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Turkey Residence Permit by Real Estate Purchasing: Luxury Villas in Antalya

Why is it especially beneficial to obtain a Turkey residence permit under the current circumstances?

First, this is useful due to the unstable global economic situation.

luxury villas in antalya

The other reasons to choose Turkey as a permanent residence country are:

  •  profitable investment in business and real estate
  •  visa-free entry
  • year-round recreation
  • the Mediterranean Sea with all its charms
  • open banking channels, which is very important for wealthy citizens and international companies

Turkey residence permit in 2022 is the last chance to obtain permanent residence right on favorable terms. Also, pay attention to the active growth in housing prices in Turkey. This will allow not only buying an object and obtaining a residence permit but subsequently making good money on its rent or sale.

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Terms of Turkey residence permit and permanent residence program in 2022 – new and old rules

If foreigners apply for a Turkish residence permit by investment in real estate, they need to consider the following points:

  • The Turkish residence permit and citizenship by investment program prohibits the sale of the investment property for the next three years. If you received a Turkish passport for a bank deposit (minimum USD 500,000), the funds remain in the account for the next three years.
  • To apply for a Turkey residence permit by real estate investment, your certificate of ownership (TAPU) must indicate the property’s assessed value. A certified appraiser draws up an appropriate conclusion to form this price.
  • Starting from January 24, 2022, foreign real estate buyers in Antalya or other Turkish provinces have to provide a special certificate. In Turkish, it is called döviz alım belgesi. This certificate confirms that the currency in the object cadastral value amount was credited to the Turkish bank account. Without it, you will not be able to submit documents for the purchase.
  •  Citizens of any country can buy property from Turkish residents (individuals and legal entities) personally and through a trustee.
  • If you buy property from a foreigner, it does not entitle you to participate in the Turkish residence permit and citizenship by investment programs.
  • On April 13, 2022, the Cabinet of Ministers headed by the President of Turkey approved new rules for the immigration program. These rules increase the minimum real estate deposit from USD 250,000 to USD 400,000. The old rules will remain in effect until official sources publish this law.
  • Turkey residence permit by real estate investment also allows land purchasing. But certain restrictions apply in this case. Foreigners (non-resident individuals and legal entities) can buy no more than 30 hectares per person or entity.

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Residence permit for purchasing Turkish real estate: natural stone villas in Antalya

In search of a reliable investment tool, many foreign businesspersons are looking for real estate in Turkey. When such property costs more than USD 250,000 (or equivalent in another currency), it gives the right to obtain a Turkey residence permit and then the citizenship of this popular tourist country.

The pandemic is already leaving, but real estate will remain and generate income. Foreign investors are currently using this motto.

We offer you to consider a modern property with the right to obtain a Turkey residence permit – stone villas on a separate plot in the residential complex of Antalya. Cottage village with 6000 square meters area allows you to choose a premium class villa with 140 square meters area. The cost of such real estate starts from 280000 EUR.

Let’s take a closer look at luxurious stone villas in traditional Turkish style located in the charming village of Antalya. Their key features are:

  • 12 villa-cottages built from natural stone are available in the village. Due to the building material, they received an incredible resemblance to medieval castles.
  • Each object has an exclusive design with no repeats.
  • The complex architecture uses elements of the traditional Turkish style (also known as Ottoman).
  •  The complex design and the wholly closed territory create incredible comfort and the neighborhood of classic Mediterranean villas.
  • The cottage village is in a picturesque corner surrounded by orange, lemon, and olive groves. A nearby pine forest provides exceptionally clean air.
  • Mature olive trees in the complex area emphasize the country’s authentic style.
  • The objects belong to the primary market, put into operation in September 2015.

Investing in modern stone villas is a great way to obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing luxury real estate quickly. In addition, you will become the owner of a unique property for further rental or residence. Each building here expresses solidity, a particular way of life, and unsurpassed comfort away from the big city bustle.

Buy villa in Antalya: detailed characteristics of luxury real estate

If you decide to apply for Turkey residence permit in Turkey, buying a natural stone villa in Antalya will help speed up this procedure. The villa cost starts from 280000 EUR, which is subject to the migration program. This rule was introduced in September 2018, but the program has already received additional changes due to the current situation in the world. The new minimum property cost for accelerated registration of Turkish citizenship is USD 400,000. The authorities will fix it at the legislative level very soon.

