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Cost: from 392000 EUR


Residence Permits and Turkish Citizenship for Investors in Prestigious Antalya Apartments

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Citizenship of Turkey by investment is currently a door to the trouble-free world and an opportunity to live in a paradise on Earth. It takes from 3 to 6 months to get it, but you could use some help along the way. The International Wealth team has studied the laws of Turkey, and we stay relevant to any important changes therein. With our assistance, you will get your second passport with no hidden pitfalls on the way, and your investment  will be profitable. By booking your free initial consultation with the International Wealth experts, you are making a first step to freedom and prosperity.

Apartments in Turkey

Your own apartment at the seafront or in an elite Antalya district, with magnificent views, a swimming pool and an underground parking, plus superb nature and a healing sea wind… Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

You may turn this dream into reality, if you wish to become a national of Turkey and keep your previous citizenship.

In 2022, significant amendments were introduced to the residence by investment program in Turkey. The program now offers great choices with selection of residential real properties above USD 400,000. It is no longer about an apartment that an investor purchases. It is also an opportunity to start business in Turkey, become its citizen, invest in the sphere of tourism, and make meaningful profits from your investments.

How may you get your Turkish residence permit and citizenship in 2022? What documents are necessary to purchase real estate in Antalya and take up citizenship in Turkey? How long does it take to get a Turkish passport? May a real estate investor become naturalized soon after purchasing an elite apartment in Antalya, Turkey? This article will answer these and some other questions. It is for information purposes only and in no way an offer.

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The International Wealth experts will provide you with the latest news on Turkish citizenship as far as your selected service is concerned, be it account opening, Turkish company incorporation, real estate purchase, business redomiciliation, consulting, or something else. 

Turkish residence permits and citizenship – benefits for natural and legal persons

Who benefits from investing in Turkish real estate? The current stats indicate that the number of real estate investors in elite properties in Turkey from the neighborhood countries has grown by 80% within the last year. Real estate buyers constantly flock to Turkey, attracted by its mild climate, superb infrastructure, and favorable housing prices.

Legal persons are also interested in Turkey for a reason:

  • A real estate investor purchasing an apartment, a villa, a cottage, or any other residences in the tourist city of Antalya may be naturalized in Turkey within a month and a half and become a property owner with an opportunity to sell the properties to their benefit later on.
  • The citizenship by investment program provides for an opportunity to become a citizen of Turkey for both the investor and their family members. You may also strengthen and expand business links or enter the global market as a legal person by incorporating a limited liability company in Antalya, Istanbul, or a free economic zone in Turkey.
  • Citizens of Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and the nationals of any other border areas benefit the most from purchasing real estate in Turkey in terms of business taxation and financial expenses for holiday properties and real estate necessary to get your residence permit. Antalya real estate attracts real estate investors due to its favorable geographic location and reasonable prices.
  • Owning residences on the Mediterranean coast is an opportunity to move to a different climatic region on doctor’s orders. Here you may enjoy a personal SPA center, fitness studio, hammam, and a swimming pool.

We can’t but mention the climatic and geographic benefits of the jurisdiction. Turkey is noted throughout the world for its never-ending mellow season, abundance of fruit, 3 sea coasts, including the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea, and the Marmara Sea coast, fresh mountain air, and breathtaking landscapes.

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Please mind that in 2022 the government of Turkey imposed restrictions on selling properties within a 3-year period under the citizenship by investment program that you shall meet to keep your residence and citizenship by investment status in Turkey.

Apartment complex in Antalya to live a luxury life and invest in

International Wealth cooperates with many European, Asian, and Eastern countries, including Turkey. Its partners are ready to provide their services for purchasing elite real estate in one of the Antalya districts. Residences in an Antalya apartment complex on the Mediterranean Sea coast are currently for sale.

You may either make your own choice, book a property tour of Antalya apartments, or get all the paperwork done through your trusted agent in Turkey. In the latter case, you will only need to visit Turkey twice to submit your residency and citizenship application and affix your signature on the documents.

