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Private Schools for Expats in Portugal

If you are planning to move to Portugal with children, you certainly have to inquire into the educational opportunities available in the country beforehand. Most expats in Portugal choose private schools as the language of instruction in state schools is Portuguese and this is not a widespread language. How should you go about selecting the school where your child would feel at home? How can you ensure that your son or daughter will receive high quality education and then enter a European university?

Below we describe some educational opportunities available in Portugal to children of immigrants. Here we focus on private international schools that will let your child adapt to the new culture in an easier way and master the Portuguese language in a few years.


If you are considering investing in Portugal in the amount that will make you qualified for a legal residence permit in the country, please contact us today (see the Contact us icon above) and start paving the road to a better future for your children!

Legal residence by investment in Portugal – a brief reminder

We would like to remind you that the opportunity to acquire a ‘golden visa’ to Portugal, or a residence permit in the country, by purchasing real property in Lisbon and Porto is available until the end of 2021. Beginning 2022, the ‘golden visa’ program conditions are going to be as follows:

  • 280,000 euros will suffice if you purchase real estate in a sparsely populated region and if the property needs repairs;
  • 360,000 euros will suffice if you purchase property that requires repairs in any region of Portugal with the exception of Lisbon, Porto, and the region of Algarve;
  • 500,000 euros will suffice if you purchase livable real estate of any kind (residential or commercial) in any region of Portugal with the exception of Lisbon, Porto, and the region of Algarve.

The physical presence requirements remain the same: you have to spend at least seven days a year in Portugal to retain your legal residence permit. Besides, you have to hold your real property in possession for five years to keep the permit. After this period elapses, you can file an application for full citizenship of Portugal.

Private international schools in Portugal: choose the best one for your child

Please note that the school issue may have a bearing on the choice of the city in Portugal where you would like to reside. For this reason, we recommend that you take the issue seriously and do the required research before moving to Portugal.

A list of international schools in Portugal

Below please find an incomplete list of private international schools that provide training for children between 6 and 16. The schools are available as of 2021.

  1. British school Lisbon:
  • address: Rua de S. Paulo 89, 1200-427 Lisboa;
  • registered in Great Britain; member of The Schools Trust;
  • language of instruction is English;
  • annual tuition fee is from 10,200 €.
  1. French lyceum Lycée français Charles Lepierre:
  • is considered the best school in Portugal;
  • language of instruction is French;
  • address: Avenida Duarte Pacheco, 32 1070-112 Lisbon;
  • annual tuition fee is from 4,085 €.
  1. Saint Dominic’s international school:
  • will suit immigrants who do not speak neither Portuguese nor English as there are individual curricula in the school;
  • main areas of specialization are sports and arts;
  • address: Rua Maria Brown, 311А, Domingos de Rana, Lisboa;
  • annual tuition fee is from от 14,110 €.
  1. Saint Julian’s school – the oldest school in Lisbon that has English as the language of instruction. The annual tuition fee is from 9,936 €. The address is Quinta Nova 2775-588 Carcavelos.
  2. American international school in Lisbon) – is one of very few schools in Portugal that provides training from the first to the twelfth grade. Besides, a talented child can acquire a scholarship that will cover his or her tuition fees. That is, your child can get training for free at the school.  
  • Annual tuition fees are between 8,920 € and 18,900 € (depending on the grade that the child is in);
  • Address: Rua António dos Reis 95 Linhó 2710-301 Sintra;
  • Language of instruction is English.
  1. Astoria international school – this particular school accepts minor children.
  2. Oeiras international school – provides for an opportunity to acquire a bachelor’s degree. The tuition fee is from 12,420 € per year.
  3. Colégio Luso-Francês in Porto.
  4. St. Peter’s International School:
  • is located in Palmela (not far away from Setubal);
  • the tuition fees are not publicized so you will have to inquire about them on your own.
  1. Instituto Espanhol de Lisboa “Giner de los Rios” is a Spanish private school in Portugal.
  2. Deutsche Schule Lissabon is a German school.
  3. The Oporto British School в Порту is another English-speaking school as the name suggests.
  4. Colégio Luso-Internacional do Centro is located in the central region of Portugal in the city of Marinha Grande. The language of instruction is English.  
  5. Colégio S. José in the city of Coimbra. The entrance fee is 120 euros and the annual tuition fee varies between 2,976 € and 5,048 € depending on which grade the child is in.

