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Cost: from 250000 USD


Uptown Height Family Apartments for Investors in Real Estate in Istanbul, Turkey

Uptown Height Apartments in Turkey offer you a unique possibility to savor not only the warmth of the Mediterranean but also European luxury and rich oriental flavor. An investor purchasing an apartment worth 250000 USD and above is also given a free hand to get a residence permit under Economic Citizenship Program. If you happen to be interested in purchasing a stylish and modern apartment in Istanbul, Turkey, you are welcome to consider our offer.

Uptown Height Project Description

Are you looking for a chance to safely invest in real estate in Istanbul, Turkey? Consider Uptown Height Apartment Complex located in the Başakşehir district. This newly built Istanbul neighborhood is only 15 mins from the airport, 25 mins from the beach, and 40 mins from the city center. 

This apartment complex is promoted as a comfort-class residential real estate in Istanbul, Turkey. The project belongs to Flats & Dublexs category. The developer succeeded in combining functionality with chic and style under one roof. Uptown Height apartment blocks are large buildings filled with light, and the apartments therein are spacious and comfortable. They can boast of well-designed floor plans, walk-in closets, and artificial wood flooring. All apartments are air-conditioned and have ceiling fans. All kitchens are equipped with high-quality kitchen appliances. One can find a patio or a balcony in each apartment. This provides enough additional storage space to keep one’s belongings.


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Best neighborhood for investing in real estate in Istanbul

Uptown Height neighborhood certainly deserves special praise. Neighborhood specifics are of no small importance for apartment hunters, who wish to invest in real estate in Istanbul. What are the advantages of Başakşehir?

  1. The neighborhood is one of the largest and best-developed areas of Istanbul
  2. Its residential area mostly consists of luxury apartment complexes and properties.
  3. Many foreign investors are drawn to Başakşehir due to its innovative housing projects.

Both residents and guests of this Istanbul suburb can enjoy its unique sights. An artificial pond in Bahcesehir Park, with its entertainment venues and recreation areas, is one of them. The Prestige Mall shopping and entertainment complex is the best shopper’s choice. With its boutiques of worldwide brands, the Mall will suit even the most demanding customers. It should also be mentioned that Bahcesehir Bazaar Pazarturk is one of Istanbul’s most prestigious bazaars, and it has won great popularity with both locals and tourists. No wonder, this real estate in Istanbul is destined to be a magnet for foreign investors in real estate in Istanbul.

Uptown Height apartments recommended for investing in real estate in Istanbul

Uptown Height apartments with their well-designed floor plans and panoramic windows are a model of modern real estate architecture. The magnitude of the project is impressive. There are about ten apartment complexes there. Uptown Height represents classic modern architecture, with its buildings surrounded by parks, gardens, and parkways.

Uptown Height apartments may consist of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 rooms. Apartment size ranges from 73 to 283 square meters.

All apartments can boast top-quality interior design. They feature bathroom equipment, consumer electronics, and furniture from exclusive manufacturers. Recreation balconies, where one can savor fresh air, are part of the apartment layout.

Technical standards are of a very high level. Here’s what each apartment has to offer:

  • CATV
  • water pressure booster
  • underfloor heating
  • water storage tanks
  • natural gas supply
  • electric power generator
  • CCTV, security, and fire safety systems.

Uptown Height is a private territory that is guarded 24/7.

Uptown Height

Utilities and infrastructure

Uptown Height has one distinct advantage, namely, its infrastructure. Take a look at what it includes:

  • swimming pool
  • sauna
  • hammam
  • coffee rooms and restaurants
  • sports center
  • children’s playgrounds
  • huge parking lot
  • recreation areas

There are not only schools but also Omerli Kiptas and Atrium shopping centers nearby. Residents of the district can use the services of several private hospitals and clinics: Medical Park Hospital Bahçeşehir, Reyap Hospital,  Eslife Hospital, Başakşehir private clinic, Esenyurt Aciumt, and the Esenyurt Medical Center.

Attractive prices for Uptown Height apartments  that foreign investors in real estate in Istanbul can’t miss

The prices for residential real estate in Istanbul have been growing significantly within the last months. That is why is it important to take the decision now, before they soar up dramatically. Purchasing an apartment in Uptown Height is still a good bargain these days. Apartment prices here range today from USD 113,000 to USD 76,000. The details are provided below.

Rooms+ Living RoomSquare MetersPrice, ths. USDNo. of Bathrooms

Investing in real estate in Uptown Height, Istanbul, will secure your family’s residence permits in Turkey

It is indeed a wise investment decision to purchase real estate in the Uptown Height residence complex located in the Bahçeşehir District, Turkey. However, the advantages of the bargain go far beyond this:

  1. The Uptown Height apartments (and real estate in Istanbul at large) are the right fit for you, if you wish to secure a decent life for yourself and your family.
  2. The Bahçeşehir District in Turkey is exactly where you would like to start your career or business.
  3. Well-developed infrastructure provides ultimate comfort as well as a positive and safe working environment for Uptown Height dwellers. Various healthcare facilities, schools, and office buildings are available nearby.
  4. Investing in Uptown Height real estate in Istanbul, Turkey will make it possible to get a residence permit for both the foreigner and their whole family.

We will provide further information on the subject below.

Real estate is usually purchased in Turkey under the investment immigration program granting an investor the right to apply for citizenship. The holding period is only 3 years. This means, you will be able to resell your real estate in Istanbul very soon, should you wish to reinvest your funds in some other property or business.

One needs to meet the following main requirements to get a Turkish passport:

  • 250000 USD – minimum investment amount
  • An applicant shall be over 18 years of age
  • Documents shall be submitted to confirm the applicant’s right to own both residential and commercial real estate in Turkey.

It is even possible to get your passport online. It takes on average 2 months to obtain a Turkish residence permit.

If the investor discontinues the investment before the 3-year holding period expires, commits some criminal offense, violates public order, or turns out to be a Turkish visa abuser, such a person will be denied the chance to receive the residence permit.

Notice blue

The procedure to receive a Turkish passport is detailed in our article on Economic Citizenship in Turkey

For more detailed advice regarding the sale and purchase of some real estate in Istanbul, Turkey, please contact us at the email address: [email protected].

We can also assist you with any other issues, e.g., selection of properties, payment procedures, and residency applications.

How can one purchase an apartment in Uptown Height without much delay?

You should follow the standard procedure and make a sale and purchase agreement for the apartment in question. It really does not take long and you can buy your Uptown Height apartment in Istanbul, Turkey, without wasting too much time and effort if you rely on our expert advice and help.

Can I get a Turkish passport by investing in real estate in Istanbul if I buy an Uptown Height apartment?

The chance to get a Turkish passport is yours if you invest in some real estate in Istanbul from 250000 USD. So, you should not miss the opportunity to buy an excellent apartment at the Uptown Height complex at reasonable current prices and qualify for the residence by investment program. It is enough to purchase a 4-room Uptown Height apartment measuring 172 square meters and priced at USD 312,000, and you will receive a legal ground to become a member of the state-sponsored migration program.

What are the advantages of purchasing an apartment in the Uptown Height complex (Istanbul, Turkey)?

What are the advantages of purchasing an apartment in the Uptown Height complex (Istanbul, Turkey)?

Uptown Height apartments in Istanbul are famous for their great location, well-thought architectural design, state-of-the-art interiors, and elaborate infrastructure of the whole district. The chance to get a Turkish passport is yours if you invest in some real estate in Istanbul from 250000 USD. So, you should not miss the opportunity to buy an excellent apartment at the Uptown Height complex at reasonable current prices and qualify for the residence by investment program.

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