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Places Where Future Millionaires Study: Best Universities

Future millionaires and HNWIs (High Net Worth Individuals) usually choose an education that will help them develop the skills of financial management and teach them how to invest and manage their business. Many of them opt for prestigious universities and business schools, such as Harvard, Stanford, or Oxford, which offer specialized training programs. Students study capital management strategies, investment analysis, and financial modeling, and become well-versed in other areas of knowledge required to achieve financial success. In this article, we will look at the reason why choosing a prestigious university may have a decisive influence on the future career and income, and also evaluate the prospects of receiving an education at a prestigious university.

Universities for millionaires

Education is the Key to Success: True or False?

Life proves that you can achieve financial growth without any diplomas. Mark Zuckerberg, Mayer Rothschild, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, and Walt Disney are examples of billionaires without a higher education who are known all over the world. They established their companies when they were young and became wealthy people by relying on their entrepreneurial spirit and talent.

However, wealthy people without an education are an exception in the majority of cases. University studies give a lot of opportunities to students due to:

  • A considerable material and technical basis
  • Highly qualified lecturers
  • Implementation of innovative programs and approaches to studies
  • Developing a network of useful contacts and acquaintances

The diplomas of prestigious universities help graduates in the competitive struggle and contribute to the development of a successful career.

The public is usually eager to know where the children of famous people get their education. The leading rating agencies and popular editions regularly make up and publish top lists of universities with selections by different criteria. For example, you will find the ratings that reflect the status of universities, tuition fees, or the number of alumni on the Forbes list.

Universities for Future Millionaires

One important indicator of the quality of education given by the university is the number of alumni who achieved financial prosperity and became millionaires (HNWIs). Despite the variety of evaluation criteria, the world’s top universities are usually those we will consider below. 

University of Pennsylvania

This is the oldest educational institution in the USA established by B. Franklin in 1740, and it is known for its strong scientific basis and advanced studies in such areas as Physics, Medicine, and Economy. Wharton School, a business school whose best-known graduate is the legendary stock exchange investor and entrepreneur W. Buffett, became renowned worldwide.

University of Pennsylvania

It has the well-deserved status of the university of billionaires: more than 25 alumni managed to earn billions, and a considerably larger number of its graduates are millionaires. These include the world’s wealthiest person, Elon Musk, as well as Alphabet’s General Director Sundar Pichai. The University of Pennsylvania used to be the alma mater for such rich men as the investment tycoon Laurene Jobs, the American fashion designer Tory Burch, and even former US President Donald Trump. About 1,500 companies established by the university’s alumni are worth over USD 240 billion in total!

Harvard University

This is one of the best world-class higher educational institutions. The university with more than 400 years of history became the basis for the advanced scientific research funded by its own investment bank. The university lecturers include more than seventy Nobel Prize winners.

Harvard University

The alumni of Harvard University include over 50 billionaires and a lot of wealthy people who managed to establish companies with a total worth exceeding USD 200 million. The list of university graduates that achieved world fame includes Michael Bloomberg, the former New York mayor and the founder of Bloomberg LP media company, Sumner Redstone, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Viacom CBS, David Rockefeller, the heir of the Rockefeller family, and many others.

It is interesting to know that Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, was expelled from the university after two years of studies, from 1973 to 1975. However, he received the status of a Harvard alumnus in 2007 by the decision of the administration. 

Stanford University

This is one of the world’s top universities known for its strong academic and research basis. Stanford attracts future students through innovative educational programs in the field of new technologies and startup development. The list of university alumni includes wealthy entrepreneurs who earned billions in the field of digital technologies. These include Steve Ballmer from Microsoft, Lawrence Page from Google, and Peter Thiel from PayPal.

Stanford University

The children of well-to-do parents, as a rule, alumni or private contributors, often enter Stanford University, and this approach complies with the university policy. Both categories are HNWIs, people with a high level of income.

University of London

This is a prestigious British university that offers a wide range of programs in the fields of humanities, natural and social sciences, medicine, engineering, and many others. This higher educational establishment is one of the leaders in the global ratings in terms of the financial success of its alumni. Elton John, George Soros, Mahatma Gandhi, the British billionaire and entrepreneur Michael Green, British Prime Minister John Major, the founder of AIG trade platform Hank Greenberg, and many others studied here at different times.

