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