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Sobha SeaHaven: Exquisite Residences with Stunning Dubai Harbour Views

Experience the ultimate in modern luxury and prestige in Dubai by making Sobha SeaHaven your new home. This amazing development is perfect for those who love the beautiful sea, impressive yachts, and tall skyscrapers. Treat yourself to a choice of fancy 1 to 4-bedroom apartments in 3 stunning 67-story towers, right at the center of Dubai Harbour. This sought-after waterfront area has lots of fun things to do let alone convenient amenities. Don’t pass up the chance to live in this exclusive paradise and enjoy a lifestyle like no other!

Sobha SeaHaven

Sobha SeaHaven – Dubai Harbour’s pinnacle of elegance

Welcome to the stylish world of Sobha SeaHaven, a stunning place to live that represents the best in luxury and elegance. As privileged residents, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the sea and some of Dubai’s most famous sights, with multiple opportunities to enjoy:

  • See the greatness of Ain Dubai, the biggest observation wheel in the world.
  • Relax in luxury on Palm Jumeirah, an amazing man-made island shaped like a palm tree.
  • Enjoy the charm of Dubai Harbour, a modern port with a cruise terminal and marina.
  • Experience the vibrant energy of Dubai Marina, one of the city’s most prestigious and bustling neighborhoods.
Sobha SeaHaven

Sobha SeaHaven apartments boast a contemporary and elegant design. Here, modern sophistication shines bright. The interiors are a beautiful mix of light, neutral colors and top-notch materials like marble, ceramic tiles, wood, and glass, making every corner look refined.

The rooms feel grand with their big windows and high ceilings, creating a seamless connection to the outside world. The tower designs are gracefully inspired by gentle ocean waves, giving a calm atmosphere. The panoramic windows and roomy balconies are perfect spots to enjoy breathtaking views day and night.

Each apartment is equipped with smart home systems, quality furniture, and household appliances from well-known brands to enhance your living experience.

The bathrooms are furnished with luxurious fixtures, providing a peaceful retreat, and the modern marble countertops in the kitchens add a touch of class to cooking and dining. You’ll find an unparalleled living experience here, where contemporary design meets comfort and luxury in perfect harmony.

At Sobha SeaHaven, you will enjoy exclusive amenities and services that ensure a comfortable and pleasant living experience: 

  • refreshing swimming pool
  • outdoor cinema for you to watch movies under the stars
  • well-equipped fitness club
  • sports courts for various activities
  • fun-filled children’s play areas
  • thrilling skate park
  • barbecue area for gatherings and delicious meals
  • pet-friendly spaces to enjoy walks with your furry friends
  • round-the-clock service and top-notch security to ensure peace of mind.

By December 2026, the project is expected to be commissioned as per the schedule. One essential point to note is that buying property during its construction phase comes with significant benefits. As the Sobha SeaHaven residential complex nears completion and becomes ready for occupancy, the apartment prices here are likely to see a substantial increase.

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Unparalleled infrastructure at Sobha SeaHaven: embrace a blissful seaside lifestyle

With its array of exclusive amenities and services, Sobha SeaHaven in Dubai promises its residents a comfortable and enjoyable living experience to last a lifetime. 

Panoramic pool: Relax and enjoy a beautiful sea view while lounging in a spacious pool area, surrounded by greenery and comfy chairs suitable for both adults and kids.

Инфраструктура Sobha SeaHaven

Outdoor cinema: Experience the magic of watching movies under the stars at the open-air cinema, conveniently located within the complex and available anytime.

Wellness club: Stay active and rejuvenated at a modern wellness club, which includes a gym, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, and massage rooms. It’s a great place for sports lovers to have fun and unwind with professional services.

Sports courts: If you love sports, you’ll be delighted by basketball, tennis, squash, badminton, and other courts available for your active leisure.

Children’s play areas: Watch your children’s faces light up with joy as they explore safe and fun play areas, featuring a children’s pool, sandbox, slide, swings, and more.

Barbecue area: Create wonderful memories with family and friends at the barbecue area, perfect for gatherings and parties within the complex.

Dedicated pet walking area: Even your furry friends will be taken care of, with special waste disposal containers and water bowls along the walking paths.

24/7 service and security: Relax in a safe and welcoming environment, with attentive 24/7 concierge service and vigilant security staff. The complex has round-the-clock video surveillance and access control for added peace of mind.

As per the development plan, here’s what the complex will provide:

  • peaceful yoga area for moments of relaxation and mindfulness
  • energizing running tracks for fitness enthusiasts to stay active and full of energy
  • spacious conference room for both business and social gatherings
  • warm and friendly club lounge cafe, the perfect spot to unwind and socialize
  • multiple shops, restaurants, and other amenities to enhance convenience and enrich the life of all residents.

