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Seasaw Blue Furnished Apartments in Istanbul – Your Right for Turkish Citizenship

Are you considering the idea to invest in Turkish real estate to become a citizen of Turkey and secure a reliable source of stable income for both yourself and your loved ones? Take a look at the superb  SEASAW BLUE apartment complex in the Sisli district of Istanbul. The turnkey furnished apartments in Istanbul, Turkey are in the European side of the city. The project sits along the Е5 highway, literally 5 mins from the Downtown Istanbul.

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Apartment prices in the SEASAW BLUE estate project in Istanbul start from USD 382,000 per 3+1 apartment with a total area of 169 square meters.


SEASAW BLUE apartments in Istanbul and their investment potential

The SEASAW BLUE real estate project is to be found in the Sisli district of Istanbul, 950 meters from the Çağlayan Courthouse, opposite the Perpa Trade Center and the Okmeydanı State Hospital. The key advantages of the SEASAW BLUE apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey are indisputable:

  • turnkey residences
  • opportunity to receive a title certificate in no time
  • eligibility for Turkish citizenship
  • low cost
  • security
  • top-quality infrastructure
  • high investment appeal
  • proximity to the new Istanbul International Airport, with a regular bus service. 

The SEASAW BLUE real estate project in Istanbul, Turkey is a 13-story apartment block facing the Bosphorus strait. This is where its name comes from. The mezzanine floor houses two shops. Several mass transit stations are close by. The residences have huge long term investment potential – they boast a favorable location in Istanbul, as well as superb technical parameters, and offer a high level of security to the residents. 


Potential apartment owners in this real estate project in Istanbul, Turkey will qualify for Turkish citizenship if they purchase a 3+1 apartment of 169 square meters at the price of USD 382,000 and above. This apartment complex in Istanbul has great potential, and here’s why:

  1. At least 1,000,000 apartment blocks shall be sold in Turkey to hit the annual target.
  2. Istanbul is a major economic center, hence, real estate investment here is quite secure.
  3. Citizenship by investment program in Turkey attracts more and more foreign investors with every passing year.
  4. The government of Turkey is interested in new construction, and demand is surpassing supply.
  5. Real estate investment in the country is quickly returned and secures you a good, stable income on both European and global levels. 
  6. The year of 2022 is the golden age on the real estate market of Turkey. 

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NB: The International Wealth experts are always ready to offer you support with any real estate sale and purchase deals in Turkey. We will provide both you and your family with any assistance necessary to receive a citizen by investment status in Turkey.

Characteristics of SEASAW BLUE furnished apartments in Istanbul, Turkey  

The high-rise building that houses the SEASAW BLUE apartments in Istanbul is situated in the very heart of the Turkish capital, 32 kilometers shy of the airport, and 2 kilometers from the popular Mecidiyekoy tourist district in Istanbul, Turkey, just a step away from the green park area. When you purchase an apartment in this real estate project in Istanbul, you get a spacious, daylight-flooded property in an apartment block that is guarded 24/7. 

Take a look at the project’s main characteristics:

  • parking lot
  • elevator
  • CATV
  • water supply system
  • round-the-clock technical support service
  • natural gas supply
  • electric power generator 
  • centralized hot-water supply system
  • satellite TV
  • CCTV
  • video intercom
  • fire and smoke detectors;
  • steel entrance door in each apartment
  • automatic fire fighting system.

Panoramic windows of the SEASAW BLUE apartments offer you a splendid scene of Istanbul, Turkey. At USD 382,000 you receive a luxury apartment of 169,64 square meters, with 3 spacious bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and unforgettable city views. 

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The International Wealth experts are always here to offer you help with selecting real estate in Turkey and getting your Turkish residence. We will arrange for a personal real estate tour and select other real estate options to your liking. 

Is it profitable in 2022 to invest in real estate in Turkey?  

Construction materials are delivered on time, and consumer interest is on the rise in Turkey. The Citizenship by Investment program introduced by the Turkish government contributed thereto. The latter provides for a citizen status in Turkey for those investors who purchase local residential real estate worth USD 400,000 USD and above. In 2021, the Cost-of-Construction Index (CCI) grew by 41.93% YoY and 4.75% MoM. Turkey had to export key construction materials, including cement and iron. The prices grew, and so did the interest of foreign investors. 

Turkish lira depreciation came second in promoting interest in real estate in Turkey. It is quite profitable for real estate buyers to pay in lira today, and this is exactly the currency they pay for residential properties in Turkey with. 

Going by the Turkish real estate stats and with residential rent yield in mind, in 2021 ROI made up 71% for the year and 151% for the last 2 years. Within the last 2 years, USD appreciation made up 97% and Euro appreciation – 102%. 

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Around 1,500,000 residential properties were sold in Turkey in 2021. This is the second-largest peak sales figure on the Turkish real estate market since 2020. 

