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Cost: from 198000 USD


Shellsea – Perfect Investment Choice for Northern Cyprus

Investing in real estate in Northern Cyprus is a fantastic opportunity for smart investors. The market is growing steadily, attracting ambitious people who look for profitable ventures. However, if you attempt to make property deals on your own, you’ll inevitably face some risks. With the Shellsea Villa project in Girne (Kyrenia), you don’t have to worry, as it is a safe and exceptional investment option.


One of the best things about Shellsea is that it’s quite affordable. As such, it is a great choice for investors on a budget. The 1+1 villa with an area of 72 square meters starts at just USD 198,000. Those looking for something bigger will be satisfied with the 468 square meter villa (4+1, 4 bathrooms) priced at just over USD 2.6 million.

In addition to Shellsea, other attractive property options are available in Northern Cyprus, like the studios in the Courtyard Beach Resort complex.


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Discover the project’s key advantages:

  • Profitable investment: The project offers a fantastic chance for investors to make good money.
  • Stable price growth: Property prices in Northern Cyprus have consistently gone up over the last 8 years, showing potential for more growth in the future.
  • Safe investment: The real estate sector in Northern Cyprus boasts low risks, making it a secure choice for investors.
  • Peaceful and safe: With very little crime, both buyers and investors can feel confident about their investment decisions in Northern Cyprus.
  • Affordable properties: Even though prices are growing steadily, real estate in Northern Cyprus, including Shellsea in Girne, remains cheaper than in Europe, which is a good opportunity for buyers.
  • Reliable transactions: The project ensures safe and dependable transactions, giving investors peace of mind.
  • Investor-friendly taxes: Northern Cyprus has favorable tax rules attractive for those looking to protect and diversify their assets.
  • Low costs: Buying and selling property in Northern Cyprus is more affordable compared to other places.
  • Good rental opportunities: The project provides lots of chances for property rentals, with an average yearly income of 10% to 15%.
  • Pleasant weather: Northern Cyprus has a lovely and mild climate appealing for both living and investing.
  • Developed areas: Places like Girne (Kyrenia), where Shellsea is located, have excellent infrastructure, making it even more attractive for investment.
  • Easy for investors: There’s no need for visas, which is why it is simple for investors from all over the world to get involved.
  • Foreigner-friendly: Foreigners can invest in Northern Cyprus real estate without any tough restrictions.
  • Safe and stable environment: Northern Cyprus provides a stable and secure environment and is an appealing place for investors and residents.

Also, check out other exciting real estate opportunities in Northern Cyprus, like studio apartments in the beautiful Magnolia residential complex.

Shellsea villas

The project’s essential characteristics position it as an extremely advantageous and appealing opportunity for a wide range of potential buyers. Unlike many other investments, Shellsea doesn’t lose its investment value due to its versatility. It caters to buyers with diverse preferences and requirements, ensuring that everyone can find their dream property in Girne (Kyrenia).

Shellsea villas

Overview of Shellsea project’s key features:

  • Property type: villas.
  • Location: Kyrenia (Girne), Northern Cyprus.
  • Villa sizes: ranging from 72 square meters to 468 square meters.
  • Project completion: actively under development, currently at 26% completion.
  • Proximity to beach: just 2 minutes away on foot.
  • Convenient city center access: within a 40-minute walk from the city center.
  • Close to the airport: only 23 minutes by car to the airport.

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Shellsea is a great chance for buyers and investors who want real estate in Northern Cyprus with the perfect mix of features. The villas enjoy an ideal location, very close to the shoreline, providing their future owners with a delightful and comfortable living space. Other properties in Northern Cyprus might have better features for buyers, but they often require higher investments. That’s why Shellsea villas are so popular with buyers and investors.

Take a look at villa characteristics in Shellsea:

No. of roomsMinimum area, square metersMaximum area, square metersNo. of bathroomsMinimum price, thousand USDMaximum price, thousand USD

Discover the standout features and amenities in the Shellsea project:

  • secured private parking area
  • 24/7 customer support service
  • modern and safe elevators with multiple levels of protection
  • beautifully maintained garden providing a peaceful atmosphere for leisurely walks
  • well-equipped children’s playground
  • walkway for pedestrians
  • fully-equipped fitness center
  • private autonomous generator
  • indoor pool with a state-of-the-art water purification system.

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Explore impressive technical features of Shellsea villas:

  • diverse selection of channels with Cable TV
  • optimal water pressure with the water boosting system and water tank
  • continuous 24/7 gas supply and hot and cold water availability
  • modern large flat-screen TV and digital receiver.

Here’s what the enhanced security for villa owners at Shellsea includes:

  • dedicated security service
  • reinforced steel door equipped with advanced locking systems
  • automatic fire alarm and firefighting system
  • smoke detectors
  • CCTV cameras covering Shellsea’s perimeter and the complex
  • 24/7 surveillance.

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Discover the unique characteristics of villa design in Shellsea:

  • expansive panoramic windows designed to enhance your surroundings
  • thoughtful design with a focus on harmonious lines and clean angles
  • multiple cozy pathways leading to the beach
  • outdoor relaxation zones for unwinding in the open air
  • individual pools for each villa offering a secluded oasis
  • all-inclusive leisure amenities shared within Shellsea and tailored to each villa
  • environmentally-friendly materials used to promote sustainability
  • contemporary high-tech kitchen layouts for a seamless culinary experience
  • soft and subtle color palette for an elegant and calming ambiance.

Shellsea villas offer an exciting opportunity for you to invest in Northern Cyprus. Girne (Kyrenia) comes with a delightful environment including all the amenities for a cozy home. The target audience includes expats, digital nomads, and people looking for a simple work setup with just a laptop and the Internet. Shellsea has a low investment threshold and is thus accessible to many buyers. Its appeal ensures good returns through villa rentals.

Additionally, the International Wealth team offers an exclusive service for potential investors and buyers. You are welcome to open a personal bank account in Northern Cyprus (available remotely).

For inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact International Wealth at [email protected] or via other communication channels.

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