The International School of Madeira is for children between 3 and 10 years of age. There is also a school outlet that children of up to 16 can attend. The tuition fee is from 2,500 € and the languages of instruction are English and Spanish. 

The list of private international schools in Portugal given above is incomplete. Please request more detailed information from our consultants. InternationalWealth experts will be happy to assist you with any issues related to acquiring a golden visa to Portugal and relocating to the country.

How your child can enter a Portuguese school

Almost all private international schools in Portugal allow filing online applications. At the same time, you will have to pay a personal visit to the school of your choice before your child can be enrolled. Besides, you will have to pay an entrance fee (that is different with each school) and submit the following application documents:  

  • The child’s ID (called ‘cédula’ in Portuguese) – the passport or the birth certificate.
  • A completed application form that the school administration will supply.
  • School records for the previous two years if your child has been attending school in another country or if he/ she is between 7 and 16 years of age.
  • An international language certificate (depending on what language in instruction the school uses).
  • Medical forms and vaccination cards.
  • A photograph of the child (normally a passport-size one).

Please note that children of legal residents in Portugal have the right to attend any school in the country – a private or a state one.

Preschool education in Portugal

All children living in Portugal shall attend school starting at the age of six (or seven) as primary and secondary education is obligatory in the country. As far as attending the kindergarten is concerned, it is not obligatory but it would be highly recommendable if you are moving to Portugal with minor children (below the age of six). The main reasons for attending kindergarten are the following ones:

  • First, the adaptation process will run faster and smoother.
  • Second, minor children are very good at learning foreign languages. Both Portuguese and English are taught in many kindergartens in Portugal.
  • Third, there are international private schools in Portugal that will enroll small children and give them training until they turn 16. This is an opportunity for the child to stay with one and the same educational institution for many years.

In addition to that, it is possible to find a kindergarten in Portugal where the personnel speaks your national language. This will make life even easier for your little child.

Beginning at the age of 6 (or 7), your child will have to attend school. The schooling process is divided in three cycles and the school year is divided in trimesters. Going through grades 1 to 9 is obligatory and grades 10 to 12 are optional. Twelve-grade graduates can enroll in European universities.

How much does it cost to send the child to a private school in Portugal?

When choosing the private school that your child is going to attend when you relocate to Portugal, you have to realize that the tuition costs can differ greatly depending on which school you choose. (State schools do not charge tuition fees in Portugal, by the way.) Below please find the costs that you are going to incur when sending your child to a private school in Portugal:

  • Entrance (registration) fee: from 50 to 300 euros.
  • Insurance: around 50 euros.
  • Transportation costs (not all schools in Portugal have school buses): 100 euros.
  • School luncheon: 100 euros.
  • The tuition fees can be payable once a year or once a month depending on the particular school. Please also keep in mind that the older the child gets, the higher the tuition fee grows, as a rule. Approximate tuition fees are as follows:
    • Preschool training (kindergarten) for children of up to 6 years of age – from 200€ per month;
    • First cycle (grades 1 to 4): from 250 €/ per month = 2,500 € per year;
    • Second cycle (grades 5 to 6): from 360 €/ per month = 3,600 € per year;
    • Third cycle (grades 7 to 9): from 470 € per month = € 4,700 per year;
    • High school (grades 10 to 12): from 500 € per month = 4,950 € per year.
  • You will also have to incur some additional costs that include the textbooks and stationery, extracurricular activities, school uniform, and so on. Best private schools will be fully equipped with computers, tablets, laptops, and other devices that the children need for their classwork. 

Thus, if your child attends a private international school in Portugal, you will have to pay approximately 6,000 euros per year. 

Relocation to Portugal is an opportunity to become a legal resident in Europe and give your children a chance for a better future! Please apply for our assistance in obtaining a ‘golden visa’ to Portugal that can turn into a Portuguese passport after only five years!

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