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Set Up a Company (BC) in the Seychelles

We would like to offer you an opportunity of registering a business company (BC) in the Seychelles. Company registration usually takes 3 business days. You will get a company with a high level of data security, and zero taxation in certain cases.

Company registration in Seychelles

The Seychelles Offshore and Business Companies

Seychelles is considered a classic offshore jurisdiction. Despite this, the jurisdiction is gaining popularity every year. The reason is that the Seychelles maintain both its advantages such as low taxes, ease of registration and flexibility of corporate laws and also meet the requirements of the international community. In particular, the Seychelles has introduced a register of beneficial owners and directors. Though this data is not publicly available, it is kept by the registered agent.

As for the beneficial owners, their names, dates of birth, nationality, share in the company must be provided to the registered agent as well as the details of the professional directors/shareholders.

Data of the directors must also be entered into the register. For a certain period of time the plan was to make it publicly available. But for the time being it is closed to the public.

The law clearly stipulates the cases when the authorities have the right to request such information from the registered agent. It can only be requested as part of an ongoing investigation. Phishing operations when someone requests the data of many clients at once are unacceptable.

Maintaining a company in the Seychelles requires the following:

  • Pay the annual fee;
  • Have at least 1 shareholder (national of any country);
  • Have at least 1 director (national of any country);
  • Keep the company’s accounts (but it is not required to file them and/or get them audited);
  • Submit the company’s annual non-financial report (with the general data of the company and the actual address where the accounts, minutes of the shareholders’ meeting and directors’ meeting are kept). A statement proving one being ready to provide the necessary information to the Seychelles authorities upon request, etc.

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Should you wish to enjoy the zero tax rate, you will have to meet several conditions:

  • No business in the Seychelles.
  • No owning of local real estate.
  • No banking or insurance business without a license. You also cannot act as a registered agent.
  • You cannot run an investment company in the Seychelles, just in other countries, and only if you have a license issued by a particular country.
  • You cannot run a gambling business in the Seychelles, and outside of the Seychelles you must have a license for that.

You have to authorize the share capital when you start a company, but you do not have to pay it up.

The owner and director can be the same person. Meetings of directors do not have to be held in the Seychelles. There is no requirement for a mandatory Meeting of Directors every year.

Company Names in the Seychelles

In the Seychelles, it is forbidden to register a company with a name that is identical to another registered name. A registration application may be rejected if the new name is too similar to an existing name which may be misleading.

Words that cannot be used for names are Assurance, Bank, Building Society, Chamber of Commerce, Chartered, Cooperative, Imperial, Insurance, Municipal, Trust, Foundation.

In some cases, the use of the word Seychelles may be allowed if the Registrar considers it acceptable.

The name should end with Limited, Corporation or Incorporated, abbreviations of Ltd, Corp, Inc. The name of a protected cell company must end in Protected Cell Company or the abbreviation PCC.

Documents Required to Set Up a Company in the Seychelles

  • You will need to provide a copy of your passport and the proof of residence.
  • After that you will be asked to pay for the company registration.
  • A new company is usually registered within 3 to 4 business days.

Documents You Get Upon Setting Up a Company in the Seychelles

  • Certificate of Incorporation;
  • Memorandum / Articles of Incorporation;
  • Minutes appointing the first director;
  • Minutes of the first meeting;
  • Register of directors;
  • Register of shareholders;
  • Share certificate(s);
  • Maintenance of registers;
  • Initial filling out of the register of directors.

Cost of the Company Registration and Maintenance in the Seychelles

The BC registration cost in the Seychelles starts from 2099 USD. This includes the following:

  • Company registration;
  • Payment of the state registration fee;
  • Registered agent services in the Seychelles;
  • Registered office (registered address) in the Seychelles;
  • 1 set of original corporate documents (listed above);
  • Worldwide courier delivery.

Do you plan to open an account? Do you need apostilled copies of the corporate documents for other purposes? You can order such a set at once. This will be more cost-effective than getting each document apostilled separately.

The cost of company registration with the set of apostilled documents is 2,899 USD.

Annual company renewal in the Seychelles will cost 1,999 USD. This includes:

  • Payment of the state renewal fee;
  • Registration agent services in the Seychelles;
  • Registered office (registered address) in the Seychelles.

Penalties are imposed in case of late payment:

Penalty fees for late renewal payments:
Up to 6 months late$ 399
Over 6 months late$ 799
1.5 years late$ 1,199
2 years late$ 1,599
Should a company fail to pay the annual renewal fees and accrued penalty fees within 2 years, it will be struck off the Business Register

If you wish so, you can use the professional services:

  • Professional shareholder is 1,399 USD per year;
  • Professional director is 1,399 USD per year.

Extra Costs and Services After Company Registration in the Seychelles

Professional director services
$3,400 + expenses

Notarized set of copies of corporate documents$ 700
Notarized and apostilled set of copies of corporate documents$ 1,000
Preparation of standard Meeting Minutes or Resolutions$ 500
Updates to the register of directors, including filling out the register$ 550
Notarized and apostilled Minutes $ 1,000
Share certificate (each)$ 50
Search for a company and obtaining a register of expenses$ 600
Certificate of Good Standing issued by the Registrar$ 700
Apostilled Certificate of Good Standing issued by the Registrar$ 1,000
Certificate of Incumbency issued by the registered agent (Standard/Special UBO/Special UBO+voting rights)$ 490
Notarized Certificate of Incumbency$ 690
Notarized and apostilled Certificate of Incumbency$ 890
Certification by the registered agent (per document)$ 150
Company dissolution (preparation of documents) + Certificate of Dissolution $ 2,300
Change of company name including the new Memorandum and Articles of Incorporation$1,200
Notarization (per document)$ 250
Apostille$ 300
Company seal$ 200
Restoration of the company’s legal capacity if the company was excluded from the registerupon request
Company name reservationfree
Financial report (up to 40 transactions per year)$ 2,400
Financial report (41 to 150 transactions per year)$ 4,500
Financial report (more than 150 transactions per year)upon request
Virtual office in the Seychelles / per year
Mail forwarding services, dedicated phone line and fax

How Do I Register a Business Company (BC) in the Seychelles?


Please contact us at and let us know you would like to set up a company in Seychelles.


Send your documents to our experts for them to check whether opening a company is feasible.


After that we will ask you to pay for the company registration service, from 2099 USD.

You can pay by a bank card, bank transfer, Bitcoin, via MoneyGram, WebMoney, Western Union.

Should you need any extra services please feel free to let us know. Sign up for a free consultation on choosing a bank account for your Seychelles company right now.


After receiving all the necessary documents and your payment, we will proceed to company registration. It usually takes around 3 business days.


Now you can start your business.

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