Purchasing residences in an apartment complex in Antalya and receiving your residence permit

You may either purchase an Antalya apartment of USD 400,000 on your own and get your Residence by investment in Turkey independently, or instruct our Turkish partners to do it for you. In the former case, you’ll have to go through a bureaucratic hell, and with the latter option, your life will be much simpler. It is a more productive way to handle things, with a number of additional benefits:

  • you will save your time, money, and resources by avoiding trips to Antalya, Turkey to deal with small legal issues related to your property title and citizenship
  • due to our partners’ expertise and contacts,  you will be able to get a valuer’s report (which is a must) and have your documents prepared without it being necessary to personally visit Antalya in Turkey
  • International Wealth will assist you with any issues related to living and doing business in Antalya, including company incorporation (with a bank account), legal and accounting services, choosing an offshore bank to diversify your assets, opening a personal account with a foreign bank, tax planning, customs consulting services, and many more
  • you do not run the risk your residence permit and citizenship applications may be rejected, which is potentially possible when purchasing real estate from foreigners (the Turkish laws provide for purchasing real estate in the country from Turkish citizens where you would like to potentially apply for a residence permit).

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Apart from the above properties, International Wealth offers you a wide selection of villas, houses, and apartments in both Antalya and other cities of Turkey, with turnkey contracts therefor. 


Citizenship in Turkey by investment in Antalya real estate

The residential project in Antalya discussed here was developed by the famous Turkish elite real estate developer Sunis Yapı. It is situated in the Konyaaltı district of Antalya, Turkey, appealing to investors for its booming real estate prices. Its elegant architectural style and landscape design are among the reasons both tourists and investors flock here in droves.

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FYI: Residences of 98 square meters and above in this apartment complex in Antalya are about to be commissioned. After the sales start, the prices will spike. This is why it makes sense to invest in any of the 147 apartments in Antalya today. It is a wise decision, both in terms of permanent residence and real estate investment for a subsequent sale.

Luxury residential complex in Antalya

Antalya luxury apartment complex – location and prices

The apartment complex in question sits far away from city buzz and noise. You may find it in an ecologically clean area of Antalya, within a walking distance from the Mediterranean Sea. Residences here boast customized layouts. They are equipped with the latest house appliances and good for living on a permanent basis. Each apartment is managed via a smart home technology, disposes of Italian doors, modern fittings, and porcelain table tops. Future dwellers will enjoy warm soundproof premises, with air conditioning and lots of other attractive options.

With its 147 apartments (1+1 and 1+5 rooms) and the private territory of 6960 square meters, the total apartment complex area in Antalya makes up 14700 square meters. You need to study the project in detail to realize all its beauty:

  • U-shaped territory provides a splendid view of the Mediterranean coast from the outside, and of the huge swimming pool, with lots of greenery and walking lanes, from the inside
  • indoor parking, with parking lots for each apartment, a security system, and a front security gate
  • outdoor and indoor swimming pools for kids and grown-ups, with both day and night lighting
  • hamam, sauna, and SPA-center that every tourist or resident may only dream about
  • workout facility and fitness center for healthy lifestyle fans
  • entertainment centers, restaurants, shops, and an endless seaside walkway with its eternal breathtaking beauty within a walking distance from the apartment complex.

The prices vary depending on the apartment area. They fall within the range of 392000 EUR to EUR 2,370,000. Any apartment you purchase in the project will give you the right to apply for a citizenship by investment status in Turkey. This is a source of endless opportunities for both you and your loved ones.

The property’s parameters are in line with its highly-developed infrastructure and superb design:

  • Alanya (2 hours), the airport (20 mins), and Kemer (15 mins) are within easy reach
  • tourist attractions and amenities are within a walking distance, including the old city of Kaleiçi, Hadrian’s Gate, the museum, medical and financial institutions, the Karaalioglu Park, and the beach
  • possibility to live in your apartment in Antalya all year round or on a seasonal basis, with all properties being managed and monitored via a smart home technology
  • proximity to the mountains you can walk in or choose any winter ski resorts to enjoy an activity holiday.

FYI: real estate developers often use expensive materials, including marble, granite, and porcelain for both residential and tourist real estate in Antalya, Istanbul, and other big cities of Turkey. The architects are not trying to be snobbish or flashy, but rather confirm these materials are freely available in the area (including Antalya). 

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NB: real estate owners in Turkey happen to underestimate the costs and refuse to mention real prices in case of a property resale. This is due to the obligatory profit tax rate of 20%.

apartment in Antalya

How to purchase an apartment in Antalya and receive your Turkish residence permit or citizenship step-by-step

The International Wealth experts and our partners in Turkey cooperate in the sphere of elite real estate sale and purchase in Antalya apartment complexes and issue corresponding title documents as well as residents permits therefor.

Transfer of title to real estate in Antalya is a multistage procedure consisting of the following steps:

  1. Where an authorized person acts in the name and on behalf of the customer in Turkey, a power of attorney shall be issued and surrendered to such customer, together with the other documents, either in person or remotely (to be discussed separately).
  2. Turkish partner company receives a valuer’s report on the real estate cost and makes sure the amount is equivalent to USD 400,000.
  3. Money is transferred to the seller’s account through official channels
  4. Ownership to the property is transferred to the new owner, and a corresponding document is issued to confirm it.

