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Cost: from 215,000 USD


World D Maltepe Residential Complex in Istanbul’s Maltepe District – a Paradise for Fans of City Life

Discussions about what stage of completion of the property is the most profitable to start investing can go on forever. However, the fact that the World D Maltepe complex is one of the most advantageous offers on Istanbul’s real estate market is beyond doubt. The current construction completion status is 5%, and the popularity that the project enjoys among investors is the best proof needed.

You can ask why this is the case. Isn’t it safer and more profitable to invest in development projects that have already been commissioned? Isn’t investing in a future project that at the moment exists only on paper risky, and isn’t it better to avoid this risk altogether? If we were talking about any other project, all this might be true. But World D Maltepe is special.

World D Maltepe

The unquestionable business reputation of the developer practically eliminates the risks usually associated with the failure to commission a facility. Consequently, your investments are reliably protected, and there is no reason to worry about any possible force majeure circumstances. And that is not all. World D Maltepe is an extremely rare example of a project offered for investment that costs the owners significantly less than its real, objective market value.

And all that is only because of the uncompleted construction status. When World D Maltepe is commissioned, the market value of the apartments will skyrocket, and the choice of the available properties will be reduced quickly. This is why investing in World D Maltepe “here and now” is especially profitable.

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We have created a detailed set of guidelines regarding investments in Turkish real estate. In it you can find everything you need to know about the paperwork and procedures that buying property in Turkey may involve.

Purchasing an apartment or a villa in Turkey also creates a set of other important opportunities connected with obtaining a residence permit and further participation in citizenship for investments in this country. If you would like to know more about the package of documents for the Turkish program of citizenship by investment, and the cities best-loved by foreigners who relocate to Turkey, please read the materials on our web-site or get a free consultation with one of our experts.

Main Features of the Residential Complex:

  • Location in the city: Maltepe area in the Asian part of Istanbul;
  • Property types: apartments;
  • Distance to the airport: 21 km. At first it may seem that the noise from the airplanes in the World D Maltepe would be very loud due to its being located in this area, but this is not actually so. In Madrid, for example, there are some residential areas even closer to the airport – within 13 km. The same goes for Prague – 20 km, and London – 24 km. Therefore, 21 km is a sort of “a golden mean”. Your apartment will be far enough away to be guaranteed noise-free, but still close enough so you would have no problems with the transfer to your flight.
  • Distance to the beach: 6 km. The warm waters of the sea are only a very short drive or a pleasant stroll away;
  • Distance to the center of Istanbul: 17 km. One could say that World D Maltepe is on the outskirts, but we believe that in this particular case it is an advantage rather than a disadvantage. You can enjoy freedom from crowds of tourists, much lower prices in most stores (compared to the central shops that lie on the busy tourist paths they are almost indecent), and the mesmerizing unhurried and peaceful life of an Asian city. At the same time, the area offers the highest level of technical and infrastructural support – there are no compromises here!
  • Status of the property: 5% ready, commissioning of World D Maltepe is scheduled for 2024;
  • Apartment areas: from 68 m2 to 230 m2.

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The horizontal architectural approach was not invented in the 21st century. Experiments with this technique were carried out at the beginning of the 20th century, but then they did not become widespread. World D Maltepe is a modern take on an old idea. In practice, refusing to build high-risers in favor of horizontal architecture offers many advantages. In the first place, it allows the apartment owners to maintain psychological isolation of the building while having access to all the advantages of World D Maltepe’s location in a dense urban area.

However, the unusual architectural format of the residential complex is certainly not its only advantage. An extremely high concentration of points of interest and varied infrastructure within a short walking distance (in line with the architectural standards) allows you to eliminate all sorts of everyday problems, and at the same time you do not feel “squeezed” in a little cell of a human beehive. The combination of freedom (psychological in the first place) and all the necessary facilities for a comfortable life nearby is a unique feature of World D Maltepe.

We would like to highlight the project’s focus on simplicity and naturalness. Pleasant proportions, modern architectural solutions focusing on the maximum level of comfort, a great variety of materials, and the determination to meet all the residents’ needs – all this makes the World D Maltepe project a vibrant and convenient place to live. The residential complex offers such attractive living conditions that we can say with certainty: it will not find many real competitors not only in Istanbul, but also throughout Turkey.

Apartment Types at World D Maltepe:

  • 1 + 1: 68 m2, 1 bathroom;
  • 2 + 1: from 132 m2 to 142 m2, 2 bathrooms;
  • 3 + 1: from 187 m2 to 194 m2, 2 bathrooms;
  • 4 + 1: 230 m2, 3 bathrooms.

Some Additional Features of World D Maltepe:

  • A garden and a playground;
  • Private parking;
  • A comfortable elevator.

Residents’ Safety and Security at World D Maltepe:

  • Reinforced steel doors with increased durability;
  • An automatic fire-extinguishing system (with the main components doubled, providing a higher than the standard level of efficiency);
  • A network of smoke and fire detectors. Please note that the threshold for the sensors is set perfectly: the probability of a false alarm is almost 0, but in case of a real threat the system will react immediately;
  • Surveillance cameras. The perimeter of World D Maltepe is secure, and the footage is broadcast to the security room live, so you can safely let your children play in the yard by themselves. In addition, the cameras create an extra circuit of protection by capturing everything that happens outside the premises. If the operator sees a threat, an urgent call is placed to the alarm group;
  • Round the clock security. Importantly, this is not just a formality, as it sometimes happens. The security is solid and effective. During third-party inspections, it was able to solve most of the problems on its own, without getting the police involved. At the same time, the attitude towards the residents is invariably polite and helpful;
  • Internal video intercom. A standard element of comfort, but at a higher technical level. The clarity of sound and picture is simply exceptional, the connection is not interrupted even in the worst weather. The individual terminals in the apartments have a neutral design and will fit perfectly into any interior.

