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Cost: from 695 000 EUR


Ulivo Villa in Girne, Northern Cyprus: Luxury and Comfort 3 Minutes Away from the Mediterranean Sea

The popularity of real property in Northern Cyprus with vacationers and investors has been growing over recent years. The reasons for that are quite clear: comfortable purchase conditions, legal protection, and good price dynamics.

The property prices can hardly be regarded as low: they are reasonable. Even with a limited budget, you can find an attractive piece of property in Northern Cyprus. Maybe you could not find very many offers that would be appealing and affordable at the same time but there are exceptions.

Villa Ulivo

Ulivo villa is a perfect option for those looking for luxury at a reasonable price. Is the price for the villa low? We will leave it to you to decide: a bit under 700,000 EUR for a 405 m2 house with a swimming pool 3 minutes away from the coastline. We believe this is an interesting offer indeed.

Why so inexpensive and what’s the catch, you may be wondering. The developer that we cooperate with makes no secret of that. The villa is going to be completed in March 2027. When investing in off-plan property, you end up paying much less than you would if you bought a completed house. This is a mid-term investment: you could not make a profit fast but its amount is going to be great if you sell the villa after the construction work is over.

Characteristics of the neighborhood

You don’t have to sell the villa, however, because living there would be superb. In addition to the fact that the villa is perfectly designed and well equipped, the area where it is located is comfortable enough to make it the place of your permanent residence.

Social infrastructure objects within walking distance:

  • 3 minutes – a marvelous Coco Bongo beach;
  • 5 minutes – a supermarket with everything you need for everyday life;
  • 6 minutes – Dr. Suat Günsel Hospital famous throughout Northern Cyprus;
  • 10 minutes – restaurant and café zone.

Places you can get to by car:

  • 5 minutes – Famagusta;
  • 10 minutes – Girne;
  • 20 minutes – a great golf course;
  • 35 / 76 minutes —Ercan Havalimanı / Larnaka airports.

The neighborhood is exceptionally comfortable for living. Ozanköy is simultaneously a resort area and a quiet village where you could live peacefully. The developer has been smart enough to choose the place for building a nice villa there. You don’t see such offers very often in the Northern Cyprus real estate market.


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Description of the villa

Ulivo villa looks as if it were a cottage in an English village. Soft architectural solutions, calm and restrained design. It’s a dream house for many residents of large cities: peace and quiet, your own plot of land, your own swimming pool, clean air, and green grass.

The villa has 2 floors and it sits in an olive grove. It is built in the traditional Mediterranean style. If you like modern or hi-tech, Ulivo villa may look boring to you. However, classics have always been popular with investors in real estate in Northern Cyprus and other countries. New architectural styles come and go but classic buildings provide comfort so much sought after by many people. The ecological conditions in Northern Cyprus certainly add value to Ulivo villa.

Characteristics of the villa

  • Unique stained glass patterns in each window;
  • A movie room;
  • A wine cellar with a large selection of vintage wines;
  • A playroom;
  • A large courtyard;
  • A terrace on the roof where you can watch sunsets;
  • Efficient smart home solutions;
  • All bathrooms have heated floors;
  • An advanced climate control system;
  • A well-equipped indoor garage;
  • A landscape garden.

Strictly speaking, Ulivo villa is not a luxury piece of property: it does not have any exclusive elements. It wins your heart by the cozy atmosphere that it offers. You would especially appreciate living there if you are tired of the noise and hurry of a large city. To cut a long story short, you can buy the villa to resell it with a hefty profit or you can buy it simply to live there.

Object areas:

  • Total villa area — 405 m2;
  • Indoor area — 304 m2;
  • Balcony area — 4 m2;
  • Terrace area — 97 m2;
  • Swimming pool area — 18 m2.

Basement areas (total area — 100 m2, 13 m2 terrace/ garden + 87 m2 indoor area):

  • Rest area — 26 m2 (there is a billiard table);
  • Movie room — 24 m2;
  • Hallway — 17 m2;
  • Staircase — 10 m2;
  • Wine cellar — 6 m2;
  • Bathroom — 4 m2.

