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Cost: from 2999 EUR


Your Personal Account in Liechtenstein Remotely

Private banking and investment services provided to non-residents internationally by the Neue Bank AG, Liechtenstein, are highly regarded by the Offshore Pro Group experts. We recommend to set up your personal account in Liechtenstein with this classic bank and will be glad to assist you in opening it remotely at the fee starting from 2999 EUR.

This Liechtenstein bank is one of the well-established European investment banks. At the same time, it is a fast-paced and technologically advanced credit and financial institution. The bank maintains a conservative approach to meaningful relationships with its customers and provides services of the highest standard. The Bank offers for its regional and international private and corporate customers individual solutions tailored solely to the customer’s wishes and plans.  

Liechtenstein and its banks available to non-residents 

The Principality of Liechtenstein has long been renowned for its high-quality financial services and its political and economic stability. This prosperous, highly industrialized, widely diversified, free-enterprise economy benefits from a strong legislative system, which ensures the highest level of confidentiality and the efficient application of the liberal tax law.

Over the past few years, the appeal of Liechtenstein banks has been reinforced by the fact that, regardless of economic problems and the financial crisis that have swept across Europe, Liechtenstein banks did not need financial assistance from the state.

Thanks to its financial stability, Liechtenstein offers a highly developed and attractive financial system that rivals such jurisdictions as Switzerland and Luxembourg. In addition to advanced standards in the provision of financial services, Liechtenstein and its financial institutions meet all international compliance requirements aimed at greater transparency in detecting aggressive tax evasion.


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Why do we recommend this bank in Liechtenstein?

The Neue Bank AG in Liechtenstein is an exemplary private bank that offers conservative finely tuned banking services. 

Besides, it welcomes the development and customization of new and innovative investment and banking products.

Moreover, thanks to its manageable size it is most efficient and flexible in meeting its customer’s aspirations and offering them state-of-the-art solutions. 

On top of all the benefits of the legislative, economic, and political advantages of Liechtenstein as a jurisdiction, the Neue Bank’s customers enjoy the outstanding professionalism and experience of its staff. Safety, discretion, and reliability are this bank’s basic principles.

Through many years of experience and specialization as an investment bank, it has established its solid reputation in wealth and asset management. 

The bank’s specific customer-oriented modus operandi allows every client to rely on the top quality services and the best investment recommendations designed with consideration of their individual preferences and wishes.

Having invested CHF 100 thousand, a client can enjoy all benefits of the PRIMUS-Passive service – efficient asset allocation on the basis of a passively structured portfolio. 

The Neue Bank AG can be described as an experienced depositary offering its clients the following perks:

  • 28 investment funds, 27 UCITS
  • cooperation with several fund administrators and fund managers
  • effective lines of communication with the regulator and the register of companies
  • facilitation in creating an alternative investment fund
  • facilitation in the transfer of an existing fund, including a business track.

Private banking services

Since its establishment in 1992, the bank has been providing regional and international private clients with the very best banking, consulting, and investment services. Over the years of dedicated work and fair competition, the bank has cultivated a strong team of asset management and investment consulting professionals. These experts are dedicated to helping the Bank’s clients target and achieve their financial goals.

This Liechtenstein bank, with its advanced customer focus, is fully committed to the challenge and responsibility of preserving and growing their customers’ wealth for generations. Security, confidentiality, and reliability are the main guidelines in its long-term relations with customers. 

The bank’s investment consulting and advice

Liechtenstein’s strategic location is an essential advantage in terms of vast opportunities for asset diversification. The bank’s clear awareness of the needs and requirements of its customers and the dedicated design of high-quality asset management solutions are the paving blocks for the long-standing relations with clients. 

The bank’s investment advisory services include profound recommendations with many added values and the development of the customer-specific portfolio of most diversified profitable investment options.

The investment advisory services are particularly recommended to those clients who wish to manage their investments and at the same time enjoy the professional support and guidance in financial matters.

Asset management services

According to the Neue Bank AG, asset management is much more than just a business relationship between the bank and the client. Asset management is not a mere skill either. It requires many competencies and talents.

The Bank can offer ideal solutions for your investment portfolio through a well-established and long-standing relationship with you. Customer relations is the main key to the profitability and successful implementation of any carefully designed investment strategy.

A detailed discussion of the goals and strategy is very important both for the client and the consultant, as it helps the development of the most reasonable plan and the most appropriate solutions.

The bank actively participates in the lifecycle of the client portfolio not only at the design stage but also throughout the entire cooperation. Regular monitoring and verification of invested assets for compliance with the strategy and risks is the basis for regular contact between the bank and the client.

Banking services

In addition to the bank’s professional private banking services of investment advisory and asset management, the bank offers classic financial planning services. It also acts as a custodian bank for private label funds and external asset managers and serves intermediaries (professional trustees, lawyers, and external asset managers) in all financial matters. Customers can take mortgages, corporate loans, perform trading operations, open various types of accounts and securities custody accounts, use safe deposit boxes, make time deposit and fiduciary investments, conduct payment transactions, etc.

How to set up a personal account in Liechtenstein

The Neue Bank AG encourages clients with substantial wealth to set up personal accounts in Liechtenstein.  This means your opportunity to use the bank’s services not only as an investor but also as its classic client.

To start cooperation with the Neue Bank AG, you should be able to invest from 0.5-10 million. In this case, this bank does not act as a transaction bank and expects no more than 2-3 transactions per month.

Besides a current account, you can also use the following services:

  • deposit accounts
  • occupational provision accounts
  • time deposits
  • fiduciary investments
  • call money investments
  • medium-term notes
  • securities custody accounts
  • metal accounts
  • safe deposit boxes
  • credit cards, etc.

Procedure for opening a personal account remotely with the Neue Bank AG  in Liechtenstein

  1. Your first and main decision should be to contact us for a current account opening service in Liechtenstein. Please contact us by writing to [email protected] 
  2. According to our services agreement, you should pay for our assistance in opening the account remotely. You can pay in any way convenient to you: bank transfer or Western Union, payment card, PayPal, WebMoney. The set-up fee starts at 2999 EUR. 
  3. Having received the fee, we will start preparing the portfolio of your documents according to the bank’s requirements. 

For the account holder as well as signatories and authorized persons the requirements are as follows:

  • Filled in, printed and signed copies of the application for the account opening
  • Notarized copy of the international passport (pages with the photo and signature)
  • Proof of residence address (utility bills). A notarized copy of the utility bill or the original utility bill or a bank account statement is usually sufficient to prove the address of residence.
  • A letter of reference from a public partner or bank.
  • Proof of legal origin of funds: tax return, certificate of income from the employer, etc

Please note: these documents must be no older than 3 months by the time the application package is submitted, they will need to be in (or translated into) English and notarized. 

If you have any questions about the remote opening of a personal account with the Neue Bank AG in Liechtenstein, and when you decide to request our services, please write to us at [email protected].

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