Cost: 853000 USD


Three-Bedroom Villa in the Golf Town Complex in the elite DAMAC Hills District in Dubai

If you are interested in luxury real estate of the United Arab Emirates in an environmentally clean area in Dubai, we are happy to offer you an exquisite three-bedroom cottage in the Golf Town residential complex from the well-known real estate developer DAMAC Properties.

Golf Town

Golf Town is an elite residential complex, which includes low-rise cottages, townhouses, and apartments for permanent residence. Depending on the price range of the property you select to buy in the UAE, you can get a residence permit for 3 to 10 years. A distinctive feature of the complex is the location and infrastructure of the DAMAC Hills. The residential complex is situated in a special park area, surrounded by gardens, lakes and a huge golf course of Trump International Golf Club Dubai. 

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In order to become an owner of luxury real estate in Dubai at an affordable price from the developer, just get in touch with our experts using the contacts listed in the top menu. If you are considering investing in real estate to get a residence permit and a Golden Visa in other jurisdictions, our specialists will gladly provide useful information and advice and help you to make the best choice according to your circumstances and preferences.


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Damac Hills, Dubai, the UAE – a Corner of Paradise and Aesthetic Delight

Damac Hills is a self-contained golf community featuring a variety of luxury properties, Trump International Dubai Golf Club, and golf course. The residential complex has all the necessary amenities for a comfortable life, recreation, and making a lucrative investment.

The infrastructure and facilities of the Damac Hills complex includes modern hotels with huge pools and waterfalls, residential buildings with apartments of different sizes, individual cottages, and townhouses, in which each owner gets their own parking space. 

Damac Hills Infrastructure​

To see all the advantages of buying a three-bedroom villa in the Golf Town residential complex in Damac Hills we just need to see how saturated the district is with technical facilities and aesthetically pleasing features:

  • Around four million square feet of parkland;
  • Various themed areas for recreation and sports;
  • Colorful premises with an amazing landscape of gardens and lakes;
  • Golf course;
  • Stables for connoisseurs of horse riding;
  • Golf academy with a shop selling all the necessary equipment;
  • Clubhouse managed by the specialists of the Trump brand;
  • Supermarkets, pharmacies, launderettes, and banks;
  • Spa and wellness center;
  • Open-air cinemas;
  • Restaurants, bars, and cafes;
  • Bicycle lanes;
  • Skate park;
  • Football pitch;
  • Tennis courts;
  • Little Village Children’s Play Area, and much more.

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You can read about many more projects from the DAMAC developer, which are ready for sale at reasonable prices, in our catalog.


Your Dream Home – 3-Bedroom villa in Golf Town

Choosing the Golf Town community, you can count on the most comfortable conditions for permanent residence in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. You will find yourself in an ecologically clean environment in a modern apartment with panoramic windows that offer magnificent views of the endless expanses of landscaped fields and green spaces. A cozy atmosphere is created by every detail, big and small – from comfortable and tranquil streets to the interiors of the cottages.

Following are some of the advantages of the Golf Town complex in Dubai:

  • Impeccable architecture and design from the best developer in the East DAMAC Properties;
  • Well-developed infrastructure of the area itself and the Golf Town residential complex, where schools, kindergartens, medical centers and supermarkets are within walking distance;
  • Easy access to urban municipal and entertainment facilities of Dubai due to the proximity of the Emirates Road:
    • 30 minutes to the airport; 
    • 20 minutes to the Mall of the Emirates и Palm Jumeirah;
    • Position close to Global Village, IMG Worlds of Adventure, Mall of the Emirates, and Dubai Butterfly Garden;
  • Golf Town apartments are comfortable and fully furnished for the owners to settle in and permanently live in them.
Golf Town
Golf Town
Golf Town

The developer also provides areas for relaxation and active recreation – green spots, swimming pools for adults and children, sports grounds, wi-fi internet and satellite TV, barbecue areas, parking spaces, etc. 

Golf Town Residential Complex Infrastructure

The entire complex is under round-the-clock security, there are video surveillance cameras in multiple locations all around, which guarantees the residents’ and guests’ safety in Golf Town. The rest of the infrastructure includes the following:

  • Landscaped gardens with walking paths;
  • Separate green areas for relaxation and romantic meetings;
  • Swimming pools for children and adults with great lighting;
  • Gyms;
  • Parking for personal vehicles, including next to the cottage, etc.

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We offer a three-bedroom villa with a total area of 306 m2 at the affordable price of 853000 USD. This is the lowest cost of apartments of this class in the Emirate of Dubai, especially in the elite environmentally friendly part of the city, Damac Hills.

Architecture and Comfort

Golf Town residences are distinguished by interesting architecture, fine geometric shapes, glass facades, panoramic windows, spacious balconies and open spaces. Each bedroom and hall of the cottage is brightly lit, and the interior decoration and furnishings in the apartments are distinguished by reliable quality, impeccable finishes, and elegant style.

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If you are ready to take an introductory tour or look into the offer and consider one of the villas we present here for moving to the UAE with a residence permit or permanent residence (the right for which this purchase would secure you) or if you intend to buy property in Dubai for investment purposes, we will be happy to provide more detailed information on this residential complex or any other offers in our catalog. Our specialists can also help you open a bank account, relocate your business or figure out the requirements of the UAE government pertaining immigration to the country.

Return on Housing in the United Arab Emirates

When buying a home in Golf Town (UAE, Dubai), the owner gets a unique opportunity to receive passive income from renting out apartments. The yield from rentals averages about 5.5% and is growing continuously due to the high demand for real estate in the UAE and a large influx of immigrants from many foreign countries.

Quickly Moving to the United Arab Emirates and Getting a Residence Permit for 3 Years

  1. Are you uneasy about uncertainty, language barriers, and possible mistakes in making a real estate purchase and a sale transaction in Dubai?
  2. Are you unsure where to start when applying for a long-term investor visa in the UAE and what documents to prepare?
  3. Are you worried that UAE banks will refuse to open an account, and you will just waste your time applying?
  4. Are you afraid to be tricked about the housing prices, total payments, or documents?

If any of the above is true, you should choose the advice and assistance of reliable, time-tested independent experts, including those working on our portal.

We offer resolution to all the above-mentioned issues without your presence in Dubai. We will help you open a bank account in the UAE and obtain an investor visa when you purchase a three-bedroom villa in Golf Town (or other property of comparable price range) in Dubai.

All you need to put in is your desire, prepayment, and the documents. We provide the rest.

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Contact us today to become a proud owner of a villa in the elite residential complex in the UAE in the nearest future. In addition, you can acquire the right for permanent residence for yourself and your family, move to the Emirates and start living your dreams! 

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