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Your International Business Company Setup in Nevis with a Nevis Bank Account

Opening an offshore International Business Company (IBC) in Nevis with a Nevis bank account can be a powerful solution for foreign companies operating across multiple jurisdictions and seeking to enhance their financial flexibility.  This winning Nevis combo allows businesses to take advantage of Nevis’ favorable tax environment and streamlined banking procedures. The Nevis company formation with a bank account obtained also in Nevis can be an effective vehicle for protecting assets from various threats, including foreign courts.

Nevis IBC

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Lifehack: Opening a principal account and a reserve account that meet the specific needs and goals of your offshore company can be a very smart decision. Our experts will assist you in selecting the right bank, financial institution, or payment system that is best suited for your business. 


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Unlock the Benefits of Starting Your Offshore Company in Nevis

Incorporation of your International Business Company (IBC) in Nevis can be a highly effective way to enhance your business and boost your profits. With its advantageous offshore features, including tax incentives, flexible legislation, strong asset protection, and strict confidentiality laws, Nevis is an ideal jurisdiction for company formation and business expansion. 

Like many offshore jurisdictions, Nevis has faced a period of intense challenges in the past few decades. Despite their essential role in facilitating international business, offshore states are often subject to negative portrayals in the media and scrutiny from politicians. Dozens of offshore countries are blacklisted and monitored by international organizations. Besides, the recent negative global developments have contributed to an increasingly difficult operating environment for offshore jurisdictions.

Nonetheless, offshore countries and territories continue to play a crucial role in supporting global commerce. According to a report by The Guardian, offshore tax havens are experiencing a renaissance due to various factors such as changes in tax laws, economic instability in other countries, or increased awareness and accessibility of offshore opportunities.

For example, Nevis has managed to navigate the recent challenging times and adapt to the requirements of international partners, while retaining the core offshore incentives.

Here are some of the key advantages that make Nevis an ideal jurisdiction for foreign investors and business owners:

  • Zero taxation for any company with management and source of income located outside of Nevis.
  • Non-resident company ownership. A private person doesn’t have to be a citizen of Nevis or reside in the country to own a Nevis business. The sole owner can also be the director of the offshore company.
  • High degree of personal data protection and privacy of company ownership.  Information about directors, owners, and managers of companies incorporated in Nevis is not publicly available.
  • Limited liability of company shareholders. Liability is limited to each participant’s shares. 
  • Flexibility in the number of company directors.  An offshore company can have only 1 director if it has only 1 owner. At least 3 directors are required if there are more shareholders (these can be private persons and legal entities). Directors, shareholders, and managers of companies incorporated in Nevis can be nationals of any country.
  • No requirements for authorized capital. There are no requirements for authorized capital, but a recommended amount of USD 10,000 is suggested. It is not necessary to pay up the authorized fund.
  • No requirements to conduct an audit or submit reports. The Nevis government requires companies’ owners to keep records, but filing or auditing them is not mandatory. However, we strongly recommend keeping accurate records, mainly because you will need to open a bank account, and banks scrutinize financial records carefully.

Nevis has bolstered its reputation as an offshore jurisdiction through innovative tax policies and bilateral Tax Information Exchange Agreements. These changes have enhanced the allure of the country for investors seeking a tax-efficient and compliant business environment. 

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Please check out our catalog for other offers on offshore company formation or book a private session with our experts. We are here to help you with any questions you may have and guide you through the account setup process.


Naming an Offshore Company Incorporated in Nevis

There are many nice words and abbreviations that a Nevis company can choose for its name. However, some words are forbidden or need government approval.

For instance, the words ‘Offshore’ and ‘Deposit’ are not allowed. You can use ‘Nevis’, ‘Fund’ yet with some limitations. For a full list of rules, please refer to our experts.

Documents Required for Setting Up an Offshore Company (IBC) in Nevis

To successfully register an offshore IBC company in Nevis, each founder is required to submit certain papers. The list is bank-specific, yet it often includes the following documents:

  • a copy of the applicant’s passport or ID 
  • the Due Diligence and Order forms – completed and signed
  • the proof of residential address (e.g., a utility bill not older than 3 months)
  • the professional recommendation letter
  • a CV
  • a letter from the current bank 
  • proof of the origin of funds (e.g., a bank statement). 

All documents must be compiled or translated into English and certified by a notary. 

The IBC company incorporation process typically takes 5 to 10 business days after the submission of the required documents.