Internal Social Infrastructure at World D Maltepe:

  • A sauna;
  • A Turkish bath;
  • Two kinds of pools – in the open air and indoors;
  • A restaurant with a large selection of dishes and a cozy cafe. Here you can have a great meal while enjoying the exceptional views of Istanbul.
  • Well-equipped playground designed for maximum child safety.

The Most Important Technical Features of World D Maltepe apartments:

  • Cable TV;
  • Water pressure boosting system. Forget about a thin trickle of water during peak hours that some people get in certain areas in Turkey. In World D Maltepe it just never happens.
  • A water tank;
  • Natural gas supply, independent of the city network;
  • Centralized hot water supply, which eliminates the need to install additional water heating equipment in the apartments;
  • A satellite TV receiver. Please note that the choice of channels is decent, and it is really easy to find a program fitting any specific demand and audience.

If you are considering the prospects of buying real estate in Turkey, please read more about making profitable investments in Turkish real estate. We can also offer you opportunities with great return on investments in various cities and areas of the country: offices in Antalya or luxurious villas on the   Antalyan coast,  luxurious penthouses in the resort of Bodrum, land plots not far from Alanya, and many other options. 

Buying housing or business real estate abroad often opens the path to another important objective that can become part of your Plan B – obtaining foreign permanent residence or even citizenship. If you are thinking about working out that relocation plan for yourself and your family, and getting a Turkish residence permit looks like a good idea, we will be happy to offer you materials on our portal about new rules and requirements for getting Turkish permanent residence in 2022 or an individual consultation with one of our seasoned experts with a great wealth of experience in matters connected with citizenship for investments programs.

Maltepe Area

If you are looking for an area filled with attractions, ancient monuments, and places of interest, then World D Maltepe, located in the Maltepe District, is not for you. The fact is that everything in this area is centered around having a comfortable life, which cannot possibly include crowds of tourists visiting numerous museums and huge shopping centers.

However, this does not mean that there is nothing interesting around World D Maltepe. It’s just that these places are sometimes hidden from the eyes of ordinary tourists. They have long become part of the city and are successfully disguised from those who walk around Maltepe with a tour guide. If you start wandering through the streets of Maltepe on your own, the city will surely reveal its hidden gems to you. All you need is some patience.

Places of Interest We Recommend You to Visit around World D Maltepe:

  • Ortaoyuncular Tiyatrosu – a local theater;
  • Istanbul Toy Museum – interesting not just to kids;
  • Hilltown AVM – a shopping center, mostly with mid-priced brand stores;
  • Bağdat Avenue – a colorful street with a character;
  • Nazim Hikmet Kulturevi – a cultural center with a pleasant café;
  • Turkan Saylan Kultur Merkezi – another cultural center; check out the schedule for concerts and exhibitions;
  • Forton Alisveris Merkezi – another smaller shopping center;
  • Maltepe Belediyesi Beşçeşmeler Parki – a park;
  • Maltepe Park Shopping Center – shopping and entertainment center, more like a classic mall;
  • Abdurrahman Gurses Cami – a mosque.

We Recommend the Following Restaurants and Cafes in the Vicinity of World D Maltepe:

  • Kaplan Iskender offers classic Turkish cuisine. Doners and kebabs are some of the best in Istanbul;
  • Mardin Mutfagi – a steakhouse, a must-visit place for all meat lovers;
  • Cemilusta Akçaabat Köftecisi – a cozy family restaurant;
  • Prenses Cafe – a typical cafe “for friends and family”; the staff is open and very friendly;
  • Mi Coffees is a must-see for coffee lovers;
  • Elements Restaurant & Bar – a venue with a beautiful outdoor terrace. If you come here in the evening, you are guaranteed a wave of ​​positive emotions;
  • Skull & Bones is an exceptionally stylish pub with an incredible selection of beers;
  • Çeltik Kebap ve Lahmacun – cafe and restaurant with a fairly large menu. But most of all, it is famous for its kebabs;
  • Serez Dondurmacisi Maltepe is an excellent patisserie cafe. We highly recommend you to try their ice cream;
  • Musa Bey Görele Pidecisi is another Turkish restaurant. If you consider yourself a connoisseur, visit Musa Bey Görele Pidecisi: you will have many new experiences.

Our Recommendations and Conclusions

World D Maltepe is the case where logic is powerless in choosing the right property. This residential complex captivates with its unequivocal focus on creating comfort, convenience and coziness for its residents, and the entry prices are surprisingly affordable. If you really want to, you can find more affordable apartments elsewhere, some with better technical equipment or advanced infrastructure, others located much closer to tourist sites, and so on. Sure, you can find many others.

However, World D Maltepe has some other charm. Something special that is hard to describe or share, but best to experience first-hand. It seems like home, cozy and close – you actually feel like you want to live here. Unless some unexpected emergency happens, in 2024 the residential complex World D Maltepe will be put into operation. And when it happens, the entry prices for the “tickets” into the world of Istanbul’s real estate in the Maltepe area will definitely be a lot higher. 

Therefore, if you are interested in buying housing in Istanbul at “ground zero” level from a developer, you should hurry to make a decision. There is still time to consider options, but not much. We would not say that such a chance happens once in a lifetime, but if all the apartments in World D Maltepe become someone else’s homes, you will have nobody else to blame but yourself.

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If you are interested in our offer, please send us an e-mail request to [email protected], and we will discuss all the details of purchasing Turkish real estate during your individual consultation with one of our experts.

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