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Register an LLC in Nevis

We would like to offer you an LLC registration in Nevis. The procedure is carried out within 6 to 9 business days completely remotely. Those who are interested in asset protection should pay special attention to Nevis companies.

Nevis, a Classic Offshore with a Great Future

You surely know that the classic offshore jurisdictions are going through a difficult time. A targeted policy of deoffshorization is being pursued against them, they are blacklisted and not allowed to open bank accounts.

Despite this, offshore countries are adapting, amending their laws to comply with international rules and remain faithful to their clients and their own principles.

Nevis LLC

Nevis is not an exception in this sense, but rather a shining example: as of January 2019, certain amendments came into force. Thanks to them the jurisdiction agrees to some of the EU requirements. Thus, it avoids being blacklisted by the EU and continues operating.

Nevis has also become part of the system for tax information exchange on the level of banks.

Meanwhile, the jurisdiction continues to offer its clients expedited company incorporation; no taxes if profits are made outside Nevis; the highest level of asset protection from creditors, fraudsters, disgruntled relatives.

The personal data security is also at a high level.

Companies in Nevis, especially LLCs, offer many benefits. They can be used both as a standard business solution and as an instrument for protecting one’s assets on a par with trusts in some jurisdictions.

In a world where a minor transgression can lead to many thousands and even many millions of dollars in fines, this instrument is becoming extremely popular.


on which jurisdiction is best for
your business, preferred tax regime,
company structure.

on which jurisdiction is best for your business, preferred tax regime, company structure.

We’ll contact you in 10 minutes

Here are a few specific advantages that Nevis offers to foreign investors. And they are making the jurisdiction popular not just today, but will also contribute to the near future.

  • Nevis is a neutral country enjoying trusting relations with its neighbors, the United States.
  • Data on company members is not publicly available.
  • There are agreements not only regarding the exchange of information, but also regarding double taxation. Thanks to that, even in the event that Nevis imposes taxes on foreign investors or if the agreement counterparts take a similar step, the benefit remains.
  • Nevis offers comprehensive protection of assets owned by an LLC.
  • Thanks to our experience, you can incorporate a company in Nevis at the nicest price.
  • Working with us, you will get a complete set of documents and necessary services, so you won’t have to pay extra on the little things. In addition, if you would like to get extra services, we will transparently and accurately show you the final price before you pay for the service.

Asset Protection in Nevis with the Use of an LLC

A separate section should be devoted to this topic since there is so much to talk about. Let’s find out in detail how Nevis provides comprehensive protection for any assets, so even the most sharp-tooth lawyers in the U.S. are afraid of going to court against local companies and prefer more accessible targets.

  • Judgments from other countries are NOT accepted in Nevis automatically.

If you or your company are accused in your home country of breaking a contract and having to pay a fine, Nevis will not force your company to do so. Nevis will require them to prove their charge in a local court.

  • If your creditor decides to sue you, they will have to pay a fee for the case to be heard.

As a rule, it is about USD 100,000. And the risk of not getting anything as a result is extremely high.

  • If the creditor wins, the creditor only has the right to claim payments from the company that lost in court: dividends, capital gains, etc.

Your main assets and property cannot be taken away from you. Moreover, the creditor can only be receiving these payments for two years. After that, the company owner has the right to cancel the so-called Charging Order and continue to do their business

  • One can only sue a company, but if a company member violated the law, then all the consequences of losing (payment) apply only to them.
  • The one who loses the case pays the court fee. The ones who lose most often are the ones who sue.
  • In order to benefit from the comprehensive protection, a company only needs to exist for one year.

In order for a withdrawal of assets to an LLC in Nevis not to be considered illegal, the assets must be transferred to the company a year before the trial.

  • Even if the plaintiff proves (which requires a lot of effort) that the assets were transferred illegally, they have the right to claim only that particular asset, but not the other assets of the company.
  • If the company director feels that the company owner is being pressured into making a decision not of their own free will, they have the right to refuse to comply with the order (provided that the director is an outside person and not the owner personally).
  • It is impossible to file a class action suit against a company in Nevis since everyone is required to file separately, pay USD 100,000, and pursue the claim.

