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Cost: from 9550 EUR


Special Offer: Turkey Remote Company Registration with Turkish Bank Account

Congratulations! Your remote company registration in Turkey with a Turkish bank account is just a few weeks away! This is our very special offer with every word worth your attention:

  • Turkey – a thriving economy at the global crossroads, the gateway to many international markets, an exciting vibrant cultural, educational, business destination, a mix of the Old and the New
  • Remote – meaning no need to travel, no in-person visits, no trips, everything can be accomplished online 
  • Company – your asset, your business, your source of income, customized for your needs, your dreams
  • Registration –corporate documents, substance issues resolved, legal incorporation with the authorities, TIN
  • Bank – a reputable international provider of financial services online, your guardian and facilitator
  • Account – your deposit, your growth, your protected funds, diversification

A deposit of 40 000 USD  is required for opening a corporate bank account in Turkey. For estimates of other costs and for more details, please read the article below and refer to our experts. 

Company and account in Turkey

Remote company registration in Turkey: challenge the current disruptions

Turkey is a large market, interesting both in terms of domestic opportunities and import-export operations. Trade, production, resources, services – almost any business can fit some niche and develop here.

The country also offers dozens of economic, industrial, and technological development zones with tax incentives and preferential customs treatment. 

Of course, the more serious your intentions are, the fewer issues you would leave ignored or unresolved at the time of planning. Thorough preparation will allow you to breeze smoothly through company registration to the launch of the operation and bank account opening in Turkey of your company. 

Of all the organizational aspects, you are certainly eager to minimize the wait time and simplify the complexity of bureaucracy. The goal is to optimize the overall business start-up costs.

Before the pandemic and lockdowns, it would take you at least 1 in-person visit to Turkey to open a bank account (having previously received a tax number in this jurisdiction). This route is not feasible any longer because of the pandemic-driven travel bans across much of the world. Besides, so many things are available at a distance digitally now that everyone expects that paperwork and banking should go online as well. 

With many global restrictions still not lifted, the deadlock situation remains uncertain for many entrepreneurs. So, we decided to meet our customers’ requests, scrutinized the opportunities, and have found a legal way to register non-resident companies in Turkey and open bank accounts (personal and corporate) in Turkey remotely. 


Discuss the details with an expert

Check the list of required documents, and get the details of the process, terms, and costs.

Contact a consultant

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Open a business in Turkey remotely: challenge time and space!

To register a company that can remotely open a bank account in Turkey as soon as possible, you are welcome to contact the InternationalWealth experts right now. At the moment, this is the only way to immediately start designing and building the necessary entity and learn more about the bank that is ready to accept applications for remote opening of accounts.

Based on your needs, you can choose to register as a private or public company. The authorized capital is from 10,000 liras, or for a public company – from 100,000 liras (if the director is a foreigner). You don’t have to pay the entire authorized capital at once.

How to get started? Simply prepare the application documents following our experts’ guidelines and prompts.

Individual applicants are required to submit:

  • Valid passport
  • 4 passport photos
  • Proof of residence address, certified by apostille

Documents to be submitted for legal entities by corporate applicants (that is, if you want your foreign company to be owner of the Turkish company):

  • Corporate documents
  • Extract from the register
  • An executive summary about the company (description of activities, name, legal address)
  • Resolution of the Board of Directors of a foreign company about the decision to register a business in Turkey
  • Documents on the appointment of an authorized person in Turkey
  • Authorized person’s documents
  • Samples of signatures
  • Declaration of company registration with the Chamber of Commerce – signed by members and authorized persons
  • 3 copies of the filled out registration form

IMPORTANT: All the required documents need to be translated by a sworn translator into Turkish and certified by a notary. If required, an apostille needs to be attached. Our law office in Istanbul will be pleased to help you with this process.

After the company is registered, we will immediately open a bank account in a Turkish bank for you.

Remote Turkish bank account opening for non-residents

It is possible to open a bank account in Turkey during an in-personal visit. However, this is not convenient and often not possible for non-resident clients. We have identified only one bank in Turkey that is willing to open accounts remotely for solid customers if they are represented by a trusted authorized intermediary.

Now, as you are a solid client, and we can be the proven intermediary.

The Turkish bank’s offers to foreign clients

  • You can open an account in Turkish Lira, US Dollars, Euros, as well as in AUD, DKK, GBP, CHF, SEK, JPY, CAD, NOK, SAR, AED
  • The bank welcomes clients who are going to act as foreign currencies investors 
  • Developed infrastructure: from hundreds of branches across the country and ATMs to convenient modern Internet banking, telephone banking, and mobile apps.
  • Corporate VISA/MasterCard
  • Low commissions compared to popular UAE-owned banks in the region
  • Convenient access to the market of Turkey, the Middle East and beyond.

Requirements for clients wishing to open a Turkish bank account 

The bank imposes several conditions that need to be met by the client:

  • Corporate accounts can be opened only for companies incorporated in Turkey
  • A minimum deposit of 40,000 USD or EUR 
  • Documents translated into Turkish
  • The signatories on the account need to get a TIN in Turkey 
  • Clients can open accounts via an intermediary only.

The deposit is allowed to be used provided that the bank account does not remain empty: if you use the funds, you will need to regularly replenish it. However, it is not blocked, so you can use it short term if cash flow requires it.

Documents for opening a bank account remotely in Turkey

  • Corporate documents of your company registered in Turkey
  • Passports of owners, directors, signatories to the account
  • Proof of address of owners, directors, signatories
  • Completed bank forms
  • TINs of all signatories. It is mandatory to have a Turkish tax number to open an account. We will obtain a Turkish tax number for you as part of our service.

IMPORTANT: TIN availability does not equate to  a tax resident status in Turkey.

The documents need to be translated into Turkish and certified. Our law office in Istanbul will be pleased to guide you through this process.

The costs of the remote customized non-resident company registration in Turkey with a follow-up Turkish bank account

The cost of our package “Company + account in Turkey remotely” starts from 8,999 USD. The amount includes:

  • All relevant duties and state fees;
  • TIN registration for one owner/director;
  • assistance in preparation and verification of documents;
  • registration of the company with the Registrar in Turkey;
  • registered office address in Turkey;
  • remote account opening in a Turkish bank;
  • please note that you need to deposit separately: the share capital of the company, the deposit to the bank account; 

If you wish to appoint a nominee shareholder or professional director, this is possible but is charged separately. Contact us for details.

The procedure of the non-resident company registration and bank account opening in Turkey – remotely

1. Please contact the InternationalWealth experts. You can do the registration remotely only with their help.

2. Confirm that you agree with and are going to meet the bank’s requirements (including the opening deposit of 40,000 USD to be placed with the bank).

3. Pay for the service fee – from 9550 EUR.

4. Provide a complete set of documents.

5. We will register your company, then open an account.

6. You transfer the deposit to the account and start working.

The above-mentioned information about the service of the remote non-resident company registration and bank account opening in Turkey is our special offer just released.

To take advantage of this product, please book a FREE online one-on-one consultation with our experts and/or write to our e-mail address given at the top of this page. 

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