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Cost: from 6225 USD


Remote UAE Company Registration in IFZA Free Zone

We offer you remote company registration in the UAE IFZA free zone (International Free Zone Authority).

You can do it without a personal visit to the UAE. For company formation, you only need to provide your passport copy.

The minimum company registration cost starts from 6225 USD (including our assistance fee and minimum license fee).

Company registration without visiting the UAE is possible even if you have not previously been to this country. However, the shareholder will still need to fly to the UAE to obtain a migration card and subsequently open visas.

IFZA Free Zone

IFZA company setup features

IFZA free zone is in the heart of Fujairah emirate. The UAE authorities created it to become a leading investment center in the country’s booming economy.

IFZA offers a highly personalized approach combined with efficient international service standards and cost-effective solutions. The main purpose of this free zone is to assist the client on their path to business success.

Benefits of IFZA company formation

  • Cost-effective solutions for business registration.
  • Quick and easy company registration and management.
  • Wide and comprehensive range of available business activities, including consulting, service and trade.
  •  Foreigners can 100% own the company.
  • Business owners are not required to be physically present at company registration.
  • Companies have limited liability.
  • No corporate and income taxes.
  • No currency restrictions.
  • Possibility of full profits and capital repatriation.
  • Low company registration cost.
  • No requirement to have a physical office.
  • No share capital requirement.
  • Possibility to open holding companies.

Discuss the details with an expert

Check the list of required documents, and get the details of the process, terms, and costs.

Contact a consultant

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Infrastructure available for IFZA companies


You can choose from a wide range of modern office solutions specially tailored to your requirements. Shared desks, standard offices, as well as large-area offices are available.


  • European design
  • modern open interiors with plenty of natural light
  • flexible office options
  • flexible lease duration
  •  round-the-clock access


Warehouses have a variety of sizes and are built to the highest international logistics standards.


  •  various sizes
  •  flexible lease duration
  •  round-the-clock access

Residential apartments

The free zone provides a wide range of stylish and comfortable modern residential options, offering a comfortable stay.


  • high level of interior design
  • modern European style
  •  hotel amenities


IFZE hosts a world-famous 5-star hotel brand with modern amenities.


  • rooms and suites ranging from 35 to 250 square meters
  • fully equipped business center
  •  international restaurants and catering establishments
  •  gym, swimming pool, spa

Retail space

Here you will be offered high-quality and spacious options for shopping pavilions.


  • large showcases
  • easy access
  • high-quality common areas
  •  round-the-clock security

Available business activities for companies in IFZA free zone

When registering an IFZA company, you must obtain a license for certain activities. One license can authorize completely different types of activities.

IFZA authorities provide several license options suitable for both small local and large international businesses.

Consulting license

This license allows business professionals to provide expert consulting services across all industries.

Service license

It allows companies to provide, transform and distribute services. A service license authorizes the provision of services as the primary business purpose and the use of related products to provide those services.

Trading license

This license type permits import, export, distribution, and storage of specified goods.

General trading license

This license allows the company to trade in any goods permitted in the UAE.

Industrial license

Such a license allows the company to import raw materials and then manufacture, process, package, and export specified products.

Holding activity license

It allows owning individual assets or shares in other companies. Holding companies usually own other companies and organizations, property and real estate, shares, assets, trademarks, and patents.

The following activities are available in IFZA zone:


Designations: C – consulting license, S – service license, T – trading license.