Requirements for Company Name in Nevis

When setting up an LLC, one must use the abbreviations such as LLC, LC, Limited, etc. in the company name. Also, there are words that can be used only upon permission from the authorities, and there are those that are banned from use.

Limited use of words in company names

AssurerMutual Fund
FinanceRisk Management
GoldTrust Company
GuaranteeTrust Corporation
HedgeTrustee Company
Hedge FundUnderwrite
Insurer‘Precious Metals’

Banned words in company names

BancCompany RegistryParliament
Building SocietyForeign ExchangeScheme
Cooperative SocietyHMSMoney Services
Credit UnionLoanNational
SecuredSt. ChristopherSt. Kitts and Nevis
SecuritiesSt. Christopher and NevisTreasurer
SovereignSt. KittsTreasury

What Documents Do I Need to Set Up a Company in Nevis?

You will need to provide us with scanned copies of the following documents from each founder:

  • Travel passport or other ID;
  • Proof of residence (utility bill not older than 3 months, bank statement, etc.);
  • Completed and signed due diligence and order forms.

We will ask you to send the originals to us at the back office address.

After your company is registered, you will receive your original documents. If you wish, you can order a set of apostilled copies at once. Please see the next section for more details.

LLC registration in Nevis takes 5 to 7 business days from the date when all documents and full payment are received.

Costs of Setting Up and Maintaining an LLC in Nevis


LLC RegistrationUSDTiming of service
Basic package of corporate documents that includes:

· Certificate of Incorporation
· Endorsement Certificate
· Articles of Incorporation
· Certificate of Notary Public
· Designation and Acceptance of Registered Agent
· Transfer of Subscription Rights
· Appointment of Director
· By-Laws
· Written Resolution of Director
· Register of Directors
· Register of Officers
· Register of Shareholders
· Share Certificate/s
2950 USD2-3 business days
Apostilled package:

· Certificate of Incorporation
· Endorsement Certificate
· Articles of Incorporation
· Certificate of Notary Public
· Designation and Acceptance of Registered Agent
· Transfer of Subscription Rights
· Appointment of Director
· By-Laws· Written Resolution of Director
· Register of Directors
· Register of Officers
· Register of Shareholders
· Share Certificate/s
· One set of apostilled copies of corporate documents
3,550 USD5-6 business days
Apostilled package + comprehensive professional service:

· Company registration
· Payment of the state registration fee 
· Services of Registered Agent in Nevis
· Registered office (legal address) in Nevis
· One set of original corporate documents
· One set of apostilled copies of corporate documents
· Professional director/manager**
· Apostilled Power of Attorney – original
· Professional shareholder/member**
· Declaration of Trust – original
· One set of copies of corporate documents with apostille
· One set of copies of corporate documents
· Certificate of Company’s Good Standing
· Certificate of Incumbency
· Power of Attorney – copy
· Declaration of Trust – copy
· Passport copy· Copy of utility bill
· A reference letter from the bank or an account statement
· Courier delivery worldwide
7,949 USD6-8 business days
Annual company renewal fee:

