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Residential or Commercial Real Estate for Sale in Istanbul Hotel Concept with Rental Guarantee Project

Would you like to make your money work for you? At International Wealth, we will help you select the most profitable real estate, calculate investment return, and forecast your future profits. You are making the choice of your life by deciding to invest in Turkish real estate. The country attracts tourists like bees to honey, and the advantages of owing real estate in the tourist sector are undisputable. We will discuss them below in more detail.

Hotel concept Rental Gurantee

How can you make your money work?

Money should work, this sounds like a copybook maxim. Let’s see how we can do it in practical terms:

  • deposit your money in a bank account
  • invest it in precious metals
  • plow it into business
  • purchase securities
  • buy either commercial or residential real estate.

Suppose we discuss the last option. Foreigners investing in the Hotel Concept with Rental Guarantee real estate project in Istanbul, Turkey may purchase properties for their own use or with a view to earning a profit.  The project itself consists of the Delta Park apartment complex and two Istanbul hotels, Stiff Silver and Sheraton Residence. No doubt, each of them comes with its own advantages.


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Delta Park – optimal investor’s choice

The Delta Park apartment complex is an inseparable part of the Hotel Concept with Rental Guarantee investment project in Istanbul, Turkey. This property has been completed shell and core, and you can buy residences therein at USD 116,391 to USD 183,208.

The best part about the Delta Park apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey is its location. It is surrounded by major Istanbul shopping centers, and both the airport and the North Marmama, E5 and Tem highways are within a stone’s throw.

Potential real estate investors may choose from 121 properties in the Delta Park apartment complex in Istanbul. Currently, 1 +1 and 2+1 residences are for sale.

As the Delta Park apartment complex is a part of the Hotel Concept with Rental Guarantee project in Istanbul, Turkey, the owners of this real estate will enjoy the following amenities:

  • hotel parking lot
  • swimming pool
  • restaurant
  • workout facility and many more.

Investment potential

When you buy a Delta Park apartment in Istanbul, Turkey, you get a gift-wrapped opportunity to become a Turkish citizen and receive passive rental income as a special treat.

When purchasing properties in the Delta Park apartment complex, you make a rental agreement with the Delta Park company for 20 years. Within the first 3 years, you will receive 9% of the contract amount as your guaranteed income provided you pay in cash, or 8% in case of payment by installments within 12 months. It may also be 7%, if your installment period makes up 24 months.

When you purchase an apartment on your own, you have to take care of all deal aspects yourself. You make contributions, deal with your tenants, indulge in repair and maintenance issues, and re-let your real estate all on your own. Everything is much easier when you own a Delta Park apartment in Istanbul, Turkey. Your property will be a part of the hotel system, and you won’t have to deal with any of the above issues independently.

Within the next 17 years, any annual post-spending income of yours will be accrued. Spending here refers to expenses for room service, breakfasts, conference halls, restaurant, mini-bar, additional breakfasts, receptions, laundry, spa, etc. You will receive value reports, and your income will be sent to the bank account indicated by you. The money will be credited to the said account on a quarterly basis.

You will have the right to live in the apartment for 10 days every year, provided you give a corresponding 45-day advance notice.

The usual room occupancy rate ranges from 70% to 80%. With this in mind, your payback period for the Delta Park apartment in Istanbul, Turkey will make 12 years.

Stiff Silver – livable modern high-rise properties

With its 32-story high-rise buildings, the unique Stiff Silver project combines elegance, excellence and extravagance. The Stiff Silver Istanbul Hotel and Residences are not just your ordinary real estate, the project is a way of life.  With the corporate Starck design, a well-known symbol of innovations and luxury, refined and inspiring spaces are created.

The Stiff Silver Hotel and Residences boast a superb location in Istanbul, Turkey. Here’s how long it will take you to get to the main Istanbul landmarks from here:

  • Istanbul Airport – 30 mins
  • Eurasia Tunnel – 20 mins
  • 212 Power Outlet and Mall of Istanbul shopping centers – 4 and 7 mins
  • Altinbas University – 4 mins
  • Kuyumcukent – 7 mins
  • Medipol Mega University Hospital – 7 mins

Project in detail

The Stiff Silver Istanbul Hotel and Residences will be the first Stiff Silver project in Europe. With its 320 lux residences, this real estate will become your unparalleled investment in Istanbul properties with guaranteed income potential.