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Important! You can obtain a Turkey residence permit by purchasing any residential/commercial property regardless of its assessed value. The minimum rates of USD 250,000 and USD 400,000 (old and new conditions) give the right to issue a Turkish passport as quickly as possible.

All members of the foreign investor’s family (husband or wife, minor children) are eligible to participate in any of the proposed programs.

You should be aware that a Turkey residence permit, unlike citizenship, does not give the right to vote in elections and be elected. A residence permit allows you to stay in Turkey for any period with the right of unlimited extension. At the same time, you remain a citizen of your country. If you apply for Turkish citizenship with a Turkish passport issuance, you become a tax resident of the country and receive all the rights of a local citizen.

Features of premium Turkish real estate in Antalya with the right to obtain a Turkey residence permit:

  • number of rooms – 2+1 or 4+1
  • bedrooms with a separate entrance – 2-4
  • separate bathrooms – 2-3
  • villa total area – 140 square meters
  • 2 floors
  • terraces and balconies
  • open pool

If you are planning to obtain a Turkey residence permit by investment in real estate for living in this country, the presented object will suit you perfectly. And several points contribute to this:

  • unique location in the green corner of Antalya close to the main infrastructure
  • exclusive architectural ensemble with Turkish motifs mixed with classic Mediterranean features
  • exceptionally cozy and comfortable standard of living away from noisy areas
  •  amazing panorama from windows, balconies, and terraces
  • ·author’s project with different facade details, which gives individuality to each building

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Get a Turkey residence permit by premium real estate purchasing. We offer you to buy a stone villa in Antalya exotic village at a bargain price from EUR 280,000. You can apply for a Turkish passport along with a residence permit immediately after purchasing. It allows you to become a full-fledged citizen of Turkey in 3-6 months.

Notable advantages of exotic stone villas in Antalya:

  • a unique masonry system that creates excellent noise and sound insulation (the width of the walls is 50 cm)
  • floor heating and laminate flooring
  • living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and toilets have travertine flooring (tiles with a rough structure to prevent slipping)
  • outdoor swimming pool
  • car park
  • 24-hour security and video surveillance
  • fitness room, sauna, and whirlpool
  • equipped children’s playground
  • the whole arrangement of furniture, wardrobes, and household appliances 

The infrastructure, exterior and technical equipment of the presented Antalya real estate will undoubtedly please every owner:

  •  tropical gardens in the cottage village
  • suspended ceilings with decorative chandeliers inside the villas
  • satellite TV (central system)
  • double PVC windows with wood décor
  • durable, anti-vandal metal entrance doors
  • video intercom
  • solar panels (in each villa)
  • parent bathrooms in each building plus separate dressing rooms

Immigration to Turkey by purchasing a villa in a picturesque corner of Antalya

Stone villas in classic Turkish style allow you to live here all year round comfortably. They are perfect for foreigners who plan to obtain a Turkey residence permit after purchasing real estate from 280000 EUR. If you plan to rent out real estate, a cottage village with majestic stone buildings will definitely attract wealthy people who need the most comfortable living.

The location of this unique in architecture and design village in Antalya implies proximity to the essential infrastructure. For example:

  • Antalya International Airport –  20 km
  • distance to the seashore – 12 km
  • Konyaaltı sea 12 km
  • Antalya bus station – 7 km
  • Saklikent ski resort – 25 km
  • Kaleiçi – 12 km
  • 5M Migros mall – 12 km

From here, you can get to the ancient city of Side (70 km), the golf courses of Belek (40 km), as well as Kemer (45 km), and Alanya (140 km).

By purchasing a stone villa in Antalya, you will have a highly profitable property in a separate gated community at your disposal. In addition, you can apply for a Turkey residence permit by investment in real estate. These villas’ main highlight is exclusively Turkish architecture in different variations. This makes stone villas different from each other. The object’s price starts from 280000 EUR.

Real estate in Antalya: hurry up to get Turkish citizenship by investment under the old rules

Antalya is the most popular Turkish city among tourists. The real estate here is always in price. In the current situation, the real estate value in Turkey is actively rising. The Cabinet of Ministers of Turkey has already approved the terms of the new migration program for purchasing housing or other real estate objects. As soon as official sources publish the law, this will be the starting point for adopting the amendments.

