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Register a UK Ltd Remotely

While those who are not particularly well-versed in business argue that lockdowns and the COVID-19 pandemic will kill business and the economy, we would like to debunk this myth and suggest that we look at the situation differently. We will highlight the main advantages for you. Namely, in the lull caused by the pandemic you could refocus your business on a promising market such as the UK.

Business persons from many countries face certain issues. For example, they wish to launch a business in Europe, they have the money and ideas to do it, but the political situation prevents their development. Offshore Pro Group can officially declare that there are no closed doors, everything is possible for the professionals. We would like to offer you the service of registering a company in the UK. Ltd is the easiest form of company to register in the UK. Besides, should you choose this form of ownership for your business, you will see that it is prestigious, and offers a lot of opportunities. And most importantly, it is realistic and feasible. In just a couple of days you will become the owner of a UK Ltd with all of its benefits. We will take on the hassle of registration, legalization and formalization of your company in the most developed country in Europe.


Opening a UK Ltd might have many objectives. The most important ones are guarantees of data security and exemption (complete or partial) from tax liabilities. In addition, the UK is very lenient in terms of control. This means that most Ltd’s have no accounting or reporting requirements.

Have you decided on Ltd? We support your choice for the reasons below:

  • An incorporated company provides for limited liability only up to the amount that has been invested in the share capital.
  • If you are the owner of a UK Ltd, no one will ever suspect you of tax evasion. This status will make your business look even more solid.
  • Ltd is more popular than sole proprietorship. The main reason is related to advantageous tax liabilities.
  • Ltd shareholders can feel secure thanks to British law.
  • Taxes are levied once a year. There are no monthly or quarterly payments to the budget.
  • When you set up an Ltd, you will automatically have the option of registering a VAT number. This step makes it easier to deal with EU partners and also ensures that there is no double taxation.
  • A UK Ltd implies a high degree of data security. No information on the owner is publicly available and it is only provided to the official registered agents.

In other words, a UK Ltd is the choice of those business persons who need a full-fledged company enjoying a high level of prestige, that pays taxes, submits accounts and conducts comprehensive financial and economic operations in the international arena.

A UK Ltd is an effective way to support your business in times of crisis.

A UK Ltd. What Should I Be Aware Of?

First of all, you need to be clear about what a UK Ltd is. It is a type of business entity. It is entered into the Companies House register and given legal personality. The acronym stands for Limited Liability Company. The meaning of this type of ownership is that the liability of company members cannot exceed the amount of share capital invested in the common business. Of course, although there are many similarities between an Ltd and an LLC, there is still a difference. One should consult the lawyers on the subtleties of setting up and operating a company in advance. Let us also consider why UK Ltd’s are so popular with non-residents.

Let us now turn directly to the features of Ltd:

  1. Ltd is a completely resident UK company.
  2. The company must have at least one shareholder.
  3. The shareholders can be both legal entities and individuals. And in this respect, nationality (residency) does not play any special role.
  4. It is important to organize the company management process. Ltd must have at least one director. Their residency has no restrictions.
  5. The position of a secretary is not a must.
  6. The share capital is not limited by British law. The only reservation regarding its size is the lower limit. It should be at least £2.

Discuss the details with an expert

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What Else is Important?

In order for the registration to be successful, it must be ensured that the company keeps proper books and records.

Shareholders must be at least 16 years old.

A UK Ltd must submit an annual report every 12 months, a financial report to the tax office and to the official register of companies in the UK.

When registering companies one must be aware of the restrictions on the company name. It is not allowed to register companies that have the following words in their name: Bank, Trust, British, National, etc. Otherwise, the company name is a matter of the entrepreneur’s imagination, the only thing that must be present is the ending Limited or abbreviated to Ltd, indicating the form of ownership.

Should you have any questions on the advantages of a UK Ltd, please do not hesitate to ask them by sending us an e-mail or by phoning. You can find our contact details in the top part of the page.

And now let’s dwell on the service of registering a UK Ltd.

What Do I Need to Get the UK Ltd Registered Remotely?

In order to register a UK Ltd quickly and efficiently, Offshore Pro Group provides the services remotely. You just need to make simple three steps and we will take care of the rest:

  1. Please email us at [email protected].
  2. Please specify the desired company name.
  3. Please provide the documents according to the list. In most cases we only need scanned copies, but in some cases you may need to send us the originals.

Registration of a UK Ltd takes about a day. The procedure takes place online. Confirmation of registration is sent to an email address. The client can also verify the registration in the public registry website one day after registration.

Here are the documents we will need to receive from you:

  • Company name.
  • Photocopy of the director’s passport (the first page with photo is sufficient).
  • Address of the managing director.
  • Full details of the company’s founders (copies of shareholders’ passports are not required).
  • Details of the share capital.
  • If there is more than one shareholder, the nominal value of the shares and their distribution among the founders must be provided.

The Question of Price

You can also see the cost of services and the performance time for an Ltd registration on our website.

Please note that the price of each service package includes the price of courier delivery of your documents to any part of the world.

The cost of services and the performance time for an Ltd registration

Service packages for the English Ltd registrationDocuments the client will receivePrice, EuroPerformance time
BasicCertificate of registration
Office registration1 set of corporate documents
Memorandum of Association
Certificate of Incorporation
Articles of Association
Board resolution
Share certificates
2,2501-2 business days
Basic + ApostilleBasic package
Copies of documents with apostille
2,7402-3 business days
Basic + Apostille + Professional director and shareholderBasic package
Copies of documents with apostille:
– Professional corporate director
– Power of Attorney – original
– Professional corporate shareholder
– Declaration of Trust – original
3,1003-4 business days
Company renewalTo be carried out every year.
It includes a list of services.
Annual renewal.
– Registered office (registered address)
– Filing of annual accounts
– Preparation of annual accounts
1,4753-4 business days
Company renewal + Professional director and shareholderAnnual renewal.
– Registered office (registered address
– Professional corporate director and shareholder
– Filing of annual accounts
– Preparation of annual accounts
– Preparation of the new Power of Attorney with apostille
1,5603-4 business days

The experts of Offshore Pro Group can assist you in opening a UK Ltd remotely. This will be inexpensive and quick.

For more detailed advice on selecting an Ltd incorporation package and other questions, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with comprehensive information that is relevant, reliable and up to date.

Please do not hesitate to contact Offshore Pro Group to register a UK Ltd:


We have extensive experience in the procedure of setting up a business abroad;


Company registration and maintenance is one of our most important lines of business;


We will make the registration procedure of a UK Ltd as simple, easy and fast as possible;


We work directly with government agencies, so we can guarantee reasonable prices.

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