Below, you can find the properties for sale in the project

ResidenceArea, square metersPrice range, USDNo. of bathrooms

The properties for sale are modern and comfortable rooms in the Stiff Silver Istanbul hotel. With the total of 320 residences, this real estate complex offers both comfort and unique services to hotel guests. The hotel is managed by an experienced management team, and with all this in mind your investment is bound to succeed.

Investment potential

If you invest in Turkish real estate, you will be one of those fortunate souls with an opportunity to get the citizenship of Turkey. Stiff Silver investment opens you the way to the Turkish passport. Here are the benefits you may enjoy along the road:

  • It may take you just 2 months to become a Turkish citizen.
  • Your immediate family may participate in the Citizenship by Investment program together with you.
  • You will obtain ownership of profitable real estate in Turkey with high investment return.

Sheraton Residence – the best option to invest in

The Sheraton Residence real estate is just another brick in the wall of the Hotel Concept with Rental Guarantee project.

This is an ideal combination of refined taste, perfect aesthetics, and potentially high income.

The Sheraton Residence apartment complex built in the Esenyurt-Bahçesehir district of Istanbul, Turkey, sits on the land lot of 7600 square meters. The 40-story apartment block with an apartment tower will house residences  that are to occupy floors 19 to 39, with significant total and usable area.

Local residents will no doubt enjoy the district’s superb amenities:

  • playgrounds
  • fitness center
  • sauna
  • swimming pool
  • security
  • parking lot
  • coffee house
  • public promenades
  • sports grounds.

Here’s how long it will take you to get to the district’s and city’s main landmarks from the Sheraton Residence hotel complex in Istanbul, Turkey:

  • Istanbul airport – 35 mins
  • the 15 July Martyrs Bridge (Turkish: 15 Temmuz Şehitler Köprüsü) – 25 mins
  • Akbati and Marmara Park Shopping Centers – 5 mins
  • Istinye University Hospital – 4 mins
  • Campus – 5 mins.

Below you will find the summary of apartment characteristics and prices in the Sheraton Residence hotel complex in Istanbul, Turkey:

ResidencesArea, square metersPrice range, USDNo. of bathrooms

Professional support for real estate deals in Turkey

With its high economic potential, Istanbul is a perfect capital city, the country’s crown jewel, and beyond that a flawless resort. If you visited Turkey once, you can’t but fall in love with it. It is understandable that many foreigners are willing to purchase real estate in Turkey to stay here forever. Let’s go a bit more pragmatic – you may buy a room or a residence in the Hotel Concept with Rental Guarantee project in Istanbul, Turkey. This will give you an opportunity to live a comfortable trouble-free life in Istanbul, Turkey and at the same time profit off your properties when you are away.

Turkey is famous for its country specifics as far as any legal issues are concerned. Even well-seasoned investors are wary of making real estate deals without any outside professional assistance in this real estate market. Novice real estate investors naturally will have it the toughest.

It is one of those situations when professional help may come invaluable. Contact the International Wealth experts and share your worries with us. We will consult you on any issues and assist you with real estate sale and purchase in Turkey. With International Wealth, you are bound to succeed and all your transactions will be above board. You are welcome to contact us at or via the contact form above.

What real estate in Turkey will earn me extra income?

Turkish tourism sector is one of the country’s top industries. If you lease out your Turkish real estate, you will secure a stable source of extra income for yourself in the long run. Apartments in a large hotel complex appear to be the most profitable option in this situation. All you need to do is to duly instruct your highly qualified and experienced managers, who will monitor all the lease aspects. You, at the same time, won’t have a worry in the world. Your only job will be to get your money.

Is real estate in Turkey popular with foreign investors?

The available stats indicate that it is namely foreigners who purchase real estate in Turkey the most. In 2021 alone, investors from Russia bought around 5000 properties in Istanbul, Turkey, and Iranian buyers closed 8,500 deals. We will sure include Americans in this list. The above figures demonstrate that Turkish residential real estate indeed sells like hot cakes, and foreigners are after it.

What are the prices for residential real estate in the Hotel Concept with Rental Guarantee project  in Istanbul, Turkey?

Apartment prices in the Delta Park, Stiff Silver, and Sheraton Residence real estate projects range from USD 308,000 to USD 562,000. They are influenced by the project’s quality, area, location, and infrastructure. For more information, please contact the International Wealth experts and managers. They will be happy to provide you with any answers you may need.

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