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Royal Mansion Residential Complex in Beylikdüzü – a Privileged Investment Project

The Beylikdüzü District in the European part of Istanbul is one of the most interesting areas. It is loved not only by tourists, but by Turkish people as well. East and West meet and mix here in an amazing way; the trends of high-tech civilization and the traditional ways of life, high investment attractiveness and excellent conditions for comfortable living – all this is present here in a truly unique combination. In this district, real estate properties from the developer are quite rare, because there is not so much available construction space. Local residents prefer the secondary market. However, foreigners with a temporary residence permit or permanent residence do not want to deal with housing that was put into operation many years ago.

Royal Mansion

Therefore, the start of sales of the residential complex Royal Mansion (or “royal estate”, if you like) attracted a lot of attention. Not all the reactions were completely positive: there were some doubts about the possible prices and the level of compliance of the apartments with European requirements to comfort and technical equipment. Fortunately, all these worries turned out to be groundless – the Royal Mansion complex completely satisfies the demands of its target audience. It has become one of the best development projects of recent years, being able to combine all the features that are almost never seen together in the Turkish real estate market (especially in Istanbul). Can the Royal Mansion be called perfect? We think it can!

Some Key Features of the Complex:

  • Location: Beylikdüzü district, in the European part of Istanbul;
  • Name of the residential complex: Royal Mansion;
  • Degree of completion: 100% (the complex has been officially commissioned);
  • Travel time to the airport – 32 minutes. In this aspect, the developer has proved its status and respectability in the Turkish real estate market – the place was chosen almost perfectly. Not far enough from the airport to have a problem with being stuck in traffic on the way there and back, and not close enough to suffer from the undesirable noise effects.
  • Type of project: modern and turnkey well-equipped apartments;
  • Distance to the beach – 8 minutes. Just think about it: the Royal Mansion is located within a mere 600-700 meters from the coastline! A couple of minutes by car or a short leisurely walk – and you can plunge into the warm gentle waters of the Sea of Marmara! This area is not as attractive for tourists as the coastal towns of Antalya, Belek or Alanya, so you the owners can avoid the huge crowds of tourists and all the corresponding “charms” of a busy tourist resort – noise, rubbish, higher crime rate, and exorbitant prices. But at the same time, they are sure to enjoy all the advantages of the beach area in the best sense of the word!
  • Travel time to the center of Istanbul – 34 minutes. What was said above applies here as well. The choice of location is almost perfect, based on deep understanding of the preferences of the buyers / investors. Perhaps one can try to find more advantageous places in Turkey if they want to dig deeper. But from our perspective, the location of the Royal Mansion is indeed very close to perfect.

We have created a concise guide to buying real estate in Turkey, which has all the information you may find useful on administrative and financial issues connected with this sort of investment.

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Investment features of the Royal Mansion residential complex are quite impressive and make it a truly privileged project:

  • Construction area – 2843 м2;
  • 4 residential blocks with 72 apartments;
  • Large selection of rooms – from 2 + 1 to 5 + 2 (the number of bedrooms and living rooms). That is why everyone will be able to find an apartment to their liking in the Royal Mansion – the complex has something to offer both to young people focused on an active lifestyle, and large families with children;
  • Apartment area – from 120 m2 to 290 m2.

Types of apartments at the Royal Mansion complex:

  • 2 + 1: from 120 m2 to 146 m2, 1 bathroom;
  • 3 + 1: 165 m2, 2 bathrooms;
  • 4 + 2: 230 m2, 2 bathrooms;
  • 5 + 2: 290 m2, 3 bathrooms;

Royal Mansion, warranty of security:

  • Reinforced steel doors featuring two different systems of locks;
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system with multiple smoke and fire detectors. Please note that it is powered from a central source, so in the event of a dangerous situation, you can expect the emergency services to arrive in a minimal time;
  • Surveillance cameras. The perimeter of the Royal Mansion is under control 24/7, which means that you can safely let the children play in the yard by themselves – nothing will happen to them. At any point when strangers appear at the gate, security guards intervene and figures out the situation, protecting the peace of the residents of the Royal Mansion;
  • Round the clock security. Security officers are nothing like typical concierges – they are specially trained people who are determined to protect the peace and well-being of the residents of the Royal Mansion, and treat those who do not live there with utmost caution;
  • Video intercoms are installed in every apartment.

Independent infrastructure of the Royal Mansion residential complex:

  • Secure guarded parking;
  • Well-cared-for and landscaped garden;
  • Well-equipped safe playground;
  • Indoor swimming pool;
  • Open-air pool;
  • Fitness Centre;
  • Shady paths for relaxing walks.

Technical systems featured in the apartments at Royal Mansion:

  • Modern cable TV and satellite TV system offering a large selection of channels for every age and preference;
  • Built-in water pressure boosting system + a separate water tank for every apartment;
  • Centralized supplies of natural gas and hot water;
  • Each apartment is fitted with its own emergency power generator. In case of an emergency power cut (which, we have to say, is extremely rare here), the residents of the Royal Mansion will never be left in the dark.

