Cost: $576,000 - $960,000


Villas in Tekirdaǧ (Istanbul Suburb), a Seismically Quiet District on the Sea Coast

The recent events in Turkey have brought havoc to the plans of many foreign investors: now they switch to real estate in seismically quiet regions of the republic. If you want to choose a property with possible earthquakes in mind, here is a good option: villas in the town of Tekirdaǧ (Istanbul suburb) that are still under construction and can be bought at an affordable price offered by the developer.

Villas in Tekirdag

The villas for sale are located on the Sea of Marmara coast in a quiet district with well-developed infrastructure. This option will be interesting not only for investors (due to a profitable price and a high demand for housing in Turkey) but also for foreign immigrants looking for quiet coastal districts and planning to obtain a residence permit or Turkish citizenship by investment.

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Tekirdaǧ in Turkey – a Non-Tourist Town on the Sea Coast

Süleymanpaşa is the central district of the Tekirdaǧ province in Turkey located not far from Istanbul (2-hour drive) on the Sea of Marmara coast. This is a small but well-developed town. It does not have its own airport, but this is balanced by a good ground transport network. 

The town of Tekirdağ (Tekirdağ Merkezi) has a rich history and is one of the most ancient Turkish regions where the monuments of architecture and places of interest of the Ottoman Empire times are still intact. The town’s main peculiarity is the sea with its wonderful sandy beaches that are not packed with holiday-makers. It is not as bustling in summer as Antalya or Ankara, and the prices in shops remain stable all year round.

This is a very picturesque town in Turkey where life is going on at a steady pace without any bright events. This option will be especially relevant for foreigners that love unity with nature, prefer home to noisy parties, and hate megalopolises.

Despite the absence of an airport, the transport connection is quite developed. You can take a bus from Tekirdağ to any Turkish town, and car owners can easily get to Istanbul or take a drive along the Sea of Marmara coast.

Tekirdağ infrastructure:

  • Distance from Istanbul – 121 km to the west
  • There are private kindergartens and secondary schools
  • A large number of private and public medical institutions, hospitals, and clinics
  • There are a lot of parks and entertainments for a walk and rest with kids
  • Nightlife lovers can visit cafes and restaurants, as well as several popular clubs

As this part of Turkey does not attract many tourists but still has access to the sea, real estate is sold at quite affordable prices here. You can buy a villa with a huge garden and a wonderful natural landscape on the sea coast at quite a low price, and subsequently obtain the right to Turkish citizenship or sell the property at a profitable rate that will be 20—30% higher than the price you paid.

Aqua Blu Villas, Süleymanpaşa, Tekirdağ, Turkey: Real Estate Peculiarities

The Aqua Blu residential complex fully justifies its name as it is located on the Sea of Marmara coast with its blue waters merging with the endless horizon. The villas for sale are 36% completed, and it gives you an opportunity to buy accommodation in Turkey at an affordable price that will grow considerably after the facility has been put into operation.

According to the project, the villas will boast a luxurious layout, fully furnished rooms, and a wonderful location on the first line by the seaside. Aqua Blu Villas is not just a residential complex: it is a whole community with internal infrastructure and social objects that includes nine units and 18 deluxe villas on the Sea of Marmara coast.

The architects and designers thought of all conveniences that the dwellers may require for life or rest:

  • A huge pool in the yard with sun loungers and a green lawn
  • Splendid green plants and an original landscape design, which creates inimitable beauty and protects from the winds at the same time
  • A playground for kids
  • Four bedrooms in each villa, giving enough space for its owners and guests or tenants
  • A balcony and a terrace with a sea view that completes the exquisite and luxurious design of the property for sale

All villas are built around a central lawn with a pool and cobbled paths, and they have parking spaces for personal transport and a backyard. The community is surrounded by a solid fence, and you can get to the seaside in just several minutes by going down the stairs to the beach located 100-200 meters from the villas. 

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It would be important for you to note that the Villas in Süleymanpaşa, Tekirdağ, are located in a seismically quiet place of Tukey where no underground shocks are felt and you will not ever face any undesirable consequences of earthquakes!

Technical Characteristics of Aqua Blu Villas in Tekirdağ (Turkey)

In addition to advantageous geographic location, the villas in Tekirdağ boast excellent technical and aesthetic features, which include:

  • A garden and a playground for kids and adults
  • A fitness center inside the residential complex
  • An outdoor swimming pool
  • Cable and satellite TV
  • A water pump
  • Natural gas
  • Generator
  • Central hot water supply

Also, you should not forget about the safety of living, which is an important factor to consider for many new accommodation owners in Turkey. The villas in Aqua Blu residential complex and their technical equipment will ensure you absolute peace of mind in this respect:

  • A steel entrance door and a metal fence
  • An automatic fire extinguishing system
  • Fire and smoke detectors to detect ignition
  • Video surveillance cameras and video entryphones
  • Round-the-clock complex security service

If you are tired of city hustle and bustle and dream of growing old in your own house at the seaside or wish to have your own house by the sea that will become a source of additional income, villas in Tekirdağ are a really suitable option for you!

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If you are still unclear on where to buy accommodation in Turkey, please study several other options or contact the experts of our portal, and they will choose real estate for you to suit the individual parameters you provide!


Cost of Cottages in Aqua Blu Residential Complex

The villas in Aqua Blu residential complex have a similar layout, but their price may differ depending on the furniture, time of purchase (the stage of construction in progress is an important factor) and presence/absence of household appliances, which is individually discussed with the future owner of real estate in Turkey.

Standard villa parameters:

  • number of rooms– 4+1
  • price – from $576,000 to $960,000
  • area of the villa – 232 square meters
  • number of bathrooms – 2
  • number of floors – 2

In 2023, the number of foreign immigrants in Turkey increased by several times, resulting in soaring accommodation prices and changes in the Golden Visa program conditions. You can buy the residence we offer while it is still under construction with subsequent turnkey arrangements, with furniture and technical equipment, and obtain Turkish citizenship using a simplified procedure.

Also, such villas can become your precious resource for times of crisis that will bring considerable profit if you rent them out or if you sell them at a price that is 20–30% higher than the one set by the developer right now.

How to Buy a Villa in Turkey (Tekirdağ) Safely and Remotely

If you want to obtain the right of ownership to a Turkish villa, just contact us and say that you wish to do so. We offer a full range of services related to administrative formalities and settlement of new dwellers that includes:

  • showing the facility personally or by video link
  • technical documentation for the villas and the residential complex
  • processing of documents and their registration in all Turkish institutions using a power of attorney or with the owner’s participation
  • opening a bank account, which is a mandatory condition for buying real estate in Turkey under an investment program
  • representation of the owner’s interests in all public institutions
  • free consulting for expats planning to find a job in the country, start their business, or relocate the existing business to Turkey from abroad
  • help in obtaining a Turkish residence permit and citizenship
  • assistance in settlement on a new place, renting the property out, real estate management, and so on.

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If you have any questions or you are ready to become one of the few owners and settle in a new villa on the Sea of Marmara coast in Turkey, contact our specialists to get further instructions on obtaining the right of ownership, a residence permit, citizenship, and relocation.

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