Prime location: why Sobha SeaHaven stands out in Dubai Harbour

You’ll find Sobha SeaHaven in the beautiful Dubai Harbour, a stunning new coastal destination that brings together 2 popular areas of Dubai – Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence. This fantastic location offers the best of beachside living and easy access to other parts of the city.

According to the developer’s detailed plan, here’s what the area around the building will include:

  • modern cruise terminal
  • exciting shopping and entertainment center
  • gorgeous beaches
  • luxurious hotels and a wide range of entertainment options.
Dubai Harbour

Just a short and pleasant walk from the residential complex, residents will discover the prestigious Blue Wake Dubai Yacht Club and Luxury Yachts Dubai Marina. Within a quick distance, future owners of Sobha SeaHaven residences can reach the luxurious Habtoor Grand Resort, Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa, and the iconic Cayan Tower, with plenty of entertainment choices.

There’s no doubt more to love about Sobha SeaHaven’s location, and we’ll delve into those wonderful advantages below.

Nearby beach access

Living at Sobha SeaHaven has a wonderful perk – you’ll be only 1 km away from a beautiful sandy beach. This means you can easily enjoy activities like swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. The beach comes with fantastic attractions, such as a thrilling water park, a fun volleyball court, a playground for children, and many other enjoyable places to visit.

Dubai Harbour

Sobha SeaHaven enjoys direct access to Dubai Harbour, the new state-of-the-art maritime port set to become one of the largest and most impressive in the region. You’ll be amazed by Ain Dubai, the famous observation wheel that stands 250 meters tall, offering incredible city views. And that’s not all – Dubai Harbour will also have a cruise terminal capable of hosting 6,000 passengers at once and a marina for 1,100 yachts. Plus, a lively shopping center, various hotels, and a delightful variety of restaurants and cafes will be available to make your time there even more enjoyable.

Dubai Marina

Sobha SeaHaven sits near the famous Dubai Marina, a popular and vibrant area in Dubai. This prestigious neighborhood offers a beautiful waterfront, an exclusive yacht club, fancy shopping places, top-notch restaurants, and thrilling nightlife.

Luxury Yachts Dubai

As a resident, you will enjoy peaceful walks by the marina, admiring the impressive skyscrapers and stylish yachts around you. If you’re looking for fun, there’s a cinema and a bowling alley for entertainment. You will enjoy leisurely walks while marveling at the impressive skyscrapers and yachts, catch a movie at the cinema, go bowling, or simply soak in the atmosphere of luxury and entertainment that Dubai Marina has to offer.

Getting around made easy

One of the best things about Sobha SeaHaven is how easy it is to get around the city from here. The nearby Sheikh Zayed Road is a major highway that connects Dubai to Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. The residential complex is conveniently located near metro stations and a tram stop, so you can easily reach famous places like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Palm Jumeirah, and the Museum of the Future. Another great thing is that Sobha SeaHaven is close to 2 international airports, and it only takes 30 minutes to get to either one of them by car.

Why choose Sobha SeaHaven for your dream home?

Sobha SeaHaven offers a perfect balance of comfortable living and great investment opportunities. Properties in the area are always in demand, and they have the potential to increase in value over time, making it a smart choice to buy an apartment in Sobha SeaHaven.

Construction quality and developer’s reputation

Sobha Realty stands out in Dubai because of its excellent construction quality and reputation. With over 40 years of experience in construction and real estate sales, they have become a leading company in the industry. Sobha Realty is known for its top-notch work, amazing designs, and beautiful finishes, making sure each project meets high standards and satisfies valued clients. What makes Sobha Realty truly unique is that they are the only developer in the region with their own production of construction materials, furniture, and decor. This is an extra advantage in delivering outstanding projects.

Golden Visa opportunity

If you purchase an apartment at Sobha SeaHaven in Dubai, you will have the chance to apply for UAE residency through the Golden Visa program. Investing in a property worth AED 2 million (USD 545,000) qualifies you for a 10-year Golden Visa. Alternatively, you can get a 2-year residency visa by investing a lower amount of AED 750,000 (USD 204,000) in local real estate.

Bright prospects for the neighborhood

Sobha SeaHaven enjoys a prime location, surrounded by Dubai’s most famous landmarks:

  • Ain Dubai
  • Dubai Harbour
  • Dubai Marina
  • numerous shopping centers
  • top-notch hotels
  • diverse range of restaurants and cafes.

These popular landmarks will likely make the demand for properties in the neighborhood go up, resulting in increased property value and good returns on investment.

High income potential

If you invest in a 1-bedroom apartment at Dubai Harbour, expect an attractive return of 6.4%. Renting out the property for a year can bring in an income of AED 130,000 (USD 35,000).

Seize the chance to purchase an apartment at Sobha SeaHaven in Dubai at a favorable price and secure a Golden Visa for the UAE. Reach out to International Wealth experts today for a free consultation covering all aspects of real estate purchase, from selecting the right property to managing the transaction and ownership structure. Let us help you maximize the benefits of your investments!

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