Activity numberActivityLicense type
1Accounting consultingC
2Agricultural consultingC
3Beauty consultingC
4Business consultingC
5Commercial broker consultingC
6Engineering consultingC
7Environmental consultingC
8Event organizing consultingC
9Fashion design consultingC
10Hospitality management consultingC
11HR consultingC
12Immigration consultingC
13IT consultingC
14Insurance consultingC
15Interior design consultingC
16Investment consultingC
17Legal consulting (requires of IFZA authorities prior approval)C
18Lifestyle consultingC
19Logistics consultingC
20Management consultingC
21Marketing consultingC
22Project management consultingC
23PR consultingC
24Sports management consultingC
25Technical consultingC
26Tourism and recreation consultingC
27Holding company activitiesS
28Booking services and related activitiesS
30Landscaping and maintenance servicesS
31Administrative and support servicesS
32Congresses and exhibitions organizationS
33Educational servicesS
34Education support activitiesS
35Health servicesS
36Creative, artistic, and entertainment eventsS
37Sports activitiesS
38Entertainment and recreation servicesS
39Member organizations activitiesS
40Computers and communication equipment repair servicesS
41Personal and household items repair servicesS
42Specialized construction worksS
43Sale, maintenance, and repair of vehicles and related spare partsS
44Metal products, machines, and other equipment repair servicesS
45Industrial machines and equipment installation servicesS
46Electrical, plumbing, and other construction and installation servicesS
47Organization of catering events and other public catering servicesS
48Computer systems, software development, and publishingS
49Printing and related servicesS
50Computer programmingS
51Computer consulting and computer facilities managementS
52Other IT and computer servicesS
53Data processing, hosting, and related servicesS
54Web sites activitiesS
55Ancillary financial activities excluding insurance and pension provisionS
56Corporate service providerS
57Real estate activities on a paid or contract basisS
58Accounting and tax consultingS
59Architecture, engineering surveys, and technical consulting in this areaS
60Technical testing and analysisS
61R&D in natural and technical sciencesS
62R&D in social sciences and humanitiesS
63Market research and opinion pollS
64Specialized project servicesS
65Photo servicesS
66Machinery, equipment, and material assets leasingS
67Leasing of intellectual property and similar products, except for works protected by copyrightS
68Recruitment agency servicesS
69General trade – non-specialized wholesale tradingT
70Advertising props tradingT
71Aircraft spare parts and components tradingT
72Cars, spare parts, components, and accessories tradingT
73Steel and non-ferrous metal products tradingT
74Building materials, construction equipment, and machinery tradingT
75Computer software and hardware tradingT
76Rubber tradingT
77Electronics and electrical goods tradingT
78Food and beverages tradingT
79Gifts tradingT
80Heavy equipment and equipment spare parts tradingT
81Home furniture tradingT
82Industrial equipment and spare parts tradingT
83Jewelry, pearls, precious stones, and non-production precious metals tradingT
84Medical, surgical products, and related equipment tradingT
85Paper tradingT
86Perfumery and cosmetics tradingT
87Electricity production, transmission, and distribution equipment tradingT
88Raw materials tradingT
89Ships and boats tradingT
90Telecommunication equipment tradingT
91Clothing and footwear tradingT
92Textiles tradingT
93Plastic tradingT
94Scrap and metal waste tradingT
95Recycled materials tradingT
96Wholesale on a paid or contract basisT
97Food, beverages, and tobacco products wholesaleT
98Textiles, clothing, and footwear wholesaleT
99Household goods wholesaleT
100Machinery, equipment, and consumables wholesaleT
101Computers, peripheral equipment, and software wholesaleT
102Electronic and telecommunications equipment wholesaleT
103Agricultural machinery and equipment wholesaleT
104Metals and metal ores wholesaleT
105Building materials, plumbing, and heating equipment wholesaleT
106Other specialized wholesaleT

Rules and requirements for registering IFZA company


To start the IFZA company registration process, an applicant must submit an application form and pay relevant fees.

This company registration application may be rejected in some rare cases. The reason for such a decision may relate to the applicant, shareholders, or managers of a new company, including UAE authorities security reasons. In such a case, IFZA returns Establishment Card and E-Channel subscription fees to the applicant. Any other fees paid to IFZA Department are non-refundable.

IFZA Department is responsible for the formation, registration, and regulation of IFZA companies. It has the right to request any additional documentation, information, or clarifications from applicants.