 Benefits of investing in Turkish real estate are obvious:

  • asset diversification – successful high-profit investment is classified as booming business
  • local real estate market is the most popular on the global scale
  • annual growth in real estate prices is a source of stable good income
  • excellent investment potential, with the possibility to become a Turkish citizen in future
  • real estate sector is growing rapidly, while combining success with minimum risks
  • possibility to secure a risk-free yield for yourself
  • lots of investment incentives
  • booming economy
  • low taxes and membership in the European Customs Union;
  • excellent infrastructure
  • largest power station and terminal in Europe. 

With its impressive growth rates, the Turkish economy is booming. Fishing villages turn into excellent resorts, attracting tourists from all over the world. The government works hard to improve the infrastructure, secure alternative energy sources, wastewater treatment, as well as water supply.  


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When you purchase a furnished apartment of USD 382,000 and above in the SEASAW BLUE apartment complex in Istanbul, you will enjoy a number of tax benefits, along with other preferences. Turkey will supply you with a multitude of high-qualified young specialists and talents in the real estate sector, if you have in mind a business in this sphere. You will be happy about the prospect of working in a liberal economic environment, with your investment protected to the max.    

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According to ОECD forecasts,  Turkey is going to be of the fastest growing economies, capable of bringing in at least USD 15,000,000,000 of FDI annually. 

What is the reason to hurry with purchasing a SEASAW BLUE apartment in Istanbul? 

Real estate in Turkey is in scarce supply, and this is why foreign real estate investors should not postpone their investment decisions till some better days. Properties in Turkey will be a source of stable good profit and an opportunity to become citizens of Turkey for them. If the sales volume in the real estate sector stays the same, demand will significantly outpace supply. Imagine what happens in case of demand growth that is on the horizon. High-quality real estate premises are already in short supply on the real estate market of Turkey. Only 2 options are available for sale today in the new Istanbul SEASAW BLUE apartment complex commissioned in 2021. They are 1+1 apartments of 73 square meters and 3+1 apartments of 169 square meters, priced at USD 382,000 and above. 

Ernst & Young claims the Turkish real estate comes second in terms of investment appeal on a global scale. Other indexes give a palm to the local real estate market and name is as the most appealing for the next several years. 

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SEASAW BLUE investment is your trouble free way to secure a Turkish passport for both yourself and your immediate family. 

Around 35,000 foreigners became citizens of Turkey by participating in the Citizenship by Investment program within the last 2 years. Lack of limitations is the major advantage for real estate investors. You may purchase an apartment, a house, a villa, commercial premises, or land lots in any region and any province of Turkey, except for certain locations of special significance. You may sell your properties or dispose of them as you please, provided you have been admitted to Turkish citizenship and at least 3 years have passed after the purchase. The main thing is, the holding period in case of such investment shall make up at least 3 years. You confirm your agreement with this in writing when registering the title to your new property.    

Foreign real estate investors were most active namely in Istanbul in 2021. At least 18.5% of all real estate deals were made here, i.e., 276,223 properties changed owners. Istanbul is closely followed by Ankara and Izmir. All in all, foreign investors purchased 558,576 properties in Turkey out of 1,500,000 available on the real estate market back then. This looks like reliable evidence in favor of real estate investment in Turkey and its potential.

The International Wealth experts are ready and willing to tell you all about the furnished apartments in the SEASAW BLUE apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey worth USD 382,000 and above in every single detail. We organize both personal and virtual property tours, assist you with legal paperwork, and support your sale and purchase deals at every stage thereof. At International Wealth, we help our customers with all the issues related to obtaining Turkish citizenship. The new SEASAW BLUE real estate project is an ideal and safe option for long term real estate investment in Istanbul, Turkey. It offers you an opportunity to become a citizen of this friendly and sunny state. Does it sound appealing to you? If so, you are welcome to contact International Wealth, and our experts will be at your service. Initial consultations are free of charge, and you have nothing to lose but may win a fortune.

What apartments in the SEASAW BLUE apartment complex may I buy in Istanbul, Turkey?

Two apartment types are currently for sale in this real estate project. They are large and sunlit 1+1 apartment of 74 square meters and 3+1 apartment with 2 bathrooms totaling 169 square meters. All apartments boast magnificent city views. This 13-story apartment block offers furnished turnkey residences, with an opportunity of almost immediate titling. Owners of this real estate qualify for the Citizenship by Investment program, provided they do not sell their properties within the next 3 years.

Is it profitable to invest in Turkish real estate in 2022?

According to the global indexes, the real estate market in Turkey will remain one of the most appealing investment options in the near future. Around 1,500,000 residential properties were sold here in 2021, with one third of them – to foreigners. With lira depreciation and housing costs constantly on the rise, investors’ interest in the real estate market of Turkey grew. Within the last 2 years, the ROI index amounted to an impressive 151%.

Why should I hurry to purchase an apartment or a house in Turkey?

The real estate market in Turkey currently experiences the lack of supply. The sales turnover of 2021 indicates that the market shall get at least 1,000,000 new residential properties every year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, construction material supply decreased significantly, and demand today greatly outstrips supply. With the excellent opportunities it offers, the Residence by Investment program aroused great interest on the part of foreign investors. They are intrigued by the idea of purchasing several cheap apartments to reach the necessary minimum amount of USD 400,000 and become eligible.

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