University of London

Yale University

It is famous not only for the prestige of its education but also for connections with the world’s wealthiest families. These include several representatives of the confectionary empire Mars Inc. (the company Chairman J. Mars and his nieces), as well as two oil tycoons – brothers Robert and Sid Bass. University alumni list also includes George Bush Jr. and Bill Clinton who became US Presidents and held high positions in the government. The higher educational institution can also boast some other alumni, William Taft, Samuel Morse, and Edward Norton, whose achievements had a considerable influence on world history and culture. Some well-known actors who receive millions of dollars for their work, such as Meryl Strip and Sigourney Weaver, also have a Yale University diploma.

Yale University

Millionaires and billionaires get their education in different educational institutions across the world. However, it is the studies at prestigious universities and specialized schools that help people become High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and increase the available capital.

High-Cost Education: Top 5 Expensive Universities

Tuition fees are often one of the criteria that define the quality of education. Future students and their families think that graduation from the world’s most expensive university guarantees further financial independence. Reputation, quality of teaching, access to resources, and the possibilities for professional growth are the factors that make expensive universities attractive to many students. However, the choice of a university should first of all be in line with the person’s goals, interests, and possibilities. For example, there are millionaires without an education. An expensive university may be a justified investment if you strive to make a career in a field where prestige and connections play an important role. Here are the top universities in terms of tuition fees:

  • Harvey Mudd College (USA) is a small but prestigious technical college located in Clermont, California. It is focused on engineering sciences and mathematics. The institution’s students are future architects and specialists in different engineering fields. The tuition fee makes up about USD 70,000 a year.
  • Oxford University (Great Britain) is one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious educational institutions with a millennial history and traditions. Oxford students get access to a wide range of programs and research possibilities. The main specializations of the university include medicine, humanities and social sciences, physics, and mathematics. Margaret Thatcher and the majority of UK Prime Ministers are among the university’s outstanding alumni. The annual tuition fee at Oxford University is about USD 60,000.
  • Columbia University (USA) was established back in 1754. Many students find jobs in Wall Street companies or start their businesses right after graduation. The higher educational institution sets high qualifications for its prospective students: Columbia University is accessible not just to children of millionaires. These candidates must have high SAT results or they will not be enrolled regardless of their financial standing. An annual tuition fee equals approximately USD 66,000.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) is a private higher educational institution that ranks high among the best universities in the sphere of technologies and exact sciences. Its alumni include D. Scott, L. Sullivan, B. Netanyahu, аnd other outstanding people. MIT can be considered one of the world’s most expensive institutes as the annual tuition fee reaches USD 65.500.
  • The University of New York (USA) is a large and prestigious American university that is usually included in the list of the world’s best and most expensive educational establishments. NYU’s academic program encompasses a wide range of spheres, including art, humanities, business, jurisprudence, medicine, and engineering and academic disciplines. The annual tuition fee in the higher educational establishment is USD 66,000.

Not only wealthy local students but also foreigners can receive an expensive higher education in the USA and Great Britain. Choose the best way in life for yourself and your children and enjoy high-quality education with centennial history!

How to Become a Millionaire: Choosing a Profession

There are different professions that may lead you to financial success and wealth. The choice of a field depends on the interests, priorities, and skills. However, the following career paths give more opportunities to become millionaires:

  • Investment banking and financial consultancy

Future HNWIs often receive an education in the sphere of finances, economy, and business. Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of London give students not only fundamental knowledge but also access to a network of professional contacts required for successful career advancement.

  • Venture investment and startups

An education at Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or Berkeley University of California will help you make a career in the field of venture investment or opening startups. At these universities, you can take programs and courses on entrepreneurship, IT innovations, and technological development. The lecturers include leading theoreticians and practical specialists, Nobel Prize and state prize winners.

  • Capital management and stock market

The University of Chicago, the University of London, and Columbia University can be a promising choice for those who are interested in capital management and stock market operation. The universities we listed offer programs that train specialists who can successfully compete for the best vacancies in the labor market.

The choice of an educational field is of primary importance for future millionaires and successful entrepreneurs. The alumni who received their education in the leading universities get not only academic knowledge but also practical skills that help them achieve success and become HNWIs.

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