The Overall Cost of an International Business Company Formation in Nevis 

The Overall Cost of an International Business Company Formation in Nevis 

IBC (BC) incorporation costs USDTimelines
The package price of the basic package of certified corporate documents (in English):
· The company’s Certificate of Incorporation.· An Endorsement Certificate.
· Articles of Incorporation.
· A Certificate of Notary Public.
· Designation and acceptance of the Registered Agent.
· The Transfer of Subscription Rights.
· A Letter about the Appointment of the director.
· By-Laws.
· A written resolution of the Director.
· A Register of Directors.· A Register of Officers.
· A Register of Shareholders.
· Share Certificate/s.
1,899 2-3 business days
The package price of the apostilled documents (in English):
· The company’s Certificate of Incorporation.
· An Endorsement Certificate.
· The Articles of Incorporation.
· A Certificate of Notary Public
· Designation and acceptance of the Registered Agent.
· The Transfer of Subscription Rights.
· A Letter about the Appointment of the director.
· By-Laws.· A Written resolution of the Director.
· A Register of Directors
· A Register of Officers
· A Register of Shareholders
· Share Certificate/s.
· A set of all apostilled corporate documents 
2,499 5-6 business days
The package price of a set of all apostilled corporate documents + appointment of the professional director:
· The company registration.
· A receipt of the state duty paid for the registration.
· Services of a Registered Agent in Nevis.
· Registered office (legal address) in Nevis.
· One set of original corporate documents.
· One set of apostilled copies of corporate documents (in English).
· Professional director/manager’s contact and personal details.
· Apostilled Power of attorney in the original.
· Professional shareholder’s contact and personal details (if applicable).
· Trust declaration (an original copy).
· One set of apostilled copies of corporate documents regarding the professional director.
· One set of duplicates of corporate documents.
· Certificate of the company’s good financial standing.
· Certificate of authority.
· Power of attorney – a copy.
· A copy of the Trust declaration.
· A copy of the applicant’s passport.
· A copy of the utility bill. · A recommendation letter from the bank or a financial statement.
· Courier delivery worldwide.
7,949 6-8 business days
The package price of the annual renewal service:
·The fee for extending the state duty.
· Services of a registered agent in Nevis.
· A registered office address in Nevis.
· A photocopy of the renewal certificate
1,699 3 business days
Substance for an offshore company in Nevis:
The company’s financial report (up to 20 transactions) 1,900 as agreed individually
The company’s financial report (from 20 transactions)from 1,900 as agreed individually
Fees for the website design, the state registration, the registered agent’s servicesthe rates depend on the complexity of the taskas agreed individually
A package price of the virtual office arrangements (Panama): the legal address
· Mail / Courier Delivery;
· A telephone with the voice recording function
3,000 up to 7 business days

A Corporate Account Setup with the Recommended Bank in Nevis 

We can recommend you an international bank in Nevis that has correspondent accounts with a few large banks such as JP Morgan, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, and others.

All transactions are performed via SWIFT. EUR and USD transactions are processed at an especially fast rate. 

Some years ago, Nevis was scrutinized by the OECD Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes and had to introduce reforms to comply with EU tax good governance principles.  As a result, Nevis is now among the countries that exchange tax information with other countries and has strengthened its position as a reputable jurisdiction. Therewith, companies incorporated in Nevis can enjoy such offshore benefits as zero taxation, protection of personal data from third parties and convenient company management.  and attract foreign investors and business owners.

The recommended bank welcomes cooperation with financial institutions and companies that deal with cryptocurrencies. It offers to open escrow accounts for large transactions involving the purchase or sale of digital and physical assets.

These are the account types that you can open with this bank: 

  • personal accounts
  • private accounts
  • business accounts
  • escrow accounts. 

Please note that before opening an account, you must undergo due diligence, which is conducted by a third-party company. The cost of this service is USD 3,000. It is only payable if the bank approves your application.

The account opening process in Nevis usually takes about 15 days, and once it is confirmed, you are required to transfer the minimum deposit within 5 days. For a business account, the minimum deposit is USD 100,000. The deposit can be made in fiat currency or securities and can be used at the account owner’s discretion, as there are no requirements for a minimum balance.

The bank in Nevis that we recommend does not charge the account maintenance fee.

Please note that applications from nationals of Iran, Syria, Venezuela, North Korea, Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus are not accepted by this bank.

Documents Required to Open a Bank Account in Nevis 

To open a bank account in Nevis, you will need to submit to the bank the following set of documents: 

  • A legalized copy of the Good Standing Certificate for the applicant company
  • A legalized copy of the Certificate of Incorporation for the applicant company
  • A legalized copy of the corporate documents such as the Memorandum and Articles of Association, etc.
  • Legalized copies of two personal IDs of the account signer (the passport plus another formal ID with a photo)
  • A copy of the company’s consolidated annual financial statements
  • Legalized copies of two letters of recommendation from professionals such as lawyers, accountants, etc.
  • A legalized copy of the Corporate Resolution directing the opening of the bank account and assigning the account signer
  • A legalized copy of the document that confirms the signer’s residential address (a utility bill not older than 3 months)
  • A signed application form.

The documents need to be scanned in high quality and color. They need to be compiled in English or translated into English by a professional translator. 

The validity of the documents at the time of application to the bank must be between 3 and 6 months, depending on the requirements (please check them in advance).

The Procedure for Opening an Offshore Company (IBC) with a Corporate Account in Nevis 

  • Please contact us through the email address or messaging apps provided at the top of this page and let us know if you are interested in purchasing the package service for setting up an offshore International Business Company in Nevis with a Nevis bank account
  • Please discuss all the details with our representative to confirm that you require the specific service and that it can be provided. 
  • Please note that the service fee starts at 5699 EUR, and payment should be made accordingly.
  • Please send all the required documents to our back office. Once we receive the payment and the complete set of documents, we will proceed with your company registration and the bank account setup.
  • After the bank approves the application for your account opening, we will send you all the corporate documents of the Nevis company so you can begin your business operations. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via the email address provided above. We are always here to help and will do our best to provide you with prompt feedback and helpful information.

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