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Why study abroad? "Travel broadens the mind" and exposing your mind to different ways of looking at things is perhaps the best education you can get. How to studying abroad depends on the situation and the needs of the particular individual. 

Usually, studying abroad means acquiring knowledge in a foreign secondary educational institution / university (full-time / part-time) or participation in refresher courses / professional training abroad, such as doing an international MBA or Masters Degree. Another popular study abroad option is language courses.

Finally, in the "study abroad" category of the portal, we can also talk about international education for kids athe primary and high school levels. What are the best international schools in the area you are going to be living in? How do international schools compare to the local education system in terms of quality and cost?

Some individuals are studying abroad to develop their language skills or to improve their ability to work productively with people from other cultures. And let's face it - many people take certain educational courses abroad simply because of the love of travel, immersion in new cultures and learning something new.

From organizing preparatory courses to solving immigration issues and finding a place for a comfortable stay during the period of study, the Offshore Pro / International Wealth portal team is ready to provide a range of services to readers who are going to study abroad.

Ask questions of interest regarding education abroad during an individual consultation. To make an appointment via a request to the mail / the above phone numbers / feedback form.

Below you will find a selection of the most interesting InternationalWealth articles about education and studying abroad.

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Private Schools for Expats in Portugal

Private Schools for Expats in Portugal

Portugal grants an opportunity to foreign nationals to acquire legal residence permits there by investment. If you are planning to relocate to Portugal with your family, you have to find out about the educational opportunities for your children in the country. Expats usually prefer to send their children to private schools in Portugal. The choice is great and the languages of instruction are different.

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