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Your Future Apartment is Awaiting You in Istanbul Seyrantepe Project

Foreign real estate investors putting their money in the Seyrantepe Project (Istanbul, Turkey) will not only enjoy an opportunity to avoid high taxes, bypass certain international bans, extend their travelling geography, and improve living standards, but also get a second passport and citizenship in Turkey.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of countries eagerly offered citizenship by investment to foreign citizens, as it is a way to legally receive high profits. Things have changed, however. With border closures in progress, many countries allowed access to their citizens and residents only, trying to prevent the virus from spreading. The number of people thinking one passport is not enough to live comfortably has grown significantly.

Seyrantepe Project

High net worth individuals opted to actively invest in multiple passports. Erik Schmidt, an ex-Google CEO, applied for citizenship of Cyprus last year, investing as much as USD 2,500,000 therein.

Does it sound like an awful lot to you? You may get a second passport and pay several times less for it. The only thing you need to do is apply for citizenship by investment in Turkey. Real estate investors in Istanbul properties in Turkey get a number of bonuses alongside with their Turkish passport. Here belongs the right to live in a state boasting a high food security level, a well-developed healthcare system, a mild climate, a warm sea, as well as affordable high-quality transportation, with lots of international airports at your fingertips. These are all superb opportunities, considering the brave new world we live in amidst the pandemic.

What Istanbul properties are worth investing in? Here, at International Wealth, we recommend you take a look at the Seyrantepe Project in Istanbul, Turkey.


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Istanbul Seyrantepe Project in detail

The Seyrantepe Project is comfortably located in the Kâğıthane district of Downtown Istanbul, Turkey. It is a mixed-type property in Istanbul consisting of residential and commercial premises.

Picture - the location of the complex

The Seyrantepe Project will house 55 shops and 559 apartments scattered around 10 high-rise buildings. Investors in top-quality Seyrantepe Project properties in Istanbul, Turkey, will enjoy both standard apartments and those with a garden and a terrace. The developer offers several apartment layouts (bedroom + living room) to potential buyers:

  • 1+0
  • 1+1
  • 2+1
  • 3+1
  • 3.5+1
  • 4+1.

All residences in the apartment complex dispose of high-quality modern equipment. Real estate investors in the Seyrantepe Project (Istanbul, Turkey) will have an opportunity to use house appliances, enjoy panoramic windows, a fitted kitchen, a steel entrance door, a shower stall, built-in closets, and spotlights.

The Seyrantepe Project in Istanbul, Turkey sits on the land lot of 27,000 square meters, with 72% of it allocated for green spaces and recreation facilities. Future residents will enjoy both indoor and outdoor parking lots. Here are the amenities and facilities the Seyrantepe Project in Istanbul, Turkey will encompass:

  • Spa: a sauna, a steam bath, a hamam, and an indoor pool.
  • Wellness: a fitness studio, a Pilates studio, and a yoga studio.
  • Amenities: art studios, an outdoor cinema, an indoor cinema, conference halls, a library, a karaoke, a music workshop, a kids club, hobby rooms, a guest room, coffee houses, restaurants, and a shopping mall.
  • Recreation: open fireplaces, gazebos, a pond with a water entertainment area, flowerbeds, a garden, an aromatic garden, and a Zen garden.

With its breathtaking landscapes, large ponds, walkways, bike lanes, and unforgettable landscaping areas, with blues and greens dominating (think water and trees), the Seyrantepe Project is an ideal place for city dwellers to find peace and relaxation amidst the hustle and bustle of the modern metropolis.

You are welcome to leave all your daily worries and stress behind and take a morning walk in a Zen garden enjoying a lavender aroma or savoring a calm evening in a gazebo with an unforgettable pond view. Feel yourself young, healthy, and relaxed breathing delicious-smelling fresh clean air filled with forest aromas from the Belgrade forest nearby and the project’s own greenery.

Due to the Seyrantepe Project’s favorable location in Istanbul, Turkey, you are able to reach the following landmarks in next to no time:

Shopping centers:Universities:         Hospitals:
Axis; Özdilek Istanbul; Sapphire İstanbul; Cevahir; Kanyon; Metrocity; Istinye Park Istanbul Commerce University; Istanbul Technical University; Istanbul Bilgi University; Nişantaşı University; Haliç University; Beykent University Derindere Hospital; Okmeydanı Research and Training Hospital; Kağıthane State Hospital; Florence Nightingale Hospital; Acıbadem University Hospital; Şişli Etfal Hospital (New Building)

Apartment owners and guests of the Seyrantepe Project (Istanbul, Turkey) will enjoy high level of security in the apartment complex. This is made easy with the modern intercom system, CCTV cameras, and smoke detectors. In case of emergency, fire escape routes may be used. The Seyrantepe Project will house its own security service, for the dwellers to feel protected and cared for 24/7.