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Important! Soon, it will be possible to obtain a Turkish residence permit and citizenship with a minimum real estate investment of over USD 400,000. While the old program (USD 250,000) is valid, hurry up to get a residence permit and move to Turkey (Antalya) for permanent residence with the support of our experts!

We also offer you to consider several more residential real property options in Turkey:

Buy Antalya stone villa with the right to get a Turkish passport and residence permit

The presented villas are the epitome of subtle style, luxury, and comfort. This is precisely what wealthy independent citizens and the secular society elite value. In addition to its unique beauty and modernity, such real estate can become a profitable financial instrument during the tourist season and all year round.

If you want to rent out housing in Turkey and receive a stable income, you can entrust this procedure to a Turkish management company. This opens up access to remote passive income without the owner’s participation.

Here’s what foreigners should also know when applying for a Turkey residence permit by real estate purchasing in 2022:

  • You can register a stone villa for a sole proprietorship, joint ownership, or company ownership.
  • In Turkey, housing is inherited. You can put it up for sale after three years of continuous ownership (if you wish to obtain not only a residence permit but also Turkish citizenship).
  • To obtain a residence permit by purchasing a stone villa, it is enough to prepare a minimum package of documents (our lawyers accompany the procedure).
  • Villas costing from 280000 EUR are entirely ready for living and do not require additional investments.
  • After receiving the Turkish Ikamet card, a foreign investor has the right to apply for Turkish citizenship and obtain a Turkish passport.

Do not forget about the new rules of Turkish citizenship by investment program, which will come into effect very soon. The minimum investment threshold for residential and commercial properties will become USD 400,000.

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Get it done today before it’s too late tomorrow. It is essential to know that persons who managed to get TAPU and apply for a residence permit in Antalya can draw up documents under the old rules even if the new amendments come into force!

How to buy villa in Antalya quickly and remotely?

Our assistance in buying a villa in Turkey provides for remote execution of documents by proxy in the name of our lawyers. How it works:

  •  We reserve the object for two weeks until the buyer’s final decision.
  • If necessary, we will conduct the property virtual tour.
  • Next, we initiate the Turkish TIN issuance necessary for the real estate purchase by a non-resident.
  • We open a Turkish bank account in your name to deposit the required funds (transaction payment only with a Turkish bank account is mandatory for participating in the Turkish residence permit for investment program).
  • Then, we draw up a real estate purchase transaction.
  • We register the ownership right and receive a TAPU in your name with the indicated stone villa cost (or several objects at once).
  • We submit documents for Turkey residence permit, receive a card, and send you a complete package.

After three years of owning an apartment in Turkey, you can freely dispose of it at your discretion and issue a Turkish passport for yourself and your family members.

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If you are interested in exclusive stone villas in a cozy cottage village of Antalya among fruit groves, contact our experts. You will become the legal owner of such real estate in the shortest possible time.

How to apply for a Turkey residence permit when buying a property?

To submit documents to the migration service and obtain a residence permit, a non-resident must purchase real estate worth more than USD 250,000. The presented stone villas are entirely consistent with the Turkey government program, allowing you to obtain a residence permit for all family members. According to the law, the certificate of ownership must contain object assessed value defined by a certified expert. It is possible to extend such a residence permit with the specified property price under the same title. Such purchase gives the right to obtain a Turkish passport under a simplified procedure.

What are the benefits of buying luxury stone villas in Antalya?

This object’s uniqueness lies in its location in a separate, closed area, forming an elite cottage village in a pine forest. Stone villas belong to the primary real estate market, commissioned in September 2015. The property location attracts many tenants, including film studios and show business stars. You can benefit both from the villa resale after the rise in price and from the regular rental. Stone villas in Antalya are also perfect for permanent residence.

What are the features of this Turkish property for sale?

Stone villas in a separate village in Turkey are two-story buildings in an area with excellent infrastructure. It is possible to select a number of rooms at the investor’s request (2+1 or 4+1). Each villa in Antalya has a 140 square meters area with two, three, or four bedrooms with separate entrances. The building’s highlight is the absolute dissimilarity with standard housing. Each villa has an exclusive design and decoration of the facade and interior. Each villa has two or three bathrooms, balconies, terraces, and an outdoor pool. The village has round-the-clock security, a smart home system, and an extensive list of additional services.

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