The next step will be obtaining your residence permit and a citizenship by investment status. This will take at least 1.5 months in Antalya, Turkey. A property owner’s visit to Turkey is required.


Discuss the details with an expert

Check the list of required documents, and get the details of the process, terms, and costs.

Contact a consultant

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Residence and citizenship by investment in Turkish real estate

Many investors intending to become Turkish citizens for the first time wonder how they can purchase a villa in Turkey remotely, what documents are necessary therefor, and how long it takes. 

Documents necessary to apply for citizenship by investment in Turkey:

  • application (2 copies) may be filled in by the owner themselves or their authorized person
  • passport (carbon copy thereof) translated into Turkish and notarized
  • birth certificate of the investor’s children (if any), apostilled
  • birth certificate of the applicant and their spouse (if a married couple is moving to Turkey), apostilled
  • marriage certificate and proof of family status (apostilled)
  • certificate of good conduct (apostilled).

An applicant will need to submit their real estate title certificate and the document confirming the applicant complies with the investment and residence program requirements. The certificate confirming the investment program performance shall be issued by the Turkish General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre.

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FYI: you may apply for both citizenship and residence in Turkey after you purchase real estate of USD 400,000 in the country.

How to submit documents and receive a residence permit and citizenship in Turkey

The Turkish laws stipulate that an investor themselves, their spouse and underage children may apply for citizenship by investment in Turkey.

A residence application together with the corresponding documents shall be submitted to the Department of Immigration in Antalya. The next day, the applicant may apply for citizenship of Turkey. The applicant’s personal presence is not required at this stage. All you need to do is complete the necessary forms and provide grounds for a foreign national to apply for citizenship of Turkey.

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FYI: when submitting the application, a citizen of any country may give a Turkish name they select themselves or leave this field blank.

LCD in Turkey

This is all you need to do to submit your citizenship by investment application and supporting documents in Turkey. You may do it either in Antalya or any other Turkish city.  Soon you will be contacted by the  Department of Immigration. After that, you’ll have to visit Turkey to receive your Turkish national passport. You shall be present there in person, as each applicant is to be 10-printed.

Benefits of citizenship by investment in Turkey

The benefits of Turkish citizenship by investment program are obvious in 2022. Here are the things foreigners, intending to become nationals of Turkey, are not obliged to do:

  • pass Turkish language exams the way it is done in many other countries
  • take oath
  • prove your marriage is not a false one, which is typical when granting citizenship through marriage

You don’t have to give up your previous citizenship to receive the one of Turkey. Everything depends on the applicant’s country of origin, that may either allow dual citizenship or not.

The other benefits of moving to Turkey and getting a residence permit in the country are no less apparent:

  • beneficial taxation system, especially in Turkish free economic zones
  • superb climate and advantageous trading terms for the development of international commercial ties
  • huge investment potential, especially as far as the real estate market of Turkey is concerned

You shall only pay a stamp duty to receive your Turkish passport without any further delay. With second citizenship of Turkey, you’ll be able to travel and live in many countries of the world without any restrictions.

Assistance with your residence permit and citizenship in Turkey from International Wealth

You are welcome to contact the International Wealth experts at [email protected] if you have already chosen your future residence or apartment in Turkey out of the wide spectrum offered by our partners. You feel like receiving your citizenship by investment status and moving to this unforgettable country. No personal presence is required for this. 

The procedure consists of several stages:

  1. International Wealth makes an agreement with you and provides you with the list of documents necessary to make the sale and purchase deal in question and receive your residence permit or citizenship in Turkey
  2. You discuss the deal with our partners in Turkey
  3. You make an advance payment of 50% for the services provided (you may pay in any currency, including cryptocurrencies and bitcoins)
  4. After receiving the documents from you, the International Wealth experts will start preparing all other transaction documents
  5. You may be required to visit Turkey to open a bank account, choose and tour your future properties, and receive Тапу (Turkish term for a title document). You may do all this for a fee via your attorney or authorized person.

After you purchase an apartment or a residence in Turkey, you may either move in and wait till you receive your residence permit or citizenship in your new residence or stay at home. All in all, it takes from 1 to 3 months to receive your passport, residence permit, or citizenship in Turkey.

The International Wealth team will gladly answer any of your additional questions within the shortest time possible, if you have them. You are welcome to contact us using any contact information on the website.

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