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Remote Turkish Company Incorporation with a Turkish Business Bank Account Set-Up

Excellent news for you! We have released our exclusive customized REMOTE service in TURKEY: your Turkish COMPANY set-up and the Turkish BUSINESS BANK ACCOUNT arrangements for individual persons and corporate clients! 

A new exclusive offer: the Turkish company set-up plus a Turkish business bank account – remotely

Why are we so happy to inform you about this breakthrough? Yes, you can incorporate your company remotely virtually in any part of the world today if you issue a power of attorney for a local lawyer. But it is not always possible to open a corporate bank account remotely. An in-person visit is required, which can be inconvenient, costly, and even impossible during the lockdown that remains in place in many countries. Now you can get it done remotely: a company plus a bank account. Please read the details and follow us on our portal.

Company in Turkey remotely

Turkey is one of those countries where it is currently difficult to open accounts remotely. Even for local companies.

Our InternationalWealth experts have studied the situation and found the winning options to ensure the remote opening of corporate accounts. 

All you need to do is to properly register a company in Turkey, and we are ready to help you with this remotely.


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Advantages of Turkish company set-up with a local bank account

Turkey is the world’s 13th largest market in terms of purchasing power parity. Its population of more than 80 million people makes it very attractive to investors. No wonder! Turkey is literally at the crossroads between Asia, Europe, and Africa – a real melting pot of cultures, economies, and opportunities.

Turkey’s economy is quite diversified: tourism, oil refining, agriculture, manufacturing industry, the services sector! You can choose from a multitude of business opportunities.  

Foreign citizens and companies are welcome by the Turkish authorities to incorporate private companies, invest funds, launch projects. 

Advantages of the Turkish company set-up include the opportunity to start your business in the dedicated regions:

  • Special economic zones;
  • Industrial Zones
  • Technological development zones (for research, development, etc.)

These zones offer special benefits to investors, including lower rates of income tax, customs duties, etc.

The most popular legal forms are 

  • Public Limited Company Anonim Sirket 
  • Private Limited Company Limited Şirketi.

The liability of the founders does not exceed the amount of their contribution to the share capital.

The PLC is suitable for larger companies (authorized capital from 50,000 liras or 100,000 liras if the director is a foreigner), and the private limited company – for smaller entities (authorized capital from 10,000 liras). 

Thanks to our turn-key arrangements, the company registration and bank account can be done completely remotely. Its structure will be designed and incorporated, keeping in mind the requirements Turkish banks set for remote opening bank accounts for local businesses. 

Documents required for registration of a company in Turkey for the remote Turkish business bank accounts set-up

Individual applicants are required to submit:

  • Valid passport
  • 4 passport photos
  • Proof of residence address, certified by apostille

Where there will be a Corporate shareholder of the Turkish company, applicants are required to submit:

  • Resolution of the Board of Directors to open a company in Turkey
  • Proof of the appointment/authority of an authorized person
  • Personal documents of this authorized person
  • 3 copies of the company registration form
  • Certified samples of signatures of the representative 
  • Power of attorney in the name of the representative
  • Declaration of company registration with the Chamber of Commerce – signed by members and authorized persons
  • Declaration with general information about the company: name, legal address, field of activity, etc.
  • Transcript of the entry in the Registrar – the proof of the registration of the foreign company
  • Corporate documents: Articles of Incorporation, etc.

All the above-mentioned documents need to be translated into Turkish by a sworn translator. Some need to be certified by an apostille. Of course, our law office in Istanbul will be pleased to assist you with the necessary formalities.

Company registration costs in Turkey

The cost of company registration services in Turkey starts from USD 5,000. The price includes consultations, assistance in preparation and verification of documents, registration of the company remotely, a package of corporate documents.

Costs of translation into Turkish and certification/apostille are not included in the above-mentioned estimate and are payable separately.  

After registration you will be able to use the service of remote bank account opening:

Please contact us today to start your Turkish business bank accounts set-up: available remotely for companies incorporated in Turkey

Company registration procedure in Turkey for  opening of a corporate account in a Turkish bank

1. Book a FREE consultation by submitting the fillable online form.

2. Answer the expert’s questions to make sure you can qualify for the requirements.

3. Pay the service fee – from 5 000 USD.

4. Compile and forward to us a complete set of documents according to our expert’s recommendations.

5. We proceed with the registration of the company.

6. Once the procedure is finalized, you can start doing business and request a remote account opening service.

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