Due to the project’s favorable location in Downtown Istanbul, close to Levent and Maslak, transport access will be easy for future apartment owners. It is further simplified by the presence of the TEM and D-100 road junction, the Seyrantepe and the Kağıthane subway stations, the Dekovil railroad line, and the Ayazağa monorail nearby. Bridges are within easy reach from here, as is the Great Istanbul Tunnel. The Istanbul Airport is just 30 kilometers away.

Apartments for sale in the Seyrantepe Project

Does the Seyrantepe Project in Istanbul, Turkey, seem appealing to you? If you have eyes for any of the apartments therein, the International Wealth team suggests you take a closer look at the properties for sale in the Seyrantepe Project in Downtown Istanbul.

Apartment type1+01+1A1+1B1+1C1+1D2+13+13.5+1 A3.5+1 B3.5+1 C3.5+1 D4+1
Total area41.18 square meters64.58 square meters66.00 square meters80.83 square meters81.88 square meters137.82 square meters167.95 square meters171.14 square meters181.23 square meters180.84 square meters180.75 square meters225.99 square meters
Living room + kitchen22.12 square meters (+ built-in balcony)21.89 square meters (+ built-in balcony)22.14 square meters (+ built-in balcony)26.08 square meters26.98 square meters 31.46 square meters living room 11.80 square meters kitchen36.46 square meters living room  13.38 square meters kitchen36.26 square meters living room 10.46 square meters kitchen37.11 square meters living room 12.28 square meters kitchen32.22 square meters living room 11.95 square meters kitchen32.22 square meters living room 11.95 square meters kitchen38.95 square meters living room 12.44 square meters kitchen
Bathroom3.77 square meters3.37 square meters2.98 square meters3.33 square meters3.03 square meters4.78 square meters4.77 square meters4.80 square meters4.72 square meters4.24 square meters4.24 square meters4.92 square meters
En suite bathroom3.33 square meters2.73 square meters3.34 square meters3.34 square meters3.89 square meters3.89 square meters5.24 square meters
Bedroom 111.73 square meters9.26 square meters10.64 square meters11.15 square meters7.43 square meters11.95 square meters (+ built-in balcony)10.82 square meters (+ built-in balcony)12.06 square meters (+ built-in balcony)17.89 square meters (+ built-in balcony)17.89 square meters (+ built-in balcony)13.07 square meters (+ built-in balcony)
Bedroom215.58 square meters11.09 square meters11.40 square meters13.60 square meters12.84 square meters12.19 square meters13.22 square meters
Bedroom 316.51 square meters (+ built-in balcony)18.15 square meters (+ built-in balcony)22.69 square meters (+ built-in balcony)11.84 square meters (+ built-in balcony)12.50 square meters (+ built-in balcony)12.91 square meters (+ built-in balcony)
Bedroom 422.32 square meters
Corridor5.07 square meters7.36 square meters7.16 square meters6.79 square meters10.36 square meters13.18 square meters11.56 square meters11.32 square meters14.09 square meters14.10 square meters16.46 square meters
Balcony 15.90 square meters5.90 square meters8.14 square meters8.40 square meters11.09 square meters8.75 square meters12.89 square meters12.96 square meters8.39 square meters
Balcony 24.36 square meters
Built-in balcony     3.67 square meters      
Housemaid’s room5.17 square meters5.64 square meters
Study5.17 square meters5.17 square meters
Laundry room2.31 square meters2.30 square meters2.97 square meters

Apartment prices for Seyrantepe Project apartments in Istanbul

Prices for the Seyrantepe Project apartments below do not include VAT, administrative fees for title re-registration, notary costs, and utilities.

Apartment type Area, square meters Price
Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum
1+0 38.47 38.84 ₺ 1,208,000 ₺ 1,331,000
1+1 66.91 97.64 ₺ 1,949,000 ₺ 2,924,000
2+1 116.79 145.42 ₺ 3,203,000 ₺ 3,941,000
3+1 158 167.66 ₺ 5,080,000 ₺ 5,080,000
3.5+1 176.15 186.25 ₺ 4,864,000 ₺ 5,212,000
4+1 234.1 ₺ 5,975,000 ₺ 6,059,000

FYI: this price list is valid till the end of June 2021. The developer in charge of the Seyrantepe Project (Istanbul, Turkey) reserves the right to amend the above price list without further notice. Real estate investors wishing to purchase properties in the Istanbul Seyrantepe Project should keep this in mind. You are welcome to contact International Wealth for any updates or further information.