By signing the Company Registration Terms, applicants warrant that they are not involved in money laundering or any illegal or immoral activities that could negatively affect IFZA, the Emirate of Fujairah Government, or the United Arab Emirates’ reputation.

Approval of the company formation application is at IFZA sole discretion. IFZA reserves the right to reject any application at any time, or require a guarantee or any other documentation from an applicant.

Any IFZA company has the right to engage only in business activities consistent with its licenses. The free zone authorities may impose penalties on companies that violate their license or applicable rules and regulations.

Any IFZA company may be canceled and de-registered at any time by shareholders’ decision and IFZA approval. The free zone will grant such approval and cancel company registration only if it meets all applicable requirements and has no financial obligations to IFZA and third parties.

IFZA will refund the license or other fees if the company applies for cancellation and deregistration after the license issuance and during the license term.

The company will receive a penalty if it does not renew the license within a maximum of 30 days after its expiration.

IFZA registered companies may conduct their business within the free zone and where applicable laws and regulations permit.

IFZA residence visa

The following rules apply if the company is eligible for UAE resident visas, depending on the selected license package. The UAE and the emirate of Fujairah authorities may amend visas rules and regulations from time to time.

The company should have Establishment Card and E-Channel subscription to apply for a UAE residence visa. An applicant must pay Establishment Card, E-Channel subscription, and visa fees to IFZA. The E-Channel subscription allows IFZA to apply for UAE visas on behalf of the company online.

Therefore, all IFZA companies must renew their Establishment Card and E-Channel subscription before they expire to apply for new visas and maintain the validity of current investor and employee visas. The Fujairah Migration Service imposes a fine for failure to comply with this requirement on time.

UAE residence visas issued in IFZA free zone have a validity period that depends on the license package chosen by the company. All IFZA companies are responsible for employees’ residence visas, their extension, or cancellation on time.

IFZA free zone, in turn, is not responsible if company employee exceeds the length of stay provided by their visa. In addition, IFZA is not responsible for any fines imposed by Fujairah migration authorities due to visa terms violations. The free zone is not responsible for any visa denial by the migration authorities.

IFZA companies cannot exceed the number of UAE visas covered by their license package.

All license holders are responsible for settling their financial obligations to their employees (wages, allowances, vacation time, etc.) in accordance with the employment contract. Therefore, it is mandatory to conclude such contracts following UAE labor law.

IFZA company registration cost

Trading, consulting, and service licenses

Number of available UAE residence visasPrice
License without visasAED 11,500 (USD 3,134)
License with 1 visaAED 15,700 (USD 4,278)
License with 2 visasAED 17,900 (USD 4,877)
License with 3 visasAED 19,700 (USD 5,368)
License with 4 visasAED 21,300 (USD 5,804)
License with 5 visasAED 22,900 (USD 6,240)
License with 6 visasAED 24,700 (USD 6,730)

