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Cost: $2,723,915 - $5,447,832


Wave Dance Bodrum, Muğla: Elite Business Villas For Business Meetings And Private Life

Wave Dance Villas, a unique project in the Muğla province, the Bodrum peninsula, Turkey, is your chance to buy an elite mansion and obtain the right to Turkish citizenship and a residence permit. The projects can be designed in different ways to become a family estate, an office, a place for meetings with business partners, and a good investment for the future.

Elite business villas "Wave Dance"

The residential complex includes 8 state-of-the-art business centers and 14 mansions, giving an unprecedented opportunity to combine your private and business life. Elite villa owners will not have to search for an office for their company or spend time on long trips to another part of the city. One house combines all conveniences: accessible resources for life and rest, entertainment, and meetings with friends and business partners.

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Bodrum, the City of Eternal Holiday

Bodrum is known as the “Turkish Riviera”, and it is a peninsula and a city with the same name in the Muğla province located on the Aegean Sea coast. This port has an ancient history, a lot of places of interest, and is one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World.

One of Bodrum’s peculiarities is its nightlife that you can enjoy 24 hours a day. It promises unforgettable impressions to the visitors of local restaurants, night clubs, and entertainment centers. Bodrum is a Turkish resort town, but it has its unique atmosphere that differs from what you can see in Antalya and Alanya. 

What you need to know about Bodrum to appreciate its advantages:

  • Bodrum is located in the place of the ancient city of Halicarnassus where you can still find the artifacts of one of the seven wonders of the world, the Halicarnassus Mausoleum (4th century BC).
  • The present-day Bodrum is a resort region on the southwest coast of Turkey located opposite the Greek island of Kos. 
  • The Bodrum Peninsula has access to several seas of Turkey. The main one for this region is the Aegean Sea connected to the Mediterranean Sea in the south and to the Sea of Marmara in the north via the Dardanelles Strait. Thus, there is every opportunity to arrange for the import and export of goods if you start a production or agricultural business in Bodrum.
  • The city has stunning nature and a mild climate: there is practically no winter here. 
  • You can find an activity and accommodation to suit any budget thanks to a large number of entertainments and real estate objects. However, Bodrum is considered by default to be the place of rest for the Turkish elite and a favorite region for foreign investors that actively buy the real estate and the villas of the peninsula as prices are growing and the demand is high.
  • The closest international airport, Milas-Bodrum, is located 60 km from Bodrum.
  • As the region is close to Greece, it combines different cultures, and the foreigners feel very comfortable here.

In the past few years, local authorities have been actively developing education in different languages. At present, there are international schools and kindergartens in the peninsula with educators speaking English, Turkish, and Russian.

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If you are interested in another real estate of the peninsula with the right to obtain a residence permit in Turkey or even receive a Turkish passport, we have several offers that will suit any budget:


Business Residences in Bodrum (Turkey): Description of Facilities

The business project combined with a residential complex is located in the center of Bodrum and is considered luxurious real estate. The developer offers several options of residences to choose from depending on the purpose of buying (for life and business):

  • Business centers with an area exceeding 1200 m².
  • Business residences can become your home or office, and also an investment project for lessees. The area of the villas that have well-developed comfort zones and premises for business meetings varies from 560 m² to 1,100 m².

Each residence has a height of up to 7 meters and has a stunning exterior design, which gives the building a magnificent and luxurious look. The architects also designed a few places for rest in the villas, with a 25-meter pool being the central point of attraction.

Other benefits of the villas for sale include the geographic location in the center of Bodrum with developed architecture and proximity to all required venues: from nightclubs to the city administration, from banks to the seaside (10 minutes).

Interior Décor and Exterior

The interior and exterior of Wave Dance villas is filled with luxury:

  • Modern equipment, expensive sanitary ware of natural stone, perfect finishing of walls and flooring. All this will make the new owners happy for many years.
  • There are elements of natural wood in the interior. The total idea of a quiet atmosphere and relaxation is further supported by the light and pastel colors of the furniture and the decor with soft lighting. 
  • The stained-glass windows fill the residence with sunlight, and stairs seem to soar in zero gravity: this design solution creates lightness in the whole estate. There is no cumbersome finishing here which gives the feeling of heaviness: small elements of décor, such as panels, pictures, and mirrors, just add the exquisite note of aristocratism and perfection to the atmosphere.
  • You can’t help falling in love with the adjoining territory: the greenery smoothly merges with the blue skies, and the pool will become a favorite place for guests and residence dwellers.