We would like to especially underline that the Royal Mansion provides a 24/7 customer support service. The specialist will promptly resolve any issues connected with the household systems and utilities – around the clock!

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Description of Beylikdüzü District

Istanbul’s pearl on the shores of the Sea of Marmara – this is what they often say about the Beylikdüzü area. It makes no sense to compare it with French Nice, Italian Rimini or Greek Corfu – in Beylikdüzü the atmosphere is less posh and “premium-class”. However, that is certainly not a disadvantage. The investment volume threshold here is significantly lower, but in terms of comfort and living conditions, Beylikdüzü attracts stable interest from the investors and buyers who are interested in paying for real advantages instead of image and hype.

The Royal Mansion residential complex makes full use of Beylikdüzü’s reputation. The standard formula “cheap and cheerful” does not work here – in terms of historical attractions and well-developed infrastructure, Beylikdüzü is quite similar to classic European resorts. The only significant difference is a much lower price threshold when buying real estate. It seems that this may hardly be considered a disadvantage.

Royal Mansion, Must-See Attractions in the Area:

  • Yaşam Vadisi – the valley of life. A magnificent park that offers relaxation and unity with nature; a beautiful green space, where you can spend time with the family, ride a bike, lie on the grass or attend one of many social events held here;
  • Marmara Park Mall – a chic mall with dozens of shops and restaurants, a gym, a construction market, and the largest IMAX screen in Turkey – all under one roof;
  • Rüstem Pasha Mosque – an architectural monument of the 16th century, one of the smallest mosques in the city of Istanbul with beautiful interiors and narrow, twisting flights of steps leading to a spacious courtyard;  
  • Fatih Camii mosque – built in 1470, it was in fact the first in the conquered Constantinople. Mehmet II himself is buried there. We recommend an evening visit, for it looks especially amazing at sunset;
  • Ziyade Fasıl is the most famous nightclub in Istanbul – adults only;
  • İstanbul Akvaryum. Istanbul’s magnificent aquarium offers its visitors a complete illusion of immersion in the hidden life of the seas and oceans;
  • Avrasya Hamam – the largest bath in Europe. You are guaranteed simply unforgettable impressions from a visit to this magical place;
  • Pelit Cikolata Muzesi – museum of chocolate. Be careful: here you can not only look, but also try the exhibits, and even buy those you favored the most; a real threat to your waistline;
  • The Museum of Innocence. We recommend visiting it only to those who have a strong nervous system. And do not bring the kids!
  • Basilica Cistern – a unique underground palace and ancient water reservoir. A mystical place that carefully keeps its secrets from strangers.

Must-Visit Restaurants and Cafes around the Royal Mansion:

  • Can-U Can Köfte is the best meatball restaurant in Turkey, a great place for meat lovers;
  • Lalezar İşkembe Kelle Paça – a restaurant classic Turkish cuisine;
  • KöşebaşI Beylikdüzü – a fast food restaurant. The food is good and not very expensive; a great choice for a snack;
  • Kanatçı Haydar Beylikdüzü – serving delicious chicken wings, this café offers very large portions and a large selection of drinks;
  • Dilek – a cafe serving outstanding breakfasts. Note that there are smoking areas there;
  • Şehrin Ciğercisi – a restaurant that fully justifies its name, “liver of the city”. Scrumptious!
  • Hadi Karakoy is a rare find in the modern world. A classic tavern, still featuring the facilities and service standards that fully meet the 21-century customers’ requirements;
  • Kanatçı Muhtar’ın Yeri – a family restaurant with cozy, warm décor, and a large selection of meat dishes. The place has a beautiful outdoor terrace and a small green garden;
  • Beylik İşkembe is a 24-hour café, clean and modern. Highly recommended for soup and pide lovers;
  • Öz Urfa Kebap – the owners call the venue a barbecue parlor, and that really says it all.

Recommendations, conclusions

There are investment objects that you choose after a long painful analysis of all the significant factors. However, Royal Mansion is something different. It offers a unique combination of two worlds, the East and the West, which results in a mix that is far from typical or ordinary, but is definitely unrivaled in attractiveness. Compared to other available offers, Royal Mansion is a rare gem.

The residential complex Royal Mansion can become a center of your resort life, a place for comfortable and cozy residence with your family, a base of starting a business in Turkey, a profitable investment project that would pave the path for obtaining Turkish citizenship – or several of those things at once. No matter which option you choose, you will definitely not be disappointed. Unlike many other offers in the Istanbul real estate market, Royal Mansion is not a mere collection of good consumer properties – it goes beyond that. I will become the epicenter of your interests in Turkey. Royal Mansion is an excellent option both for relocating and for making lucrative investments.

Please note that the property has already been commissioned, and private and corporate investors from all over the world have already shown active interest in it. But you still have time to make a decision about buying an apartment in the Royal Mansion residential complex. We hope you make that decision soon: Royal Mansion has everything to make living here pleasant and rewarding.

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