Other services

Holding companyAED 9,500 (USD 2,589)
Additional business activityAED 1,000 (USD 272)
Office lease agreementIncluded in all licenses
Preliminary license approval. It is available to all shareholders. If approval is received and the shareholder decides to proceed with company registration within 10 working days, the payment will be deducted from the selected license package cost. If it is rejected, payment will not be refunded. License pre-approval does not guarantee UAE residence visa approval/issuance.AED 300 (USD 81.74) (for each shareholder)
Additional shareholder fee. The license includes up to 3 shareholders. 10 shareholders is the maximum total number.AED 350 (USD 95.36 USD) (for each additional shareholder)
License for 2 years15% discount from the annual license price
License for 3 years25% discount from the annual license price
License for 5 years30% discount from the annual license price
Establishment Card for 1 yearAED 675 (USD 184)
Establishment Card for 3 yearsAED 1,500 (USD 409)
UAE residence visa for 3 yearsAED 3,750 (USD 1,022)
E-Channel registration feeAED 2,200 (USD 599)
E-Channel refundable depositAED 5,000 (USD 1,362)
Visa status changeAED 800 (USD 218)
Medical test. The medical test and Emirates ID fees are paid directly to the medical center. A medical VIP package including medical test and Emirates ID is available for AED 950 (USD 259).AED 300 (USD 81.74)
Emirates IDAED 370 (USD 101)
Visa cancellationAED 500 (USD 136)
Establishment Card cancellationAED 250 (USD 68.11)
E-Channel renewalAED 1,100 (USD 300) (annually from the second year)
License changes. Making changes is free of charge when renewing the license. License upgrading or downgrading cost is the difference in packages price, plus AED 2,000 (USD545) change fee.AED 2,000 (USD 545)
License cancellationAED 2,000 (USD 545)
Company documents reissuance. A fee is charged for each document. Reissuance can be made by providing a police report confirming documents loss.AED 400 (USD 109) (for each document)
License fee refund. Possible in case of license or Establishment card refusal. Available within 30 days of the initial appeal.80% of the license fee
Visa fee refund. Possible only in case of visa refusal.AED 1,000 (USD 272)
Penalty for late license renewal. Applies after the 30-day grace period. AED 100 (USD 27.24) for each month of delay.AED 1,000 (USD 272)
Penalty for late Establishment Card renewal. Applies after the 30-day grace period. AED 100 (USD 27.24) for each month of delay.AED 1,000 (USD 272)

Our services cost

Our assistance in IFZA company registrationFrom AED 8,000 (USD 2,200)
Additional fee for branch or subsidiary registrationAED 3,000 (USD 822)
Our assistance in company annual renewalAED 4,000 (USD 1,100)
Our assistance in constituent documents amendingAED 5,000 (USD 1,370)
Our assistance in company closingFrom AED 10,000 (USD 2,740)

Documents required for IFZA company formation

If the shareholder is an individual:

  • Clear color copy of the passport (all four passport corners must be visible).
  • Color passport size photo. The person in the photo must be in dark clothing against a white background. Shoulders and head must be in a frame; teeth should not be visible. There should be no jewelry or glasses.
  • Application for IFZA company registration with each page signed.
  • Terms and conditions signed by the applicant.

If the shareholder is a legal entity:

  • Certified copy of constituent documents (in English).
  • Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association indicating who owns the company shares (certified copy).
  • Parent company Board of Directors’ decision to register a company in IFZA free zone.
  • Clear color copy of all shareholders’ passports (all 4 passport corners must be visible).
  • Color passport size photos of all shareholders. The persons in the photos must be in dark clothing against a white background. Shoulders and head must be in a frame; teeth should not be visible. There should be no jewelry or glasses.

How to start IFZA company registration process?

You can register an IFZA company without a personal visit to the UAE!

Notice blue

To start the company registration process, contact us at [email protected], and our experts will provide you with a professional piece of advice on starting a business in the UAE.

After that, you have to pay for our assistance in registering an IFZA company. You can do this with a bank card, a bank transaction, using WebMoney or Western Union systems, or cryptocurrencies.

The company cost starts from 6225 USD.

This figure does not include license fees, as well as UAE residence visas fees, and the cost of any related services.

After receiving the payment, our specialists immediately start preparing the necessary documents.

If necessary, we will also help with opening a UAE bank account for this company.

Features of registering a company in the UAE IFZA free zone

A company can be established remotely. In the UAE, a company can be opened either outside the free zones or in any of them.

IFZA free zone is located in the Emirate of Fujairah.

Foreigners can 100% own an IFZA company. There are no taxes, no capital and profits repatriation restrictions, and no currency restrictions in this free zone. To work here, you do not need to rent a physical office. It is also possible to create a holding company.

What infrastructure is available for IFZA companies?

When registering a company, shared desks, standard offices, and large-area offices will be available for rent. In addition, warehouses, residential apartments, shopping pavilions, and hotels are available too.

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