You may pay for your future properties in the Seyrantepe Project in Istanbul, Turkey, either by a 100% single payment or by installments. As for the installments, you may choose from the following plans:

  • 50% down payment. The remaining 50% shall be paid by installments within 36 months
  • 35% down payment. The remaining 65% shall be paid by installments within 24 months.

According to the developer, the expected rental income accounting for the investment value will make up 7% for a 3-year period in case of 1 + 0  or  1 + 1 apartments.

Advantages of applying for citizenship of Turkey for investors in Istanbul real estate

Investment migration in particular and citizenship of Turkey by investment in Istanbul real estate in general is traditionally of great interest to potential immigrants from all over the world.

With its favorable geographic location, mild climate, and high living standards, Turkey is an appealing immigration destination. It is especially true nowadays, when citizens of such advanced economies as Australia, Canada, Great Britain, USA and EU feel vulnerable against the pandemic background.

The advantages of having multiple nationalities became even more pronounced when the Schengen zone actually stopped functioning in Europe on the back of the very first lockdown. The other restrictions imposed by governments of various countries were neither inspiring nor encouraging as well.

Investment migration appeal, that has been growing steadily within the last 20 years, went into overdrive after the pandemic broke out.  This trend encourages more and more successful business people and investors to develop and implement an obvious Plan B by purchasing Istanbul real estate and applying for citizenship by investment in Turkey.

The interesting part is that interest in Turkish real estate and citizenship by investment in Turkey on the part of the USA citizens has grown the most. According to immigration agents, in 2020 the number of applications from the Americans increased twofold as compared to 2019. The amount of requests submitted by Canadian and Australian citizens grew 1.5 times.

Where necessary, wealthy international business people and investors are searching for opportunities to move and get an alternative residency or citizenship.

Notice blue

With interest to investment migration on the rise, analysts recommend that potential applicants do not wait too long to submit their residency and citizenship applications to avoid being stuck among potential candidates.

Extraordinary developments observed since the beginning of the current decade have increased the demand and changed the priorities. Present-day investors wishing to immigrate are interested in safety, stability, access to world-class infrastructure, and a well-developed healthcare system. Investing in Istanbul real estate offers you these and many more advantages.

It is clear to potential investors that diversification is of utmost importance for not only lifestyle management, but also capital management. The wisest of them understand that assets distributed throughout a number of markets and jurisdictions increase the chances of profit making in the long run, with simultaneous risk hedging.

Expert assistance with citizenship by investment in Turkey for real estate investors in Istanbul properties

Choice is a vital option for many successful, well-off families and singles in the 21st century. Alternative citizenship increases the number of options available to you and secures flexibility by opening the door to the world’s most advanced economies. With all that is going on in the world, it is important to diversify jurisdiction risks as far as personal rights and investments are concerned. 

Notice blue

You are welcome to contact the International Wealth experts to book your customized consultation with us. No need to wait, we answer all requests promptly!

What benefits will I enjoy if I purchase Istanbul properties and apply for citizenship by investment in Turkey?

Modern investors realize that diversification is important for both lifestyle and capital management. Nowadays, an alternative residency and citizenship is seen not only as an opportunity to travel without any major restrictions, purchase holiday properties, and plan your taxes carefully, but also as a way to get new opportunities, increase your security, and create wealth that may be inherited by the next generations of your family. Real estate investors purchasing properties in Istanbul and receiving citizenship by investment in Turkey get new opportunities and guaranteed geographic capital diversification.

Why should I contact International Wealth for assistance when purchasing Istanbul real estate in Turkey?

Finding properties in Downtown Istanbul away from the hustle and bustle of a big city life is a challenging task. Even more so, if you are looking for top-quality amenities nearby combined with a convenient location. If you don’t have any desire to pay extra, the International Wealth experts will help you select reasonably priced properties that would match your needs to a tee and apply for citizenship by investment in Turkey at the same time. With assistance like this, a happy and comfortable life in Turkey is guaranteed to both you and your loved ones.

How much shall I pay for Istanbul real estate to get the right to apply for citizenship of Turkey?

The citizenship by investment program in Turkey is among the most affordable ones both in Europe and on a global scale. Potential applicants shall invest at least USD 400,000 to purchase real estate in Turkey, with a 3-year holding period, to get and keep their second passport in the country.

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