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To Set Up a Private Account with Pacific Private Bank (Vanuatu)

 From 6 June 2018, PACIFIC PRIVATE BANK does not support bank wire transfers in USD. The bank supports wire transfers in EUR, but only within SEPA.

IMPORTANT: EUR transfers outside SEPA will cost 500 EUR per transfer!

The following currencies are recommended by the bank for withdrawals outside SEPA: AUD, SGD, NZD.

If the above-mentioned rules are not followed, the transfers may be delayed, the funds may not reach the account, the client may charge additional fees.

Pacific Private Bank offers the opportunity to remotely open an account for high net worth individuals wishing to invest their funds in international investment products, as well as use the bank’s wealth management services.

Pacific Private Bank is a financial institution located in the Republic of Vanuatu, an international financial center in the Pacific. The Bank was registered in 1997. The bank was recently acquired by the founder of Lithuanian group Lewben Family Offices/Lewben Group with an ambition to provide high income individuals with professional services in wealth and asset management and investment. Today, Pacific Private Bank is a financial institution that is undergoing a complete transformation.

The main mission of Pacific Private Bank is to serve high-income clients around the world. The Bank develops and provides professional and attractive investment solutions. Another of the Bank’s focuses is private banking, i.e. customer-specific facilitation to its clients in achieving their goals.

Pacific Private Bank is the leading private bank in the South Pacific. It is internationally licensed and managed by the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu.

Recently, Pacific Private Bank was acquired by Vilius Kavaliauskas to upgrade and expand the bank’s operations. Kavaliauskas plans to improve and strengthen its strategic development and international presence, following the example of Lewben Family Offices/Lewben Group.

Lewben Family Offices is a multifunctional office in Lithuania, focused on financial, wealth management and wealth promotion services, property and business of wealthy families and individuals. It is a major player in the Lithuanian market and has an extensive client network in the region. In 2014, Lewben Family Offices received an award from Euromoney magazine as the best family office providing financial services in Lithuania.

Pacific Private Bank Products and Services

Pacific Private Bank offers three main solutions:

–       wealth management,

–       asset management

–       private banking.

Through strategic partnerships with the world’s leading financial institutions, funds, and asset management companies, the Bank provides its clients with easier access to a wide range of services and investment ideas. The Bank offers support to investors who wish to manage their investment portfolio. It provides technical assistance to clients who prefer to delegate their assets management to a team of investment professionals.

Conventional private banking services offered by Pacific Private Bank include multi-currency accounts, foreign exchange services, international money transfer services, cash management, term deposits, and Lombard credits.

Pacific Private Bank’s Tariffs (as of June 2019)

The Fees and Charges that are valid as of the time of rendering the relevant service shall apply. For updates, please write to our experts at

Private banking multi currency accountEUR
Opening bank account500
Monthly maintenance fee (per account)250
Closing bank accountCharged with a full monthly fee
Payments and Receipt Services 
Outward remittance of EUR0.10%, min €75, max €500 + correspondent banking charges
Transfers within the BankFree of charge
Other services 
Bank reference letter200
Audit confirmation100
Charge for other Bank services (transfer adjustment, transfer investigation, issuance of bank certificate, etc.)200 / hour
Courier Charges100
CardsPrepaid MasterCard
Annual commission500
Prepaid MasterCard replenishment, the maximum replenishment up to EUR 400,000 per card2%
Cash withdrawal at an ATM (MasterCard commission)1.50%, min EUR 5
Asset and Wealth Management Account 
Account OpeningFree of charge
Monthly maintenance fee (per account)Free of charge
Account ClosingFree of charge
Asset management advisory fee 
Commission for the amount not invested0.10%, min. EUR 3,000
EUR 500,000 – 1 mln.1.50%
EUR 1 mln. – 2 mln.1.25%
EUR 2 mln. – 5 mln.1.00%
EUR 5 mln. – 10 mln.0.75%
Over EUR 10 mln.On a case by case basis

Private Banking

Pacific Private Bank offers exclusive private banking services based on great flexibility and high-quality service. The bank’s tailored solutions are designed to suit the financial needs of each client.

The Bank has created the necessary infrastructure in cooperation with international partners to meet the most complex requirements of its clients.

Multi currency account with Pacific Private Bank

Pacific Private Bank offers the opportunity to open a multi-currency account for transactions and savings.

For investments in the capital market, you will be offered to open an investment account.

To open an asset management account, you need to invest EUR 5,000 on the basis of an agreement with the bank.

Asset management consulting provided by the bank includes recommendations on investment matters (investment ideas, opportunities, review of the current portfolio), but the client decides for himself how to act (sell, buy or hold a position).

The discretionary management means a mutual agreement that the client’s portfolio will be managed by the bank, and the bank will perform all necessary operations related to the client’s portfolio on behalf of the client.

There is no requirement to provide a minimum deposit to open a private account with Pacific Private Bank.

 When opening an account, you will be able to connect a MasterCard to each of your accounts.

Prepaid MasterCard 

A prepaid card is a more flexible gift than a gift card from a single vendor. With a prepaid MasterCard, you can shop all over the world where debit MasterCard cards are accepted.

The prepaid card can also be used as a classic debit card to pay your bills, purchases, and services.

International prepaid Pacific Private Bank card from MasterCard has the following features:

  •   You can quickly and easily use it, and it’s also safer than cash
  •   It is a much more flexible gift than a gift card
  •   It is accepted all over the world
  •   Transfers from an account to the card are easy to make
  •   There are no monthly statements or interest
  •   Online account access is available 24/7
  •   Unlimited card replenishment options with acceptable commissions are possible
  •   It is accepted at all ATMs worldwide with the MasterCard logo
  •   Monthly account statement online or in paper format is available upon request
  •   Cards are available in different currencies

Online Banking

Pacific Private Bank has already launched a fully revamped online banking solution that allows you to manage your funds on par with other international electronic systems available to high net worth individuals. This system uses PIN calculators for additional protection of remote access to funds placed with Pacific Private Bank.

The Pacific Trader online trading platform has already integrated an extra high level of protection and a wide range of trading modules. Easily downloadable platform allows investors to trade hundreds of instruments in different asset classes from one account.

How to open a private account with Pacific Private Bank

1.   First, please contact us by e-mail at for professional advice on opening a bank account.

2.   A commission fee of 2999 EUR, which you can pay by a card or transfer through Money Gram, WesternUnion, WebMoney, or bank transaction, is payable by you for our assistance in opening a personal account with Pacific Private Bank.

3.  Having received your payment, we move on to collecting the information necessary to open your account. For all account holders and signatories, you will need to provide the following documents:

– Filled in, printed and signed copies of the application form for account opening

– Notarized copy of the ID/passport (pages with photo and signature)

– Proof of residence address

– Notarized copy of the recent (not more than 3 months old) utility bill or bank account statement to confirm the address of residence.

To start the process of setting up a personal account with Pacific Private Bank, please contact us by e-mail at

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