· Payment of company renewal state fee
· Services of Registered Agent in Nevis
· Registered office (legal address) in Nevis
· Scanned copy of renewal certificate
1,950 USD3 business days
Annual fee for professional company officers in Nevis:
Professional director/manager (Nevis corporation)3,000 USD1 business day
Professional shareholder/member (Nevis corporation)3,000 USD1 business day
Professional company officers (Nevis corporation)3,000 USD1 business day
Extra documents after company registration:
Notarized set of the corporate documents copies600 USD1-2 business days
Notarized and apostilled set the corporate documents copies799 USD2-3 business days
Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation400 USD1-3 business days
Preparation of registers: Managers/Members/Shareholders/Directors/Officers200 USD2 business days
Preparation of the minutes of the first meeting of the board of directors450 USDfrom 2 business days
Share Certificate200 USD2 business days
Company search500 USD2-3 business days
Power of Attorney – simple399 USD1 business day
Power of Attorney – notarized 599 USD1-2 business days
Power of Attorney – apostilled 799 USD2-3 business days
Declaration of Trust – simple400 USD1 business day
Declaration of Trust – notarized600 USD1-2 business days
Declaration of Trust – apostilled800 USD2-3 business days
Extra certificated after company registration:
Certificate of Good Standing – simple680 USD2-3 business days 
Certificate of Good Standing – apostilled 880 USD2-3 business days
Certificate of Incumbency (simple)490 USD1 business day
Certificate of Incumbency (notarized)690 USD1-2 business days
Certificate of Incumbency (notarized and apostilled)890 USD2-3 business days
Tax Exemption Letter500 USD2-3 business days
Tax Exemption Letter – apostilled 700 USD2-3 business days
Company Winding-Up Certificate1,700 USDUp to 7 business days
Certification of documents:
Certification of documents by Registered Agent (per document)150 USD2 business days
Notarization (per document)200 USD2 business days
Apostille (per document)250 USD2-3 business days
Certification letter from the Registry500 USD5 business days
Change of company name/capital/structure:
Change of company name (no seal)800 USDUp to 7 business days
Change of company name (seal)1,220 USDUp to 7 business days
Change of authorized capital1,625 USDUp to 7 business days
Change of Officers/Directors/Managers (including drafts, registers)800 USDUp to 5 business days
Change of Shareholders/Members (including drafts, registers and up to two Share Certificates)800 USDUp to 5 business days
Transfer of shares/ownership including the Minutes and up to two new Share Certificates1,200 USD5 business days
Amendments to Articles of Association (addition of a paragraph, change of capital, any change in the company’s Articles of Association that are to be stamped by the Registry)1,200 USDUp to 7 business days
Reissue of founding documents1,625 USDUp to 7 business days
Changes to the company after registration:
Continuation (Change of the country of incorporation)2,520 USDTbd individually
Certificate confirming the change of jurisdiction1,200 USDUp to 7 business days
Company transfer to Nevis1,500 USDTbd individually
Expedited company transfer to Nevis3,000 USDUp to 7 business days
Reinstatement of company struck off the Registry1,700 USD2-3 business days
Winding up of a company1,700 USDUp to 7 business days
Changer of Registered Agent (Transfer Out)1,999 USD2-3 business days
Change of Registered Agent (Transfer In)500 USDTbd individually
Other services:
Signing of the document by a professional officer from Nevis:

· one signature on a corporate document (per document)
· one signature on the bank form (per document)

160 USD
320 USD
1-2 business days
Scanned copy of a document (per page)100 USD1 business day
International courier delivery200 USD2-4 business days
Rushfee (expedited preparation of documents) – cost specified per operation150 USD2 business days
Contractual services:
Professional Director services3,400 USDTbd individually
General adviceTo be agreedTbd individually
Legal adviceTo be agreedTbd individually
Substance for a Nevis company:
Financial report (up to 20 transactions)1,900 USDTbd individually
Financial report (over 20 transactions)от 1,900 USDTbd individually
Web site development for state registration & Registered Agent feeThe price depends upon the complexityTbd individually
Virtual office (Panama):

· Address;
· Mail/Transfer to courier;
· Phone with the function of recording.
3,000 USDUp to 7 business days

Procedure: How Do I Start an LLC in Nevis?


Please contact us at and let us know you would like to start an LLC in Nevis.


Prepare scanned copies of the documents that our expert will ask you to present for the review.


After that we will ask you to pay for the company registration service. The cost starts from 2950 USD. Should you require additional services, please feel free to let us know in advance and we will prepare a relevant invoice. Payments can be made by bank transfer, card, Bitcoin, WebMoney, Western Union, MoneyGram.


After the payment we will ask you to send the original documents to our back office.


We will proceed with company registration upon receiving the documents and full payment.


We will then deliver the original corporate documents to you by courier, and you can use them as you see fit.

Please do not hesitate to request the above mentioned service right now.

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