A huge terrace on the top floor, stained-glass windows, multi-level construction, and stone finishing of the estate give it a unique charm and make it an ideal place for life and rest. This house cannot be called something ordinary as it reminds more of a castle or a noble estate surrounded by a thicket of green trees.

Planning and Price of Elite Villas in Bodrum

We offer you to buy a villa on the Aegean Sea coast in Bodrum at a developer’s price while it is still under construction. This offer is unique and very profitable as the start price is minimal and it will grow as the works are nearing their completion.

RoomsPriceArea, m²Bathrooms
5 +2 Business residence$2,723,9156703
Ticari business center$5,447,8321150 

Characteristics of Business Residences

The main characteristics of the real estate objects for sale in Turkey:

  • Project type: premium class villas
  • Location: Turkey, Bodrum, Muğla
  • Real estate area: from 670 to 1150 m²
  • Project status: construction works completed by 38%
  • Distance from the beach: 10 minutes
  • Distance from the airport: 40 minutes
  • District status for the residence permit and Turkish citizenship investment program: open

Equipment and technical characteristics of buildings:

  • Closed parking in the garage
  • Garden and playground
  • walkways
  • swimming pool – 25 m
  • hot water supply, a water tank in case of emergency supply interruption
  • natural gas
  • electricity generator
  • cable and satellite TV
  • a steel entrance door and a video entryphone system
  • round-the-clock security service in the residential complex
  • video surveillance system
  • automatic fire extinguishing system and smoke and fire detectors

The interior of residences can be changed according to the owner’s preferences, which is individually discussed with each customer. We would also like to remind you that you can get a residence permit and the right to permanent residence in Turkey, and also obtain a TAPU (right of ownership) at the stage of incomplete construction. 

The main condition: the cost of the facility as assessed by an individual expert commission should comply with the requirements (from 60,000 US dollars for the residence permit program and from 400,000 US dollars to obtain a Turkish passport).

Bodrum Infrastructure

As we’ve mentioned above, Bodrum is a place where the sector of elite villas, cottages, duplexes, and business centers construction is being actively developed. Also, there are all modern amenities here to develop business and live on a permanent basis:

  • schools and kindergartens, including those with English-speaking educators
  • shops and malls
  • restaurants, nightclubs, cafes, and entertainment parks
  • aqua parks and open-air amusements for kids
  • business centers and administrative institutions
  • banks
  • medical institutions, health resorts, clinics, and hospitals

The main sources of income in Bodrum are tourism, services, and agriculture. However, this is also a good place for companies with foreign capital that independently determine the niche depending on their experience, competitors, and business connections. 

Who Will Benefit Most from Elite Business Villas in Bodrum?

Experts note that Bodrum (also known as the “Turkish Riviera”) is currently experiencing a real boom of investments with the main emphasis on developing the sector of services, tourism, real estate, and agriculture. There is no shortage of demand for accommodation and commercial facilities in Bodrum, and every wealthy Turk wishes to have a villa to go for a rest in this district.

Foreign investors only have to wait for profitable solutions like ours (the cost of the villa is minimal, and its subsequent sale will bring good profit). They sometimes choose to get income from rent as the demand for elite apartments on the peninsula is on the increase.

Your aim, financial possibilities, and preferences are the important factors that define whether it will be profitable for you to buy a residence in Bodrum. The city is not one of those quiet Turkish districts, so those who love active life will feel comfortable here. Also, buying real estate can become a good safety cushion for investors, and if you choose an immigration program – the resort city will be a real paradise for you and your family.

Bodrum is a quiet district that boasts a high safety level (in fact, it is much higher than in large mainland megalopolises of the country).

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If you are ready to buy a residence in Bodrum, we can offer you a full range of related services: from the remote demonstration of the facility to a personal excursion, from the execution of documents using a power of attorney to the arrangement of apartments in any style you want. Please contact us in any convenient way and book a free consultation!

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