Ground floor (total area — 162 m2):

  • Indoor area — 94 m2;
  • Terrace — 28 m2;
  • Garage — 22 m2;
  • Swimming pool — 18 m2.

Rooms on the ground floor:

  • Kitchen — 26 m2;
  • Living room — 22 m2;
  • Hallway — 13 m2;
  • Dining room — 12 m2;
  • Staircase — 10 m2;
  • Covered entrance (canopy) — 7 m2;
  • Bathroom — 4 m2.

First floor areas (total — 103 m2):

  • Indoor area — 87 m2;
  • Terrace — 12 m2;
  • Balcony — 4 m2.
  • Swimming pool — 18 m2.

Rooms on the first floor (total area — 103 m2):

  • Bedroom 1 — 17 m2;
  • Bedroom 2 — 16 m2;
  • Bedroom 3 — 12 m2;
  • Bathroom 1 — 6 m2;
  • Bathroom 2 — 5 m2;
  • Half bathroom — 5 m2;
  • Storage zone — 4 m2;
  • Hallway — 12 m2;
  • Staircase — 10 m2.

Roof areas (total — 58 m2):

  • Terrace — 44 m2;
  • Staircase — 14 m2.

Characteristics of the villa design

Ulivo villa could hardly win an architectural contest. вряд ли займёт призовое место на архитектурном конкурсе. Many will find the design ordinary, too calm, extremely discreet, concise, and soft. But is it bad? The villa attracts attention by the comfort and the cozy atmosphere that it offers. You will know that your money has not been wasted. We believe that comfort is more important than an extravagant look.

Villa Ulivo

Key design solutions:

  • An emphasis on soft, warm colors;
  • Basic colors: yellow and light brown;
  • An interesting combination of artificial and natural materials on the walls and ceilings;
  • Natural wood is actively used in the design;
  • Every little detail is well thought out: you may not notice it at the first glance but you will feel at home in the villa;
  • The technical equipment of the villa is at a very high level but the hi-tech mechanisms are unobtrusive even though they perform their functions very well.

The financial aspect

Given the size of the villa, the price (less than 700,000 EUR) is very attractive. Our experience shows that such villas find their buyers fast. Therefore, you should not think for too long if you like the offer.

If you are considering Ulivo villa as an investment object, the offer looks especially attractive. It is going to cost considerably more when completed and ready for use. You can buy the villa on an installment plan. Moreover, we are offering 3 installment plans that you can choose from.

Plan № 1:

  • 5% — initial deposit to be made when signing the purchase agreement;
  • 30% — first deposit to be made within one month after signing the agreement;
  • 45% — payments in several installments to be made until March 30, 2027;
  • 20% — final deposit to be paid within 1 year after obtaining the key to the villa (without any interest).

A present from us — 5 home appliances.

Plan № 2:

  • 5% — initial deposit to be made when signing the purchase agreement;
  • 45% — first deposit to be made within one month after signing the agreement;
  • 30% — payments in several installments to be made until March 30, 2027;
  • 20% — final deposit to be paid within 1 year after obtaining the key to the villa (without any interest).

A present from us — a 5% discount.

Plan № 3:

  • 5% — initial deposit to be made when signing the purchase agreement;
  • 35% — first deposit to be made within six months after signing the agreement (without any interest);
  • 10% — to be paid within six more months (without any interest);
  • 50% — to be paid over 50 months (without any interest).

Return on investment prospects if you decide to let the villa on a lease:

ExpectationsRent, daysDaily rent, EURGross income, thousand EURNet profit (~70%), thousand EURNet profit per yearApproximate payback period, years

What expectations are going to come true? Time will have to show. Hopefully, the realistic or the optimistic scenario is going to work out. The pessimistic expectations can come true only if a financial crisis breaks out. The chance that things are going to work out worse than in the pessimistic scenario is close to zero. For this reason, we highly recommend that you seriously consider the opportunity of buying Ulivo villa in Ozanköy near Girne, Northern Cyprus.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Just drop us a line and we will respond quickly.

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